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– Hey people, what'' s going on? In this video, we ' re talking about among the most fundamental parts of your journey film-making package that a great deal of individuals simply don'' t discuss, which is a selfie stick, action cam, GoPro pole. This point.( upbeat songs) Okay, this is what the majority of people chat regarding as just a selfie stick. Place the camera on, go like this (positive music) you can get that wonderful selfie shot, as you will. But there'' s a lot extra to an activity video camera pole than you would believe.
There are a lot of low-cost options on the market, why would certainly you pay more than a few dollars for this? Because, at the end of the day, what it is is just a stick that you put a camera on the end.Well, that ' s the entirely wrong means to think of it. An action video camera pole really has a great deal of worth
, as well as its something that I utilize at all times.( positive songs) This is like among those crucial parts of my film-making kit, yet I wear ' t actually talk regarding it that much due to the fact that it ' s among those points that when you have an excellent one, it simply functions, and also you obtain actually awesome video with it. So what do you use a post like this for? I mean, primarily what you utilize it for is the name selfie stick comes from. You get selfies of on your own. When you ' re out there making films, doing vlogs, venturing, there ' s a whole lot of times where you wish to obtain'a shot of yourself. As well as I ' m not talking just holding the video camera out like this, doing the entire vlog, selfie point. I ' m speaking about you ' re. doing something insane. You ' re mosting likely to intend to get.
a cool shot of yourself. Such as, like, snowboarding,.
or like jumping off a cliff.Like, there ' s a lot of.
times where I locate myself requiring a stick that goes actually away due to the fact that
it can obtain a shot of. my whole body doing an action, so I don ' t requirement another. individual there to film me.
I can film it all myself and also depending on'the scenario, I might not have the alternative. to have another person film me. What dictates an excellent selfie. stick, action cam pole
? Well, there ' s a couple of things.
as well as the one that I use, and also the one that I trust.
any of my electronic cameras on, is the POV Gear Hex.
Now this point is incredible. It ' s made out of carbon. fiber so it ' s super light, as well as it'' s simply got a great deal of'aspects to it that make it a really remarkable stick. There'' s a load of sticks on the marketplace.
They all do this, they. expand, they get the shot. But what makes this one various is A, the carbon fiber, like I claimed. That'' s a big component of it'. B, is that it ' s extremely easy to utilize. You simply half spin, pull, fifty percent twist back, quarter twist,.

whatever, and it ' s locked.It is not moving.
This thing, you might place. a lots of weight on right here,
and it ' s not going to move,. it ' s not mosting likely to drop, anything like that.
Now, I have like three various other. sticks in the wardrobe back below, and also all of these sticks, when you placed a little.
weight or pressure on them, the electronic camera will certainly push.
down towards the base. Which is actually bad. When you have a stick such as this.
and you placed something on it, you wear'' t want it moving, to make sure that'' s a big variable on.
why this stick is extremely good.So this,

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undoubtedly, is for a GoPro, or various other video cameras that make use of.
this kind of GoPro mount. As well as this is all made of steel.
so it'' s not mosting likely to damage. But the appeal of this.
is you can untwist it and currently you simply have a quarter 20 place, which is for quite.
a lot anything out there that you can install on right here. And also surprisingly you can place something like a gimbal on the end of this and obtain some truly great shots. As an example, I was making use of the DGI Osmo, that you can develop a jib like fired making use of among these poles and also a gimbal. So you can do these.
truly trendy, fluid shots with just this and also a small gimbal. This is not going to damage. You put a number of.
weight on completion of this it'' s not mosting likely to damage. It ' s a very solid tool, and it'' s something that is extremely crucial. When you ' re traveling, you don'' t want to have your post break halfway through your journey. It makes a massive distinction.
when you have a solid pole, not an item of plastic pole.I have one pole that I used to make use of a lot. It'' s plastic and also it just damaged one day just embarking on a rock. So you require to have something strong, as well as you additionally require to have something that'' s comfortable to hold, you know, the rubber grips make a substantial difference. Something about this.
particular post is that you can actually unscrew every item and also pull them apart. You may think, why are.
you drawing it apart? Well essentially if you.
go in like salt water, you can go through and also.
tidy this entire point, and also not have concerns with it.
supporting or obtaining clogged which does occur with.
these type of poles. And if you break anything on this, every little thing is entirely exchangeable. Each of these components is replaceable. As well as one more feature of having.
an excellent activity electronic camera pole. Like I was claiming, there'' s many creative.
usages for something like this.For me personally, I ' ve. been getting right into using 360 cams a whole lot. As well as when you placed a 360 electronic camera on a post, you can get some truly trendy shots that you wouldn ' t be. able to obtain or else.
The post actually obtains hidden when the cam ' s are stitched. with each other so you can hardly see it.
As well as you can take your 360 video camera,. put it in all these areas that you wouldn ' t typically. be able to get a video camera, as well as get a smooth, revolving shot.So you can stick it like up really high, out a window, down reduced, off a cliff, like there ' s many points. you can do with the 360, and now you can get a panning.
shot recalling at you, you can look directly down, places you wouldn ' t. normally placed like a video camera.
Like you ' re not going to. stick your GH5 off a high cliff, on a stick, and afterwards. try to turn it around, getting like great, relocating, sweeping shot. It ' s simply not something. you ' re possibly gon na do, but if you have a 360 electronic camera on this, just stick it straight out,. hold it, you got your shot. Alright men that is it for the video.There are many uses. for a pole similar to this and it ' s something that I.
assume every person requires to have in their set. If you have an action.
electronic camera, if you have a gimbal, there'' s a great deal of uses. where you can place things on the end of this and also obtain
. some really amazing awesome shots that you wouldn'' t be
able to. obtain simply holding the electronic camera or simply holding the gimbal on its own. I extremely recommend that.
you include this to your kit. There not really expensive. They'' re a good item of. equipment to constantly carry you, as well as if you desire to understand a lot more.
concerning POV Gear'' s Hex Post, I ' ll placed a web link in the summary. Obviously, they additionally just brought out a small variation of this,.
it'' s like half the size.Think that this is as well big,.
and also you want a smaller sized one, however you still desire a pole, they have an awesome version.
that'' s even smaller than this If you'' re brand-new to this network, ensure you struck that subscribe switch. I'' ve obtained a lot of amazing. filmmaking tutorials, I'' ve likewise got a great deal of.
traveling and also journey vlogs. Among the things I enjoy doing is circumnavigating the.
world as well as bringing you individuals different cultures as well as various areas. As well as the following area that.
I'' m headed is Vietnam in less than 2 weeks. Super thrilled regarding that.Lots of awesome

whole videos coming Maybe I ' ll dive off of.'somethings and film myself or perhaps I ' ll stick my 360 cam on this, stick it out a train home window. So guys make certain you ' re subscribed so you'wear ' t miss those video clips, ' cause they ' re coming really soon. Alright, one last thing. Head over to Instagram. Come locate me @jevendovey And individuals, I will see you on the next one.

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