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GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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So at one point or an additional you obtained an activity electronic camera thinking that currently your life would look something like this When in truth, it really wound up looking something more similar to this. Oh hi Peaty. Now, I can'' t really assist you with the crashing part, however I can assist you with the camera part So I am actually really delighted to obtain this video out for you guys.You recognize with my network The Loam Ranger I ' ve been traveling the globe riding the very best trails available and also informing some pretty fun tales along the means and also Due to the fact that it ' s just the nature of my channel, you recognize 95 %of my video originates from these little individuals activity video cameras as well as if you see I ' m Holding a hero 4 as well as this one'' s a pair generations old, yet we ' ll talk concerning that soon'. It ' s like: “Why is he holding among these and also not making use of among the newer ones?” I will show you! So with my expert photography background I ' ve Sort of had the ability to have that Inside view on just how to in fact take advantage of these little individuals It doesn ' t take much but it occupies a couple of little Tweaks to the cam and the means you shoot as well as what you do later on to get that kind of top quality I ' m mosting likely to reveal you how to do all of it in this collection So I struck the subscribe switch hit the bell alongside it to ensure that you can be notified of the second video clip in the collection Since I ' ve obtained a lot to cover.I ' m not gon na have the ability to fit everything right into one video So ensure you listen

for that. Ok So initial points first, allow ' s review the actual camera itself currently if you got any action electronic camera from among the significant Makers within the last I don ' t know 3 or 4 years. You ' ve obtained an excellent top quality cam that might put out good results Okay, whether that ' s GoPro or Sony or Garmin or'whatever So this is the cam that I happen to make use of begun over this method Alright, so this cam below is my GoPro Hero 4 black This is my major camera that I fire basically everything with. This poor point has actually clearly seen some things in its life … Sorry GoPro But it functions actually truly well and also there are a number of big reasons I use this electronic camera Over a few of the newer ones like the hero 5 or the hero 6 as well as we ' ll discuss that soon So the list that I need for an activity electronic camera are that it shoots in 4k at 24 frameworks per secondly for me I don ' t do slow-mo as well as stuff when it pertains to GoPros so I don ' t need the 4k 60 of the new ones.This video camera here a little pointer that we ' ll speak about later on has simply amazing audio top quality if It ' s not in that sorrowful waterproof housing but the most significant overall element that has me choosing whether I ' m gon na acquire this activity cam or that activity video camera is the ability to Regulate all of the settings myself. Anytime a video camera is entrusted to its very own tools It ' s gon na make primarily the'worst possible choices. I located in my years of being an expert digital photographer It doesn ' t issue just how expensive or expensive the video camera is They ' re they ' re quite dumb and also with this cam I have actually a thing called protune as well as it actually sets it up quite perfectly for me to Connect in the setups that I desire to obtain the best possible Starting video footage. All right. So this all'leads right into crucial pointer leading Which is never ever before ever ever ever ever ever ever ever allow your camera select the setups for you.It is always a mistake every time. Now I can seem rather intimidating to dig into all those various food selections as well as select white balance and frame rate as well as Field of sight and also all this sort of stuff however I ' m gon na damage it down truly quickly truly conveniently to ensure that you can connect in the settings as well as go out on the path as well as get some excellent video footage and I ' m gon na reveal you the distinction between auto setting and also Connecting in your own setups now. Alright, so examine this out. This is a shot of me on my bike completely vehicle mode And here ' s a shot where I went into in the settings I desired which actually looks it looks far better however it still'looks flat However after that I go on and also I post procedure it. I tint remedied after the truth and afterwards when I ' m done, it looks like this So this is the key to all of it– it ' s setting your video camera up'so that it can take in as much picture data as Possible so that you have all of that all those highlights and darkness to collaborate with after the fact, all right? So contrast contrast is a truly huge obstacle for activity electronic cameras since out of package GoPro and Sony or whoever basically constantly Increase'the contrast So anytime you ' re in a situation where it ' s already high contrast any place you ' re at Which suggests like really intense highlights and actually dark shadows like, you know if there was complete sunlight out However you were biking under tree cover and also you have all those Shadows and also highlights kind of looking through that ' s a very high comparison circumstance and also I ' m sure you ' ve seen what I ' m chatting regarding You ' ve seen video clips around or perhaps your very own where somebody ' s riding along and you primarily can ' t see what they ' re doing because there ' s simply it ' s simply dark darkness'as well as Super brilliant highlights and you'can ' t in fact construct out'exactly what is going on, which is no fun We wish to dial down the comparison as though we can'place in just the correct amount in the future as well as with GoPro That suggests setting it right into the protune “Flat” setting.So I ' m gon na utilize my phone app here as well as'I ' ll reveal you the display and exactly how I establish it up So I ' m gon na alter some settings here as well as pay very close attention since there ' s some truly important points that I ' m about to do all right, “so initial video setting certainly Resolution I ' m gon na enter into 4k super view 4k extremely sight essentially is pumping the maximum quantity of resolution I can with this video camera as well as extremely sight is a is a sort of sort of an additional wide angle It ' s using the outright maximum from the picture sensor itself, which ' s what I'want so frames per second, I am all concerning my 24 frames per second or 23.9 whatever whatever.It ' s an extremely cinematic look as quickly as like as soon as you go to 30 frames per second Which comes criterion on'most cameras, It just looks I put on ' t understand. It appears like a daytime'television Whereas 24 frameworks it looks motion picture. It looks excellent. I enjoy it. So 24 frameworks per second for me So here ' s the most significant thing right below. We ' re gon na go and also strike protune Now as soon as you hit protune, it opens all these alternatives as well as you ' ve most likely seen this.This is where you can select Points like white equilibrium and Ev compensation and also sharpness and also all these kinds of things. So Picking your white balance is just one of one of the most vital points you can do'for your electronic camera So rather of being a vehicle mode for white balance, we are gon na choose our white equilibrium and'so for me I ' m gon na select

