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Insta360, best known for their 360 camera,
lately released an upgrade to their Insta360 Go action electronic camera, the Go 2. This is not a 360 camera yet is instead comparable
to a GoPro with one major difference, which is that it is small. The Go 2 improves the success of the original
Insta360 Go, however with some important updates that bring it much more inline with the specifications of
the GoPro however in a much smaller kind factor and also at a somewhat lower price. In this video I’m going to have a look at
just how the Go2 piles up versus the GoPro in regards to features and also image high quality, I’ll.
talk concerning the post-production process or the Go2, as well as where I directly see this fitting.
right into my filmmaking toolbox. I’m not going to do a complete evaluation of every.
single function in information because there have currently been a load of those launched on YouTube.
in the past couple of days. Instead, I’m going to focus on the functions.
and utilize instances most appropriate to track joggers and adventure filmmakers like myself. Let me begin by saying for complete disclosure.
that Insta360 did send me this camera totally free to test out in breakthrough of its release,.
yet they did not pay me to assess it and had control over what I would say.And as you ' ll see in this video, while I assume. there are some great positives about this camera, there are additionally a great deal of limitations. If you’re new to the network, my name is. Jeff Pelletier as well as I’m a route runner as well as filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. I like telling tales concerning my experiences. on the trail, including races as well as self supported journeys. Also though I’m a specialist video producer. by profession, for me it’s never just about the high quality of a camera when it comes to my adventure. movies. I also think about dimension, weight and also convenience of usage.
And that is where the Insta360 Go 2 truly. shines. The first thing that struck me was simply exactly how. small this point really is.And the camera itself considers just 26 grams.

or just under an ounce. This means you can clip it in
places and also get. shots that also a GoPro can not. It features a bunch of different clips and also. they also sent me some optional GoPro place adapters so I had the ability to utilize it with my existing. GoPro handles and also installs. The camera is in fact magnetic too which. makes it really simple to clip in and out of a few of the mounting brackets, and to stick. directly to metal surface areas to get some rather special shots.
When contrasted directly to the GoPro Hero 8. and also particularly the larger Hero 9,
you can see simply how little as well as light this truly is. The GoPro Hero 9 with a battery as well as card weighs. 159 grams or 5.6 ounces, which is more
than 6 times the weight of the Insta360 Go 2. Naturally, the GoPro Hero 9 has not just a. huge rear facing display, yet likewise a front-facing display, while the Go 2 has neither. It needs rather making use of the Insta360. app to preview your shots which I’ll discuss in even more detail later on in the video.Something else to keep in mind however is that.

you will in many cases still require to carry the billing situation with you, so this added. mass and weight requires to be considered also if
you’re counting grams like me. Yet consisting of Go 2 instance and also camera combined. still only weight 89 grams or 3 ounces, as well as in a smaller form element than the GoPro Hero. 9. Something to note is that while the video camera.
is entirely waterproof, the billing instance is not which is a little bit of an embarassment and means. that I ' ll need to maintain it in a ziplock bag in my pack when on the trails.The Go 2 can recording at a pair.

of various resolutions and in a couple of different settings, however let me simplify it for. you and state today that you’re mosting likely to intend to film in its greatest resolution. of 1440p and in what’s called Pro Mode which opens the video camera’s
circulation state stabilization. While there is no 4K option, 1440p is plenty. for social video clips as well as I assume in most cases also for journeys films also.
For a number of my own films, I catch the majority of. my video in 2.7 k on the GoPro if I ' m concerned I might lack room while spending a. few days on the trail. However I have to be sincere, I would have liked.
to have actually seen a 4K option as well below like a number of the various other electronic cameras around this cost. point. The Go 2 likewise doesn’t have a removable battery. like the GoPro, relying instead on an interior rechargeable battery efficient in up to half an hour. of videotaping time at 1440p in Pro video clip mode.You can after that charge the cam utilizing the.
included situation which takes about 35 minutes, much like a set of apple AirPods. This makes it truly easy and economical. to make use of for the more casual individual who can after that bill the camera in its instance when it’s. not in usage. But immediately this tells me that I likely. won’t be relying upon it as a main camera for longer journeys where I would choose. to lug a handful of extra batteries like I do
for my GoPro. Similarly, the video camera relies upon inner storage. rather than a removable MicroSD card like on a GoPro.It’s qualified of taping as much as regarding 30. mins of footage at 1440p in Pro setting on its built-in 32 GB of storage, so primarily.

a single battery fee well worth of video
. For some people this might be lots of room,. however I commonly contend the very least a hr of video footage per
day, so once again this is going to. stop me from counting entirely on this video camera to tell stories, specifically when I ' m out for. even more than a day on the path.
I ' d truly have expected to see a whole lot more. storage in this camera, or ideally even the option for removable MicroSD cards. But I understand why this limitation exists.
There ' s likely simply no other way to fit all of that. right into such a small electronic camera without having both the battery as well as memory completely incorporated, so. this is certainly where a tradeoff exists in between attributes and also size. Yet I really wanted to do was to put the video camera. to the test in order to look not just at the stablizing but also at the photo quality.And not just on a bright day but additionally in low. light, because that’s where these action electronic cameras with their little sensing units really have a tendency. to struggle, as well as the GoPro is no exception. So with there being

