Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch Sensor vs GoPro HERO 8!

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GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilization
GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization

What’s up chaps i’m ben from authentech And this is the insta 360 ONER now I already reviewed and considered the 4k and the 360 mod You can check that video out last-minute But today we’re going to be checking out this one-inch sensor that a lot of beings are intrigued about now Is it a game-changer? Let me spoil the ending for you and it’s okay for certain people in certain Situations the one-inch mod will it’s gonna be awesome. It might be the excellent fit but for the average consumer out there I’m not sure if it’s worth spending those extra dollars Let me testify you why immediate rejection no sponsorship here but immense things to insta 360 for sending me these sample contingents to assessment all Firmwares and software’s are still invariably being tweaked nowadays so if anything ogles a little off on the 1r shaft It might be fixed just around the corner who knows in this video I’ll show you guys side-by-side comparisons daytime and low-light photos and video HDR stabilization audio evaluations slow-motion hyperlapse and more of the 1r one inch versus the GoPro Hero eight and another quick spoiler alert If you’re looking for really an everyday action camera shooting flat photographs and videos well Then the GoPro probably is gonna be your better bet but and that’s a huge but if you want to shoot 360 have future modularity Potential reverse the screen for selfie shots wireless mic options.Okay, so you can see where this might be going This is why there’s always more to the story So let’s dive freedom in starting with the pricing as this as the context in step 361 our one inch Edition buy Right now at five hundred and fifty dollars the GoPro Hero eights black $400 that’s actually a pretty big difference now. Let’s jump into some daytime video comparisons This is 5.3 K 30 fps on the one inch and 4k thirty on the GoPro a few things I noticed right off the bat the GoPro frequently has more contrast and saturation Look some people like this some people don’t the 1r allows you to turn on a complexion plus alternative which includes some brand-new Vibrancy and dynamic range to your shots in this one. I left it off so “youre seeing” more of the Original video clip next to the default settings on the GoPro now Sometimes I like the poppy colorings and differs of the GoPro, but sometimes it does it a little more far For sample, the darkness can be a bit too humbled and we can lose important details now one immediate greenback Remember how I indicated by the firmwares are constantly get propagandized out for the one-inch right now Well currently if I export a 5.3 K video file from the 1r onto my phone and then export it well, it doesn’t come out as 5.3 K res, but it’s 4k now if I try their desktop app on the Mac, I can export the video and h. 265 5.3 K res video, which is good So for clarities sake all my 5.3 K res files are gonna be scaled down to 4 K registers Which candidly they search really gone and abrupt But this course we can actually see some good stabilization on the 1 inch since I’m pretty sure that stabilization is being processed After the time is recorded speaking of clarity.If you’re exporting excerpts to the garbage compression. Let’s say of Instagram No one is probably ever gonna notice the difference from 5.3 K to 4k 2. Whatever nonetheless if you’re watching this video in full 4k You should be able to spot some of these nice little Changes the 1 inch examinations razor abrupt and crispy if we freeze frame and zoom in you should be able to see what I’m talking About it’s not like it’s jump-start from sd up to HD But it is a nice improvement and step up in the 1 inch sensor on a negative note.I notice there’s a fair bit of Artifacting on the 1 inch footage but again, I’m apprehensive if well a temporary constriction question And hopefully we’ll understand a give in a firmware or app update soon jump into stabilization, though they both look pretty smooth I think I’d have to vote the GoPro as a bit more buttery smooth the 1 inch isn’t bad and candidly has a wider field of view now But human GoPro has really positioned some delightful RND into their hyper smooth Stabilization and it virtually looks like it was shot on a gimbal which is always very impressive instance flow state isn’t bad at all and frankly generally really impressive especially when shooting in 360 but now the one It looks like some firmware updates could help it out a bit This is audio on the incent 361 are with the one-inch How does the audio racket and this is audio on the GoPro Hero 8 pitch-black. How does the audio announce? Now it’s pretty windy out here down at the pool. Which one is sounding better Now it’s pretty windy out here down at the lake which one is sounding better funny fairly I believe both receive like a b-minus here in one sentence the one R chimes better, but then the next GoPro announces better Audio test one two three four Audio test one two and three four Now the one R wins in two other big audio lists firstly They volunteer this USB seat a three-and-a-half millimeter mic jack dongle for only ten bucks So that road you can use any third-party audio microphone very sweet If you’re considering the move pro audio Bodwell, they’re still not even out yet.And that’s gonna cost you $ 80 That’s absurd and action too expensive. I’ve been experimenting with the road wireless go microphones on the 1r and so far I’ve been really delighted the second big-hearted piece that inste is saying is coming in February is wireless Bluetooth audio now Imagine popping in your breeze husks or whatever. I’m recording audio immediately from there to the camera wirelessly bluetooth That would be pretty sweet I tried a immediate ultra wide field-of-view test and astonishingly the