6500 Kelvin and also essentially what I ' m doing is as a result of the the test situation that we have arrangement It ' s a cloudy day and 6500 or 6000-since I know with the more recent firmware is you can do 6000 Kelvin-It ' s really terrific for Colder looking days. For 5500 Kelvin when you see that that ' s daylight balance So when it ' s like sunshine, no clouds covering the Sun. That ' s the kind of white balance you want. And 6500 That'' s if it ' s overcast or cloudy you want that to warm up the photo a little currently Successive do not pick GoPro color for color GoPro color is like huge saturation and also comparison and you do not desire that in either situation So we ' re gon na go to flat very very very crucially important ISO'restriction leave it at 6400 sharpness.I ' ve put too reduced Because I intend to do my very own sharpening after the fact and also EV compensation to minus one so you can call it to any place you ' re essentially telling the electronic camera to always under subject a little By one EV therefore what that ' s gon na do is gon na conserve the highlights of the photo So it ' s not gon na over expose'all the brightest components of the photo It ' s gon na conserve that detail so that I can work with it later on which ' s it This is my this is my camera configuration right here So when it involves color any kind of electronic camera when it sees, you know an entire lot of environment-friendly it assumes well “Why exists a lot environment-friendly in this photo or this video clip right currently? I need to get rid of all that environment-friendly” Therefore it includes in red includes in blues it basically tries to secure a bunch of green so it might cancel The color however the issue is a whole lot of times we ' re off in the woods and also there ' s eco-friendly almost everywhere Like “below ' s me in the timbers with eco-friendly budding trees everywhere putting on an eco-friendly” shirt.So this is type of a typical setting that you would certainly have your gopro on when you first obtain it as well as It ' s a car white balance and also all those kind of things. So this is what it resembles currently Let ' s compare that to where I set my very own white equilibrium of 6500 Kelvin. This is what it resembles As well as now this is with ProTune on as well as my setups dialed in so you can see this Well, I can tell you you wouldn ' t actually know but I can inform you that this is how the scene in fact looks whereas before It ' s type of like rinsed as well as like have these red Blueish hues taking place when this now catches a green effectively and also it ' s kind of a cloudy day So it ' s yeah, this is how it looks.Just need to tell these little things what to do and they do pretty good task at it. Okay So successive is real cam placement. Now. This makes an actually big bargain too The very first thing I intend to bring up is that I locate lots of people have a tendency to do a headgear web cam They either have it'connected on the side of their helmet or up on top of their helmet like that currently that can work Okay in some circumstances Yet I find specifically for the kind of video footage that I have a tendency to desire to obtain The lower the electronic camera is the far better or at the very least where one of the most activity is occurring That ' s where you want your video camera angle to be One more massive element of video camera placement is the assumption of speed.Now We desire all of our video clips to look as quick as it felt which is actually hard to do right in the best-case circumstance But the one big point to remember is let ' s say you ' re searching for overhead at a jet flying Means up there. Currently that thing is going truly really fast like 6 or seven hundred kilometers a hr. I ' m from Canada Relax … However when you ' re looking at it due to the fact that it ' s thus far away, it looks like it ' s barely moving in all right Crossing the sky very gradually and also beyond of it if you desire something that was even going like sort of reasonably Gradually if it was going right previous your face.It appears like it ' s going a whole lot faster than it really is To make sure that ' s that whole kind of like range versus rate perception thing So the closer your cam can be To what ' s passing it the faster it will certainly look and I ' ll show you what I mean by that. Right here ' s a shot with me With my video camera on top of my head so fairly much away from the ground away from my arm my bike and also and You know that the trees on the sides that are going around.Now when I went down the cam lower Down to my upper body right

regarding right here currently all of an abrupt is a lot closer to the ground therefore The ground hurrying past it is recorded a great deal much more. One more big part of that is having that very sight best feasible angle I find it functions finest Particularly when it ' s upper body mounted because now you ' re capturing all the trees Also that are right up next to your handlebars or whether you ' re you recognize, winter sports via the timbers or whatever It likewise captures the ground right below you also And so by the

