How AirPods Pro 2 will Change Wireless Audio FOREVER..

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Its been over 4 years since Apple walkedout on stagecoach and divulged the original AirPods while simultaneously removing the headphonejack from their iPhone, stimulating a huge wave of disrupt purchasers, but little did they knowthat Apple would single-handedly alter the headphone nature forever. And it got even better when Apple releasedtheir AirPods Pro back in 2019 which were so good that theyre still an excellentvalue over 2 years later. And in 2020, AirPods were so favourite thatjust AirPods marketings alone induced more income than the part Nvidia and AMD corporations compounded! But now, it seems that Apple has finally hita technological wall with their brand-new AirPods 3, which according to Apples Vice presidentof acoustics, Gary Geaves, are built wholly with custom-made factors in the name ofhaving the best possible sound quality.But the large-scale concern is that no extent of customhardware can outrun the constraints of the application, with Gary saying that Apple hasbeen using a number of maneuvers to get around some of the limits of Bluetooth, which theAirPods rely on. So when WhatHiFi interviewed Gary and askedhim if Bluetooth was holding back the AirPods, he said quote.. Its fair to say thatwe would like more bandwidth and.. Ill stop right there. We would like more bandwidth. So in my opinion, Gary was about to reveala huge secret about their future plans for the AirPods that had to do with gaining accessto more bandwidth..But unfortunately for us .. He stopped himself. And if youre wondering why Apple wouldwant more bandwidth, its because they want to change the world of wireless audio forever..Again. Let me illustrate .. Just a couple of days ago, Apple lastly achievedtheir aim of making their entire Apple Music catalog available in Lossless. And if you dont once know what thatis, its basically a flesh of compression that perpetuates all of the original data withinthe audio folder, basically what the craftsman proposed their song to sound like.So theres no doubt that Apple put in aLOT of work to update every single song in their Apple Music catalog with Lossless support, but theres one important issue. The hundreds of millions of AirPods that Applehas sold over the years, unfortunately, do not support Lossless audio because Bluetoothdoesnt support high-bandwidth audio, so if you want to listen to Lossless audio rightnow on your iPhone, you have to use the built-in talkers or the 3.5 mm headphone jack adapterwith some other form of wired headphones. So because of that major oof, combined withthe fact that Apple has put in so much work into Lossless audio along with Gary Geavesthoughts on needing more bandwidth on the AirPods, I made a prediction late last yearthat Apples AirPods Pro 2 would come with Lossless audio substantiate following the adjournment of 2022. And then a couple of days later, Ming-chiKuo came out and said the same exact thing, but then adding that the AirPods Pro 2 willcome with a brand-new pattern and a sound-emitting case in the 4th quarter of 2022, which I alsoagree with.And if you think Lossless isnt a big deal, I made a video 7 months ago detailing how Apple precisely killed Tidal with their LosslessApple Music because Apple is offering high-res audio at no additional cost for as low as$ 5 a month for Students compared to Tidals HiFi plan which used to cost $ 20 a month. And because of that influence to compete, Tidaldropped the rate to $10 a few months and is now offering an ad-supported free tier, and itgot the worst in December when Tidal offered 3 months of HiFi streaming for time$ 1, whichto me, sounds like theyre getting HiFi desperate.So with all of that said, its time to getinto how Apple can pull off Lossless audio on their future AirPods devices and more. Well, there is the option of adopting Qualcommsnew aptX Lossless format which apparently drives over Bluetooth, but I think it makessense for Apple to not have to rely on another firm thatll likely accusation royalty rewards, and to me, it concludes the most sense to completely ditch Bluetooth and move over to a totallynew standard for the future.And in my view, that standard is gonnabe ultra wide-band technology, thanks to a tweet from Scoble on Twitter pointing to Applereplacing Bluetooth with Ultra-Wideband. And if that reverberates familiar, it should, becauseApple has already been working with Ultrawideband technology, like for example, enabling peopleto use their iPhones as their automobile keys, or admitting parties to entrust music off to theirHomePod really by bringing their iPhone up close to it. And the reason this works is that every iPhonesince the iPhone 11 has come with an Apple U1 ultra wideband chip built-in, as well asboth the Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7. And over 2 years ago, a lot of people werequestioning why the iPhone 11 got the U1 chip because for a long time, it certainly didntdo anything. But I personally believe that Apple was alreadyplanning on superseding Bluetooth with