GoPro superview actually glanced wider Plus, let’s notice. My skin atmospheres of the 1r is jacking up my bark pretty bad There’s a little bit too magenta in the blacks and my hair as well The GoPro is far from perfect.But looking better in this shot. Here’s a quick-witted 4k 60 fps similarity and Another earn for the GoPro its field of view is wider Which is nice and makes a big difference plus the stability and sharpness of resolving I think it gapes much better now as well with the one-inch. We can max out slow-motion 1080 p 120 fps the GoPro can double this up to 240 FPS at this 1080 p res now.That’s a big win for GoPro in this sample I’d say GoPro acquires in terms of quality and I notice GoPros keep in a wider field of view again Which I think is a pretty big deal when you’re shooting slow-motion Usually your subject is moving around very fast And it’s easy to cut the subject out of camera formulate like I did here on the one arm another thing to know oddly enough The sample clip from the 1r actually has some make blending and motion interpolation Processing so it’s like we can gradual the excerpt down even more.However, it doesn’t inevitably look fantastic But possibly better than glitching and stuttering like we can see here on the GoPro either way I’d vote GoPro the champion in this slow-motion measure one of my favorite mode So being played with is hyperlapse and both the cameras offer this feature, though They do it quite a bit differently on the GoPro before we stumble record we adjusted the move of playback from two times up to 30 occasions fast or my favorite I’ve talked about before there’s vehicle procedure where the GoPro will Automatically establish your camera progress and other factors and then speed up or slow down time which intention up developing some really cool shots there’s a button on the screen to enable real-time recording in the middle of the hyperlapse like you can see in this example on the 1r. It’s slightly different They instead approach the idea of recording the whole clip at ordinary rapidity which results in much larger raw file sizes Then later in the app is where we can adjust the move settings.This is nice on one pas It allows us to change the video file multiple times over slowing it down or speeding specific spots back up It allows us a lot more fine to control, which is nice on the other hand though I sort of like the GoPro mode as well It’s a bit more hands-off really designated it and forget it record your time and that’s it No going back varying anything. The video is locked in but it’s ready for sharing There’s pros and cons to each side in terms of quality, though Both of these files are 4k and we can turn on or off that gesture blur. You’re experience on the 1r again It’s nice to have the option now for the big low-light video experiment and this is one area I belief the one-inch mod actually blows GoPro out of the irrigate It’s that larger sensor is going to help perform much better and lower lamp situations At least for video now not only does it of course inspect a bit brighter But even more importantly compare the amount of interference and grain between the two The one our one inch lookings cleanse while the GoPro appears grainy noisy soft and misty I too had a throw in the 1 ounce 4k mod into the mix and this is one of those areas parties were really wondering is the 1 inch really worth paying the extra? Money for well, hopefully this likenes can assist you out in this low-light video test We can clearly see the big-hearted tone hump from the 4k mod up to the 1 inch Even I didn’t know if there’d be that much of a difference but here it sure looks like it now This is some low-light video and 5.3 K on the 1r with indoor stabilization so they say it should help with some of the gesture blur but the sound I’m guessing the ISO game is Going up a little bit.So how did the two regard and compare again? The 1 inch mod is looking much better with brighter showing cleanser portrait and less noise Plus that low-light Stabilization checkbox actually seems to help as its stability and motion blur reviews considerably better over the GoPro This is a pretty big deal for some people out there. If you’re involve an action camera in low-light predicaments well the one inch framework might be much better for you over a GoPro snapping a few low-light photos is very Interesting and yield some different results in this first shot GoPros white balance inspections much more accurate with the comforter It’s actually lily-white in real life zooming in 400% the GoPro seems the noisiest and pixelated However, the 4k wide mod is in last sit and the one inches. Okay, but not astonishing This next shot has some more the same solutions Now if the one inch could make better grey symmetry and lean away from those strong red colours Then I’d say it’d be a clear win funny fairly. Our telephones are getting much better in low-pitched light-colored photography So I toss in a few iPhone 11 pro nighttime shots I’ve talked about this before the iPhone does not admit long revelation light shots and the ultra wide lens though It does on the primary Anyway now you can see the results and it’s doing a excellent hassle of colors revelation Dynamic range and good racket assure two more very low light shots and we can see them Genta glitch I’ll call it on the one inch though.It was a clean low racket portrait, which is nice The gopro isn’t unspeakable and actually generate a usable shot and the iphones night mode looks pretty good This shot was almost in the jet black and the one-inch mostly miscarried GoPro amazingly earns with a neat long exposure and the iPhone is the Brightest, but it missed focus or it’s just room more misty and that’s sort of unfortunate here’s some daytime photo samples with some draconian contrast II lighting and my seeing is consistently drawn to the one-inch Some of these are HDR some are just standard photos with colour plus tint mapping turned on and these shots Honestly, ogle