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time the the trees or the ground or the snow is right below you It ' s gon na appear like it ' s passing actually actually quick So you virtually have this like Star Trip? Entering into terminal velocity type of impact that you just can ' t obtain if it ' s method up top on your head It ' s simply also far eliminated from the action.So for me and also what I do chest install all the way Now something you most likely observed was a massive difference between the sample footage where it was sort of like the stock setup Compared to the way I have things establish up is the sound. The sound that I obtain from My configuration is just light years in advance of The conventional setup. Currently what I ' m speaking about with'that is one: the most awful thing that ever occurred to a GoPro. Is that water resistant housing. If you are not Immersing it. If it ' s not absolutely putting rainfall, you do not require that water resistant housing Take it out of there. And this little microphone on this electronic camera is stunning It really does an amazing extraordinary work of getting all the little sounds around you and your very own voice It ' s I ' m actually truly amazed with that said mic Currently the only trouble keeping that is that if it gets gusty, it gets wind sound a reasonable amount what I do Is I directly down to the dollar store and I choose up some phony Mustaches as well as I cut off I really have to do this appropriate now.So I ' m generally much like determining the amount of mustache I want on the cam. Ow I know just how to make use of scissors I vow And they usually have a sticky backing in some cases I ' ll add some double-sided tape That ' s a little bit more powerful than this, yet we ' ll toss it on here from currently boop Cut that off. There we go. Oh, I ' m such a specialist There obtained it So he ' s got a little coiffure currently looking good as well as this truly assists weaken in the wind, which is remarkable As well as if it gets actually actually insane gusty I have this like little foam kind of sock that goes over it which cuts out basically all wind sound whatsoever Which ' s much like a little item of foam that I just move over top. Absolutely nothing insane Now you may be claiming to yourself “self I have a hero 5 or a hero 6 and also those currently come water resistant and there ' s no exterior kind of situation for it So my sound need to be good.Well, I hate to inform you however the greatest reason I utilize this video camera still is audio those other cameras the Hero5 and the Hero6 have numerous microphones around it and … it simply seems really actually truly negative in practically every scenario. When you ' re trying to actually water resistant something however after that have audio To be able to be recorded by our microphone there ' s just no actual means of having a well a good seeming water resistant microphone on a video camera to ensure that Is the greatest reason why I still use this camera? focus There we go, ok, so This is my breast mount on a harness point that I use Simply goes over like that'snaps with each other As well as there We go currently from here. Okay.

So there ' s this huge old electronic elephant in the room that we need to cover which is The gimbal. This is made by a firm called. Um Zhyiun-Tech It ' s a 3 axis wearable gimbal and also that goes best onto my chest install right there. Don ' t I look amazing and after that GoPro Not offering you the finger I ' m simply possibly I ' m doing yet no I ' m not offering you the finger takes place below hold back the button the gimbal will launch and after that now I have nice state here.I ' m gon na take this off so you can see a little bit much better. I Have actually a maintained camera simply like this. Oh Look at that and it maintains it truly great as well as smooth. You men have actually seen this on, you know apple iphone Gimble ' s and things like that of the bigger the bigger gimbals. This is all the same thing, yet it ' s just tiny sufficient as well as small sufficient That I can wear it while flying down a mountain on my mountain bicycle having this established similar to this enables me to not have the Instance overtop of the GoPro Hero 4 and also as you ' ve seen it ' s very vital to not have that on there Microphone is right there below my chin So when I ' m chatting it can hear me

really clearly as well as after that when it ' s like incredibly harsh on the route this smoothes it out Truly really nicely.Now. These gimble ' s could appear like they ' re super expensive however they ' re not they ' ve actually come down in rate a reasonable amount So you can get a wonderful professional gimbal similar to this one for around 250 bucks Give or take which is pretty freakin amazing when you consider what it does as well as you know, I have collapsed on these things I ' ve sweat around it. It ' s rainfall and also mud on it and also it always works Well, I'shouldn ' t say perfectly due to the fact that you understand what, they have their issues too However, for the many component, I'can ' t believe exactly how well they function taking into consideration'what I ' ve put them with So gimble ' s if you truly desire nice smooth footage, whether it ' s chest-mounted or on a pole, you recognize, holding it out snowboarding or whatever Gimbals actually do make a big difference.So currently by the end of this video clip you must have Your settings dialed in whether that ' s a GoPro or otherwise right into the flattest least sharp picture possible Which seems entirely counterproductive, however you ' ve obtained the video camera Looking excellent accumulating as much data as you can at the highest possible resolution You can. You ' ve obtained the electronic camera in the right place to capture one of the most amount of activity. Now, what do you perform with it? We ' re gon na cover that in the next video. I'' m gon na show you the program that not just is it most expert colourists would claim the world ' s ideal color grading software application and also it happens to be an excellent editing and enhancing software and as well as the one Program that

I ' ve used since the very start of my channel for every single single video It is a fantastic program and also it additionally happens to be cost-free Yes, unless you need like ten various people working from the same software application system and sharing all this stuff to and fro They don ' t fee you a cent for it.So I ' m gon na show you what that is As well as I ' m gon na likewise look at just how I take that base degree video footage that we have and turn it from this To this. I can ' t wait to show you men So make'sure you sign up for the channel hit such button leave some Remarks if you have some various other things you want me to show as well as I will see you after that. Cheers everybody.

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