Simba January sale: pick up a mattress + full bedding set for nearly half price!

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The new year is almost upon us, and if you’ve decided that 2022 is the year to sort out your bedding situation, you should head straight to Simba, where there’s 45% off bedding + mattress bundles. 

The really important bit of any such bundle is the mattress, and you’re in safe hands here as Simba makes our #1 best mattress right now, plus two other extremely comfy mattresses to suit slightly different budgets. Check out our five-star Simba Hybrid Pro review, or our four-star Simba Hybrid Luxe review (at the top of the range), or Simba Original mattress review (the cheapest option) to decide between the three. The luxe is the mattress that’s currently on my bed, and only missed out on a top spot on account of it being really quite expensive. They’re all absolutely excellent hybrid mattresses, combining ultra-comfy memory foam with supportive springs.

Once you’ve picked your mattress, decide which sleep accessories you want. The basic Hybrid Sleep Bundle adds two Simba Hybrid pillows, as well as a Simba Hybrid Duvet  both of which use pioneering tech to regulate your temperature and keep you comfortably cool all night. It also bundles in a Simba Performance mattress protector, to prolong the life of your mattress. Alternatively, you could go for an Ultimate Sleep bundle, which includes all that but also adds a bed base.

If you don’t need all those accessories, keep an eye on our general Simba discount codes and deals page for a mattress-only price drop. Or see how this offer compares to what other brands are doing in our cheap mattress deals guide.

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Simba January Sale: Pick Up A Mattress + Full Bedding Set For Nearly Half Price!