The Perfect Beginner FPV Setup!? | DJI FPV & GoPro 9

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A couple of months ago, I lastly propagandized myselfto learn how to fly an FPV drone. I decided to go for the DJI FPV, as it is the only drone on the marketwhich has some sort of stabilisation system in case I get something wrong. It turned out to be a super useful featureand previously saved me a lot of accidents, as the monotone only stabilises itselfas soon as you lose signal. But besides this huge advantageover other FPV drones, the DJI FPV has one large-hearted flaw: its video excellence. You can’t record in cinematicframe rates like 24/25 fps, the Field of View is not wide enough, and the portrait falls apart pretty quicklywhen doing heavier pigment evaluating. So I well known I needed to fix this by somehowattaching another camera onto the drone. And after doing some research on the internet, I ultimately found something whichlooked like it could work.In order to attach a camera onto my FPV drone, I had to get a 3D etched act camera organize, which apparently exclusively sends from China or the US. As I’m a terribly impatient person, I alreadycame up with an alternative solution by zip restraining another GoPro mountto the back of my monotone. Let’s see if the present working. With this setup, I could actuallyget some really cool shots, as the GoPro was facing backwardswhile I flew in the other direction. But still, I needed a solutionfor the top of my droning, and after 2 weeks of waiting, I lastly reached my acces to the post officein order to pick up my 3D etched mount.You need anything else? No? – Es todo.- Okay. Gracias, adis. We got it! We got it! Back home, I figured out how to mountthe adapter onto my droning, which was pretty straightforward. I precisely unscrewed the four screwsat the front and the side of my droning, set the shaft into the action camera mountand shafted them back in again. And after around 20 minutes of fuck, everything was in place. Alright, so, I precisely attached the GoPro 9on top of the DJI FPV drone, and to be honest, it inspects quite good. The organize is a little bit softer, so thatwe get rid of some of the micro-vibrations, so I think it’s going to be really good. I are of the view that the GoPro 9 is a really good choice. It is quite famous in the world of FPV, and likewise you have some of the best stabilisationthat you come in any camera if you use an additional programcalled ReelSteady, and I’m going to talk a little bitmore about that later.So, the plan for today is to simply demonstrate you howthe GoPro acts in comparison with the DJI FPV camera, then I’m going to talk you through my settingsfor the best quality and stabilisation, and overall we’re just going to test it outon some of my beloved discerns on the island together with Phil and Boris. And yeah, I’m just going to find outif this actually is the perfect FPV setup. Let’s go. Alright, so now we’re in the carwith Phil and Boris, and yeah, I thought it would be cool to gofull force right from the start … With some techno. No. So, usually I used to fly stabilised DJI hums while driving in the car because I usedto work for another car YouTuber, but yeah, I didn’t do it withthe DJI FPV drone still further, but I thought it would be a good thought to do itfor the first time while having the goggles on. I’m just gonna go for it and we’re gonna seewhat it looks like.Let’s go. At this extent I wanna add that you should not try thisyourself unless you’re a professional drone pilot and there are no other cars on the road. Flying from the inside of the cartakes a lot of experience and it can quickly cause motion sickness. So please, bide safe and obstruct others safe as well. Alrighty. I’m energized, husband. Dude, that may seem like a video game. Dude, that feels so cool! Woah, okay. Actually, it’s not much different to flyinga stabilised monotone out of the car. It’s actually a bit easierbecause the screen is not shaky. Dude, that is so sick! Phill has more stress than me. Dude, that’s going to be so epicto fly around here. Okay, I’m gonna land it. I think that was good. Let’s get outside. That’s actually what I love about the DJI FPV, that you can just catch it in the airif you switch to normal procedure because it’s stabilised and I don’t haveto worry that I’m just bumping and that I have a bad landing.Alright people, so, if you’ve watchedsome of my other droning videos, “youre supposed to” once know this spot. It is announced Albercutx Watchtower, I contemplate, and it’s just this small tower on probably the highestpoint here in the northern part of Mallorca, and yeah, I’m just super stokedto fly the FPV drone here. I’m just going to see what I can captivate. Yo! What