Lenovo Legion 7 has RGB lighting on every side – and I want one as my next gaming laptop

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Who doesn’t love RGB lighting on a gaming laptop? I sure do. It just shouts ‘gamer’ that bit harder, is fun to customise, and oh my gosh has Lenovo gone all-out with the latest iteration of its Legion 7 gaming laptop.

That’s because the 2022 Legion 7which marks its seventh generation releasehas “full environmental RGB lighting”, meaning there’s lighting around every edge of its frame. That’s right: the sides illuminate, the rear vents illuminate, and although you can’t see it in these pictures even the front has a strip which emits colour-changing light.

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GoPro - HERO7 Black Sleeve + Lanyard - Blue
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GoPro - HERO7 Black Sleeve + Lanyard - White
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GoPro - Floaty (HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Orange
GoPro - Rollcage for HERO8 - Black
Sleeve and Lanyard for GoPro HERO8 Black - Black

I’ve seen gaming laptops with a fair degree of RGB lighting before, but nothing to this kind of level. Oh, I almost forgot: the keyboard of course also has lighting, as does the fingerprint-meets-power-button, even the Legion logo on the lid lights up! Indeed, the Gen 7 Legion 7 is dripping with RGB.

Lenovo Legion 7 (Gen 7): What about the spec?

Of course you don’t buy a gaming laptop solely on the degree of RGB lighting it has. You’ll want other core specs to be in place tooand there’s certainly no lacking of that here.

The 16-inch screen that adorns the Legion 7which is WXQGA for what Lenovo tells me is the first time in a gaming laptop (i.e. 2560 x 1600 pixels across a 16:9 aspect ratio) – and comes in a variety of options. Baseline it’s a 165Hz LCD option, but you can spec it up to Mini LED for greater brightness, and choose up to 240Hz too. 

The battery is an as-large-as-they-come 99.99Whr, while core power comes courtesy of up to 12th Gen Intel Core HX Series (the product name then changes to Legion 7i, if you’re wondering) or AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processors, further supported by graphics options from Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU or AMD’s Radeon RX 6850M XT mobile graphics.

Lenovo Legion 7 (Gen 7): When can I buy one?

All that RGB and power caught your eye? Mine too. And there’s not too long to wait to be able to buy one either: the AMD spec Legion 7 will go on sale in the USA from June, priced from $2,059. Interestingly Lenovo also sells the Legion 7i, which is the Intel spec machine, starting from $2,449. UK pricing and release dates are yet to be announced. 

And if all that RGB lighting is just too much for you then there are Legion 7 Slim and Legion 7i Slim variants, which are obviously slimmer in terms of build, but also dial down the amount of RGB, the overall power available, and the price tag accordingly (starting from $1,519 instead).

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Lenovo Legion 7 Has RGB Lighting On Every Side – And I Want One As My Next Gaming Laptop