ORIGINAL GoPro HD Hero 1 vs HERO 8: A Decade Of Difference!

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this is the initial gopro HD hero I'' m. calling it the HERO 1 today for simplicity versus the GoPro Hero 8 Black.
its latest as well as biggest now I'' m Ben from authentech in today'' s. video clips just for enjoyable I thought it'' d be type of awesome as well as interesting to see exactly how. far electronic camera technology has actually come over the years now to put it into context the release.
date of this HD hero was early 2010 that was Haiti earthquake days currently the hero 8.
black was completion of 2019 to ensure that'' s close enough for a years. I ' m calling today'' s video clip a years of difference no this is not the really first. gopro ever produced yet i believe it was their initial HD cam and substantial yell out.
to my sibling for allowing me obtain it currently without further trouble allow'' s jump right. in it ' s rather funny as we compare things on the hero 1 there is no. touchscreen no previewing your shots really old-school menu system I essentially.
required to use their customer manual to interpret the codes and alter the.
setups it'' s battery in fact still holds a charge to make sure that ' s impressive the. dimension of the battery is quite amusing to compare inside is 1,100 milliamp hrs.
versus the hero 812 hundred and 20 million powers rather funny we'' ve just.
risen a hundred and 20 milliamp hrs in one decade the hero 1 use mini USB to.
cost and we finally have USB type-c on the hero 8 that needed normal sized.
SD cards currently we have micro SD cards on the hero 8 oh and if you'' re wondering.
why I taped the hero 1 to my camera rail for the side-by-side that'' s since the. water resistant instance that I have it will have messed up the audio examination a little bit and.
there'' s some small scrapes as well as scuffs on the cover which I intend to ensure I.
was recording the absolute best top quality photo out of this old thing starting.
with some photography snapping a couple of shots the hero on has a 5 megapixel.
sensing unit the hero 8 has 12 megapixels which I additionally fired in its incredibly photo.
setting first of all that shade temperature level and also RGB on the hero 1 is rather horrible and.
funny it has that antique aim to it like it was shot on an old Photograph.
video camera the hero ones resolution truthfully isn'' t horrible when we'' re zoomed all the.
escape in a few of these shots yet certainly the dynamic range looks far better on.
the 8 as well as it'' s better intensity as well as clarity ends up being a lot extra.
apparent when we digitally zoom in one point I do respect is how wide-angle the.
original hero one hand I assume as a hundred as well as seventy level field of vision.
which is insane wide-angle for an old cam and also possibly this makes good sense why.
GoPro removed in those beginning days due to the fact that as ultra wide lens assists catch.
all those action sporting activities actually well as well as the little cube-like shaped video camera could.
fit inside your pockets never actually seen prior to.
now speaking of form-factor can we have a little laugh exactly how their dimensions of.
these 2 cams is virtually the very same after one decade now leave an F in the.
conversation for the hero session I like that portable dice design in these video examinations.
this is where points get fun first the max video clip resolution on that HD Hero 1.
was 1920 by 1080p 30fps and also below'' s what that resembles on the hero 8 this is 4k. 30 as well as it ' s intriguing to see as well as assess the distinctions in between ten years.
of technological as well as video camera sensing unit advancements the 4k looks so much better.
and also sharper the hero eights colors have that nice vibrancy pop to them while.
still preserving a semi precise white equilibrium the sound grain and also compression.
of the hero 1 is rather dang rough it'' s enjoyable to see just how much we ' ve included
. dynamic array the intense sunlight contrasted with dark shadows here under.
the trees we'' re able to see a lot extra information in the tree bark as well as the leaves.
and also the branches on the hero 8 going for a fast jog as well as this examination doesn'' t make. me wish to slam the hero 1 for its shakiness as well as totters it'' s revealing.
what real unsteadiness of that selfie stick resembles yet while just.
look at the hero 8 and also it'' s rather dang insane to view the background perspective.
tarnished incredibly consistent which hyper smooth 2.0 is actually outstanding and also this.
is an ahmadi o test sound on the GoPro Hero HD Gen 1 and this is the GoPro Hero.
8 black audio examination 1 2 3 4 just how does the sound.
sound and contrast audio test 1 2 3 4 just how does the audio noise and contrast.
allow'' s live authentic'let ' s live authentic it ' s good to see the. improvements we'' ve made with wind decrease like here on the hero 8 it'' s. doing an excellent job straining all that ambient noise so we can much more plainly.
hear my voice it'' s in fact type of funny there were some audio clips on.
this hero one that I couldn'' t even hear my voice over the wind to transform the.
camera setups on the hero 1 makes me added happy for touchscreens nowadays.
I required to discover that initial individual manual in order to interpret its menu.
settings additionally amusing the video resolution menu codes were completely published on.
the back of the gopro here'' s our 4 which is 1280 by 960 it was virtually like GoPros.
very sight prior to it was a thing it'' s an also wider shot as well as I believe it ' s. squeezing a lot more up and down right into camera frame on top and also bottom of the.
display amusing enough I actually think it'' s larger angle than the hero 8 here in.
very sight mode however naturally the hero 8 has way better stablizing so it'' s. most likely chopping know that sensing unit for that E is which incidentally that.
stabilization is looking rather smooth for that ultra wide-angle when I leapt.
on my cycle board for some enjoyable activity shots I'' m simply so appreciative exactly how far we'' ve. come with digital image stablizing raveling many bumps and also wobbles.
enhanced quality a 4k resolution to be generating these kind of shots on a little.
activity video camera with no gimbal required truly opens up a world of innovative.
storytelling as well as of course I'' ve gotten a whole lot of questions on this cycle board rover.
that I'' m riding around I made a whole review on it as well as it'' s crazy fun I ' ll. give you that link if you wish to check it out down in the description no he.
can'' t forget a slow-mo test as well as while the hero one didn'' t actually have sluggish.
activity the max framerate available with 60fps as well as right here'' s what WVGA resembles.