do you say? Holy shit. I didn’t expect that. That’s pretty deep.Windy. Alright, so, I exactly went into thissmall gap of cliffs here because it’s the only place whereI don’t have any wind noise. But yeah, when it comes to thestabilisation of the GoPro HERO9, the best way to do it is to use an additionalsoftware called ReelSteady GO. Obviously, you can also use the HyperSmoothstabilisation within GoPro, but you will get much better resultsif you use ReelSteady because this software analysesall of the gyro data of your GoPro, and it only directs its supernatural andit’s going to be super smooth.It is probably the best stabilisation I ever sawwith any camera or any platform, so yeah, it is definitely worth it. And the direction “youre using” it, is you simply import allof your registers straight-out onto your laptop, then you load it into ReelSteady, and then you really given the decorate pointsfrom beginning to end, which role you want to stabilise and interpret, and then ReelSteady precisely makes its sorcery, and in the end, you’re going to havea really really smooth time. It patently makes some time to stabiliseand render all of the footage, but for me, it is 100% worth it becausethe results you get with it are just amazing. And yeah, there are a couple of thingsyou have to care of if you use ReelSteady when it comes to the arranges of your GoPro. So now I’m just going to talk youthrough the different settings I used to support the best quality and stabilisation. And it looks like Phil is justlaunching his monotone, also. Man, the smudge is sketchy. What does it look like, Phil? It’s sick. It’s sick. I shoot in 4K 4:3. That means that there’s going to be a little morespace at the top and the bottom of my persona, so it’s not going to be 16:9, but ReelSteady is going to makea 16:9 form out of it, so it clearly starts feel to shoot in 4:3 becausethat causes ReelSteady some more information.I shoot in 25 fps, my lens is wide and HyperSmooth is off. You need to shoot without any stabilisationin the camera for ReelSteady to work. My Bit Rate is high for the best possible quality and my screen rush is 1/100. White balance, apparently, always dependson the situation where you’re shooting, but for most cases I shoot in around 5000 Kelvin. When it comes to the ISO, I ever wantto keep it as low-spirited as possible, so I time mounted ISO Min and ISO Max to 100, so it always just stays fastened at 100, and I’m going to kept an ND filteronto the front of my GoPro. You can merely easily attach and detach themby twisting them, just like that, and then you can situated another ND filter onto itso that it parallels your screen rapidity and you have the redres flow blur.The sharpness, I keep at low-toned because I just thinkit inspects kind of trashy to have over sharpened footage, especially with action cameras, so I simply keep it at low-grade and you can alwaysstill add sharpness subsequentlies in upright. And last but not least, when it comes to the color, I merely keep it in flat mode, which is kind of a enter chart, so you just have more informationin the highlights and in the shadows and “youve had” more opportunitieswhen it comes to heavier pigment grading.These were a lot of numbers. Now, I’m justgoing to check what the distinguish looks like, and I’m just super excited to fly this thing here. I are of the view that searched pretty good, right? Yo, so I just finished my first coupleof flights now at this locating. This location is still my favourite spoton Mallorca, it only never baffles. Cliffs, the pillar, the oceans and seas and also here’s a little lost home. I don’t really dare to fly through that opening hitherto, but perhaps Phil is gonna do itwith his freestyle drone. I’m gonna asked about. Twelve seconds later … And yeah, besides the lunatic stabilisationthat you get out of ReelSteady and the GoPro 9, there is also one other reason whyI situated a GoPro on my DJI FPV, and that is the balance betweenquality and weight. I think that this is a really important topicwhen it comes to FPV drones, because, obviously, you want to have the mostquality and the least amount of weight.So you kind of have to find a balance between bothbecause the bigger your camera is, the better your quality is going to be. But also, the bigger the camera is, the less agile your hum is likely to be, because if you’re flying like one ortwo kilograms on an FPV drone, certainly you can’t do the samemovements as with a smaller setup. And on top of that, too, your artillery is going to be drained a little faster. And I found out that the GoPro 9is the perfect is suitable for the DJI FPV. I tried a couple of different ones and I found out that the maximumlimit is around 300 grams, and this one weighs 