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so much snow right here in the. hills, the first examination video footage I fired was on skis in the backcountry. As well as right here it did really well, as I anticipated. it would. As soon as possible I observed just how much lighter it really felt.
on my helmet.In reality, I couldn’t even tell it existed. as well as kept worrying I ' d shed it, whereas when wearing a GoPro you can most definitely feel it. This footage was recorded at 1440p in Pro setting.
with the default Vibrant colour establishing without extra colour modification
done in any way. Yet my primary'use instance for action electronic cameras is. for running. So I then took it to the track for a side-by-side. contrast with the GoPro Hero 9 using this twin video camera adapter for my GoPro take care of. This time I set the electronic camera to LOG which is. comparable to the level setup on the
GoPro yet even flatter. Now this may look terrible to the inexperienced.
eye, however a professional will certainly recognize that the flatter of a photo the much better in order to. protect one of the most details feasible
to ensure that the video footage can after that be graded in post-production. I constantly movie in level colour on the GoPro.
and also it’s exactly how I get such excellent direct exposure in my footage.I have actually left this video footage in log and also the GoPro.
video footage in flat without any colour modification, since I desired you to focus on the stabilization. and not on the colour saturation or contrast which can be quickly transformed in post-production

. when working with either video camera.
I have actually additionally left both cams completely automobile. setting in terms of exposure. Currently like the GoPro, the Go2 does allow you. to by hand set the ISO and also shutter speed, in addition to the white balance.
This will absolutely provide better outcomes. under specific problems, but even
I generally leave these settings on vehicle when filming. on the run since illumination problems can be simply as well variable as well as I don’t wish to. need to keep stopping to adjust these settings, I do not desire my video camera to be a distraction.So I figured my examination footage should mirror. this as well. In a side-by-side comparison with the GoPro,. I think it in fact offers a much more secure image. It ' s got a comparable Horizon lock attribute like. the GoPro Hero 9, as well as with a comparable large Field of vision. I after that took it out on the routes to see just how. it would certainly perform under lower light conditions.And once again, this is just on the default exposure. settings so it might be possible to'obtain better outcomes with certain hand-operated setups yet it’s. crucial for me to see exactly how the video camera executes naturally. Something I found out at an early stage in dealing with.
GoPros is that stabilization on these little activity cams relies heavily on having actually a. quick shutter speed. When recording in reduced light the camera is. compelled to use a slower shutter rate in order to
subject the picture for longer, which is why. the stablizing is such an issue. Currently let’s speak about post-production. Similar to with the Insta360 One X, footage. from the Go2 can be edited straight in the mobile app, or in the Insta360 workshop software.
on a Mac or computer. You can likewise obtain a plug-in that allows you. to collaborate with your video footage straight in Adobe best and also after results, although be advised. that this can cause problems with After Effects in dealing with GoPro video footage. Making can take some time, yet it ' s something. that can be queued up as well as left overnight. You ' ll just require to factor this time into.
your operations when intending your edit.Another point for the GO 2 though here, is. that you can export
from Insta360 studio in Apple ProRes layout rather of simply mp4, which. is an actually nice feature for us professionals
. However what ' s really cool is that when filming. in Pro Video clip mode the Go2 records what is essentially a 180 degree point of view.

This implies that you can alter the field of.
deem well as both the stabilization and perspective lock options and also even the alignment.
between upright as well as landscape later on in the software application, despite'what you may have had. it readied to while recording. This is most definitely not possible on the GoPro. where what you movie is what you obtain, and there is no loss in quality from what I can tell.
when altering these settings after the truth. The original video clip documents is really in 2880×2880.
resolution, so when you alter the FOV it’s really obtained pixels to spare prior to providing. the last 1440p image. Okay so time for my last ideas here on. this camera.First of all, will it replace my GoPro completely? Definitely not. I require the capability to swap out batteries as well as. memory cards for my multi day experiences. But I do see an area for it in my toolkit. There are often times when even a GoPro is. also large and hefty to bother carrying with me, and that’s when I’ll likely reach. for the Go2. In reality, it’s so tiny that I’ll might begin. to simply throw the cam itself in my pack when doubtful, also without the billing instance,. just in case I require a second angle and to serve as a backup to my GoPro, or on days. when I may not or else intend to bother bring a camera.I think this is where the Go2 truly beams,. for those shots you can not otherwise obtain. As an example, you could quickly clip this to. the brim of your hat, on the end of a running post, or directly on your running vest. It’s so inconspicuous that it won’t be extremely.
noticeable to those around you that you’re shooting as it is when holding a GoPro. I could see leaving this addicted on to my operating.

vest primarily the whole time throughout a race, to ensure that I can simply truly rapidly touch the. button to start taping when I’m on a
actually cool technical area of path where. I would not otherwise wish to trouble going out my GoPro as well as needing to hold it, or really.
anytime I could desire some footage however require both of my hands like at a help station.Similarly, for any sports that I want some. no hands POV video where I’m not using a safety helmet as well as consequently can’t or just do not. intend to mount a larger GoPro to my head.
But at a price similar now to the GoPro Hero. 8, you ' re mosting likely to need to determine on your own whether it would certainly make good sense to buy this electronic camera. to merely supplement your other video cameras.
I see it much like a drone, where you may. not utilize it really frequently, yet when you do you

' ll rejoice you have it. These kinds of tools can
assist to obtain actually. intriguing angles and to catch video in circumstances we might not or else be. able to, enabling us to inform even more interesting and also immersive tales. You can definitely anticipate to see shots from. this electronic camera in my future movies. So what do you think, would you see a place
. for this in your filmmaking toolkit? Or do you think this could even meet your.
requirements as a main activity cam? Inform me concerning it in the comments below, as well as. if you found this video handy after that do me a favour and also provide it a like.I have actually obtained a similar review in the works of. the Insta360 One X mark II, the most recent 360 cam from Insta so stay tuned for that. Up until after that, bear in mind the very best electronic camera is the. one you carry you.

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