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848 by 480p vs.Hero weights 1080p 240 FPS.
thank goodness for development now GoPros have always been rather terrible.
in low-light scenarios in my viewpoint and I'' m a little surprised as well as pleased.
with these low-light pictures on the hero one for very low-light it actually does.
a fine job the hero eights and also reduced light mode has gotten a lot.
much better however at lowering noise as well as boosted vibrant array extremely various.
story and low-light video clip and to be truthful I sort of screwed up and also forgot to.
change the video setups back to regular HD so this is what WVGA 60 FPS looks.
like in low-light but it'' s still funny to compare as well as see this is what you get.
for a decade old cam pointless fuzzy mess while the hero 8 looks soft and.
grainy however a minimum of we can construct out some details it'' s a little bit more detailed to what. my eye can see so a friend on instagram harry ty suggested an enjoyable concept.
let me attempt modifying a hero one-shot as well as see how good can we get it now I'' m
not. that wonderful at shade grading however here'' s an example photo with a little bit of.
harmonizing of shade as well as a little of honing applied the your an one shot.
can look a bit better to the hero 8 and a bit much better total video is much.
tougher as well as right here'' s a little bit of color grading trying to match television and the.
hero one looks a bit comparable but when you'' re dealing with heavy compression.
and also lower resolution there'' s just a lot much less data in the documents to improve and also.
deal with it'' s like what my old video professor once told me you can'' t gloss. a turd now I thought it'' d be enjoyable to see what
. stablizing would appear like with some car trackers and also they remarkably did.
a rather all right job this very first one is the integrated in last cut stabilizer and with.
all the settings turned means up the second one is a plugin from pixel film.
studios and it'' s rather cool down with lots of modification like in this clip I.
told it to track and stabilize my face as well as it'' s doing a respectable work at.
maintaining me center a framework yet after that we can also try tracking a various data.
factor such as this background things and also I'' ll maintain and lock on to that.
subject it'' s kind of great there was no hyperlapse or built-in.
waterproofing and even exchangeable lens covers oh just joking the hero it can'' t. do that either so this was kind of fun to see how much.
we'' ve been available in a years of activity video cameras now we have 360 electronic cameras as well as modular.
action cameras I wish to hear what you men think where will certainly we be in ten years.
what do you believe the future holds for activity cams is it way much better.
stablizing or insane low-light abilities what about 8k resolution at.
a 120 fps take into consideration remaining for some more enjoyable action camera video clips I.
have in the jobs I upload every week many thanks so much for stopping by and.
till I see you next week let'' s live authentic.

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