ultrawideband in the near future, so they present their iPhonesthe U1 chipping years early so that when the AirPods Pro 2 with Lossless audio finally come out, the peculiarity would be available to more people at launching , not just people with brand newiPhones, which is genius! So with that said, let me explain how Ultrawidebandtech creations and give you some proof for why Apple would want to use it in the future. Ultrawideband is extremely same to Bluetooth, in that its a radio technology that creates a data connection between two maneuvers whileusing low power consumption, but the difference is that it can transfer data at a much higherspeed. For example, Bluetooth has a maximum transferspeed of around 2 Megabits per second, hugely lower than the 9.2 megabits per second requiredfor Apples Hi-Res Lossless audio, compared to Ultrawideband which can stumbled a maximum of6 75 Megabits per second.And the reason for that is because Ultrawidebandcan utilize gigantic 500 MHz-wide radio paths, compared to Bluetooths 2MHz channels. And the attractivenes of Ultrawideband is that italso lowers latency, which is probably the most annoying thing about expending Bluetooth. Not simply that but it suffers from less interferencebecause it usages different ensembles, and apparently, its even more energy-efficient than Bluetooth, which is a huge win for Apple. And according to this chart, it also has muchbetter security than Bluetooth, working a 32 -bit CRC. I also perceived some quite interesting detailsabout ultrawideband within travel documents from Memsen Corpotion, where they said that usingUWB allows them to offer instant file-sharing to their clients, while also having very lowbattery power consumption compared to bluetooth. And even better, they said that UWB has aneffective range of up to 25 rhythms compared to only 10 exploiting bluetooth. So with that said, it seems like Ultrawidebandis better in every single way, so the great question is, why is nobody actually employing ityet? Well, the large-scale reason is the fact that it a lackof existing infrastructure as well as a lack of adoption, since mostly every computerin the world is built to work with Bluetooth, and almost every machines use Bluetooth as well, so there hasnt been a very good reason for anyone to switch to a new standard.But Apple is in a very good position becausetheyre one of the only business that develop both their own devices like iPhones, AppleWatches and AirPods, while at the same time creating custom chips inside of them, andcreating their own software as well. And since theyve been putting their U1Ultrawideband chip into every iPhone since the iPhone 11, all they would have to do isrelease new AirPods with the same U1 microchip or an updated U2 chipping, and then simply releasenew software to use it, and bam, a perfectly making Ultrawideband ecosystem. And what I convey by the ecosystem is that Applecan use it for Lossless Apple music with AirPods. They can use it for high-speed Airdrop transferswithout necessary WiFi. They can use it for precise location tracking of missing AirPodsor other manoeuvres. They can use it to hand off music to a HomePod. They can use it asa car key for the future Apple car. They can use it to enable a true-life smart-alecky residence where yourfront entrance opens as you approach it, and your daylights and manoeuvres automatically turnon as you walk into each room in your house.And all of that is just the beginning of whatApple can do with ultrawideband tech. So with all of that said, let me wrap up withthe proof that Apple is gonna move forward with Ultrawideband tech for the future ofAirPods, starting with the AirPods Pro 2 last-minute this year. First off, the Vice President of Acousticsat Apple said they want more bandwidth than Bluetooth can offer, with the main incentivebeing that Apple can enable Lossless Audio support, which Ming-chi Kuo already said iscoming this year with the AirPods Pro 2. And the only realistic alternative is gonna beUltrawidebanch because WiFi uses too much power, and UWB actually exerts less power thanBluetooth, while also having lower latency, further effective scope and much higher bandwidth. And seeing as Apple has been packing theirmost popular maneuvers like their iPhones and Apple Watches with their U1 chip, the infrastructureis already set in stone and ready for Apple to reach the button by liberate AirPods withthe U1 chip built-in.So in reality, all of the baffle segments lineup, and if Apple supplants, which I think they will, then theyll surely convert the wirelessaudio nature forever since the rest of the market will follow in Apples footstepsand adopt Ultrawideband as the new standard to change bluetooth. So there you guys go, hopefully you learnedsomething new, and if youre aroused to be heard Lossless audio with your AirPodslater this year, note your thoughts down below and click that clique above to subscribefor more videos like this one! Thanks for watching and well told you in the next video !.

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How AirPods Pro 2 Will Change Wireless Audio FOREVER..