161 grams, which I think is the perfect compromisebetween force and tone. So, during all of the flights thatI once had with this setup, I actually felt super comfortable while flying it. I didn’t really feel the heavines ofthe GoPro on top of my hum, it simply felt like flying the drone without it. The only thing that I acknowledged … Phil is flying again. The only thing I distinguished was that I gota couple of minutes less of flight time because of the supplemented load, but it wasn’t really a big deal, and I got a lot more quality out of it.I mean, if you look at the footage between the DJIFPV camera and the GoPro 9 side by side, you can really see that there’s just more dynamic rangeand overall, it time gapes a lot more cinematic. I’m super fortunate with it so far, but Phil is actuallyalso flying GoPros on his FPV quads, and … Let’s invite Phil what kind of setups he actually squanders. Gonna go up the pillar. Goats. This is like the sketchiest tower ever, and descending it with one handdoesn’t really make it better. Oh shit. Look at that thought. Can you take it? How cool is this spot? Yeah, it’s actually pretty sick. – It’s not bad, right? – I didn’t expect that. Like, this is just perfect for diving down there.It was a pain in the ass to get this material up here. Yeah, but it’s worth it. That examines maniac. My God. Mind that. That was not planned. Oh my God. What was that? That was … – Weird.- Yeah, and fucking terrifying. These guys are so scared of DJI hums. Alright, Phil. So, you actually also fly a coupleof GoPros on your FPV drones sometimes, right? Yeah, when we’re like out playingin the wild, let’s say. I don’t wanna risk like a 6 to 7 thousanddollar camera, so generally the GoPro … But on the majority of members of your shoots, you use another setup. You use … Yeah, often we fly with the Blackmagicor with the Red Komodo. He’s flying Blackmagic camerasor Reds on FPV setups.Actually, when you use those setups, likewise the quads are a lot bigger, right? Yeah, precisely, and then it’s also a paid errand, so … – Yeah.- Insurance will plaster it and stuff like this. I hope you guys once sawour amazing one shot we did. So, we squandered this little nugget for it, andthis one actually has a naked GoPro on it. I still fly with the GoPro HERO6because I really like the examine of it, and likewise, like, when you do really risky shotsand you gate-crash it time to time.I mean … The cost comparison is a little bit different becausethey are like, super cheap now, so … As you can see here, it’s naked versus in the instances. And actually, we’re gonna employed our naked ones now, also on a new make, so we fly it onthe large-hearted 5.2 “, so you save another 100 grams. You don’t have to accuse the batteries becausethe GoPro is powered immediately from the monotone. – No way! – So, like…And too … But you can only do that if you strip it, right? – Exactly, yeah.- Okay. So yeah, I think that we’ve already seen a lot ofdifferent really cool cinematic shots at this place, but I actually wanted to go tothe most northern part of the island. You have never been there probably. So I’m gonna reveal it to the guys, and too I want to show youa couple of shots from Phil because he is way more experienced than I am, so we’re just going to drive to the next locationand Phil is gonna show us what he’s capable of. Let’s do it. Exactly impelling our behavior to the final place now. Holy shit. Look at that scene, guys. After an astonishing epoch together with Phil and Boris, there was only one question to answer. Is this the perfect FPV setup? I’ve now been flying the DJI FPV togetherwith a GoPro 9 for more than two months, and I would say that this is the perfect FPV setupfor amateurs who want to have the most wonderful of both sides.Even even though it is looks pretty weird andis a pain in the ass to carry around, this drone setup combinesthe safety the characteristics of the DJI FPV with the astonishing caliber andinsane stabilisation of the GoPro 9. Being able to recover the monotone after losingconnection and having a Return to Home function enables people to get into FPV withoutwasting a lot of money on drone crashes, and having a proper camera on top of itlets you captivate a solid aspect video for professional filmmaking projects.So yeah, I certainly think that this is the perfect setupto get started with FPV if you just wanted to get cinematic shots. And if you enjoyed this video, unquestionably make sureto subscribe and turn on notifications. Likewise, check out these chaps up therewho are taking selfies. Phil and Boris, thanks for joining me on this video. And I’m going to see you guys in the next one! Peace out. Bye bye ..

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