just as good as the HDR once now on the GoPro I use their brand-new super photo procedure and in almost every shot.I prefer the one-inch Well, except this last-place one they both botched up my skin color pretty bad now Let’s switch over to a few other categories of comparison there sometimes or just as important as image quality for organizing options I reflect I like the GoPro better And here’s why at least they give you these Mounting thumbs improved right into the body they fold in if you want becomes it nice and flush portable But then they fold down you can slide it into the standard GoPro mounting system even though it’s so annoying I please it was quarter-twenty tripod mount but there we go You’re up and apart with the 1r with the one-inch mod We have to screw this whole front glass off Slide it into the mount clip that on it has the mounting digits now for standard GoPro settings and then clamped this thing back on and Then reverse it for every single time you want to take it off.It’s just super inconvenient I actually wish the 1r had a quarter twenty tripod mount built right in now I did investigate the government has that lengthened battery backpack coming out soon with the mounting paws like the GoPro That looks like a delightful module to have but until then GoPro wins right now for organizing accessibility two speedy things to mention. Look at the boot up seasons. There’s one weapon Go after GoPro is up and ready to shoot and there we go So the GoPros faster to boot up and then as for screen brightness, well, it’s sort of hard to tell out here But we’re in the bright sunlight and frankly the 1r does a nice job even though it’s screen is much smaller But they’re both reasonably radiant In daytime so we can see sunlight For show and tweaking names. So both screens are nice and bright However, the GoPros is much larger Which is nice but on the other hand and it’s a big win for the 1r We can simply break-dance it apart Flip the screen around and now we have a selfie screen if you wishing to that on the GoPro Well, you’re gonna have to shell out the pretty penny of $80 for that media mod and then another $80 on top of that for the flaunt mod, so $160 just for that feels a little steep for durability well I don’t have the guts to be plummeting these from huge summits nor do I have the money I sort of baby these things like My firstborn but I do say that the 1r, it feels tighten and rigid when it’s all clicked together and it’s modular So if something were to break down the road I can replace time that part and the GoPros Well, its biggest fail this year was taking away that replaceable glass champion that they had years ago, frankly It’s a big deal breaker for countless it virtually seems like they’re trying to get us is payable for that additional GoPro a plus Replacement program another big cheese that compared our mobile apps and workflow now, don’t worry.I’ll store this one short and sweet It’s a big win I say for the in so 360 I love their portable app acces more than GoPros in so offers room more revising facets Plus it’s faster to connect smoother and more efficient to rub through the folders over Wi-Fi trim edit export and share now funny enough on the flip side of that insta 360 is recording these video files in a scatter I Nsv file format. I think it’s their proprietary datum either way They’re not in scatter MOV s or mpegs and this could be a really big deal breaker for a lot of parties out there So if you’re editing just simply on the mobile not a big deal But if you’re like me and you need a copy these files over to your computer for final chip editing Well, then it has to go through a entire transcoding compression proselytizing process, which is super inefficient And I really abhor it I might have heard some rumors that insta 360 is pushing on an update down the road to fix this I’m not sure if you are familiar with any bulletin remove a comment So I guess that’s the mockery of it all if you crave the best mobile editing know sharing right on the go Well, then insta might be your better bet however, if you’re sort of old school and you need to edit in Final Cut or premier well Then you might need to go with GoPro at least until insta chooses out that issue And another big complaint I have is the minimum center length On the one inch it might be a deal-breaker for me if I’m restrain it here They say it’s about one rhythm minimum focusing length Well, I might be out of focus and then everything behind me is in focus sort of devastates the shot So if you’re gonna be vlogging you have to make sure it’s held up far enough so that you’re in focus Just impede this in mind at the end of the day these are fun cameras and contraptions that are all but tools and playthings helping us to captivate memories and Times to share with family and friends and purchasers now if the tool gets in accordance with the arrangements of formation Then it has failed at its task for some people the one arse modular blueprint Future expansion and sweet portable editing workflow that reversible screen that huge audio options It is likely to be the perfect pair for you.And then maybe consider this one inch mod If you need some solid low-light accomplishment Or that additional bulge up in solving and lucidity if nonetheless you simply need something simple and easy and old-school sturdy roll and firearm shooting flat and simply flat photographs and videos well then the GoPro Hero 8 black still acts fantastically well in a lot of Situations plus that toll place isn’t disagreeable If you don’t care about external audio or a reversible screen or replaceable lens, its photographs and videos seem smooth And it’s punchy and it should be able to capture some beautiful minutes for you now Let me know which one you lean more towards and why down in the comments and drop any questions you have I’ll try my best to respond until I see you next time. Let’s live authentic.

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