Guide to slow motion with GoPro, Tips and tricks

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hey guys and in this video let me tellyou everything that you need to know about slow motion videos with your gopro. So slowmotion videos are all about uttering it appear epic, you want to focus on maybe aromantic aspect or maybe you want to make it more cinematic it simplylooks frightening when you slow-paced it down so slow motion videos are all about frame rates…what is a frame rate? well let’s treat it as a single photo so let’s say there is a 24 framesper second it meant that within a single second your camera in this case gopro gonna make 24 photos within a single second so for example you can shoot your video in 60 formulates per secondor perhaps 120 encloses per second and what it means that within one single second your cameragonna take like 60 photos or maybe 120 photos, a great deal of fabric working in collaboration with while editingyour video so this way you can simply extend it but you cannot stretch something that’salready suddenly like a 24 makes per second video now let’s take a look at a 24 framesper second video at a normal hurrying okay so that was at a ordinary rapidity and nowwatch the same video when i slow it down it’s quite choppy isn’t it it’s all because thereis simply not enough material to work with, there are not enough makes i tried to slow it down butmy entire video assignment is 24 enclose per second and i simply don’t have enough photo formulates towork with and that’s the whole reason you have to plan ahead when you’re recording your videos youhave to simply choose what kind of shot gonna be recorded in higher frame frequencies thus slowmotion and which ones are not gonna be and now let’s watch the same video that’sbeen recorded in 60 formulates per second as you see this video in 60 framesper second start to look better because there is simply fairly material towork with to extend it and now let’s take a look at another video that’s been recorded in1 20 chassis per second and then let’s compare it both of these videos were slowed down to exactlythe same fast 24 makes per second so one of these videos was registered in 60 formulates persecond and the other and 120 formulates per second and as you guys could notice the video that haddouble the amount of encloses was simply two times longer than the previous one and now let’s havea look at another example and in this case it’s going to be 120 and 240 formulates per secondand see what’s the difference between them the video on the right had almost doublethe amount of the chassis per second this practice i could simply elongate it even further soit all comes down to what kind of activity you are trying to record for example when there’s gonnabe a lot of activity involved then by all means i would suggest you go with 120 makes perhaps 240 encloses per second because it’s gonna look epic you’re gonna slow it down because it’s alreadyhappening very fast and you want to slow it down so the onlooker can have a better know-how ofseeing everything because he could simply miss it but on the other hand when you’re recordingsomething that’s already slow for example like perhap your wife is moving on the coast andthere is not much action involved you can always record it in 4k 60 because this way it’snot going to be too slow and the quality of your video is still going to be good because you’regoing to use that 4k video and now let me show you a couple of examples of how and when iused my gopro to record a slow motion video so as you discover chaps i haven’t recorded anythingin 240 frames per second because there was simply no are necessary to it i simply wanted to have a betterresolution and what i was recording didn’t involve 240 frames because it wasn’t fast enough alrightand now let’s focus on the resolution and made charges so what you need to know about it is thatthe higher resolution that you have is the better quality for your video but you cannot have like a4k and 240 frames per second your camera is simply not capable of recording like 120 or 240 framesin a 4k register and that’s the reason that you have to lower down your settlement so it all comes downwith the cost because you lower down the quality of your video so for example when you are using1 080 p in 240 formulates per second it’s not gonna look as good as crisp and as sharp-witted as a 4k enter andlastly let’s come back to the formulates per second do you recollect when i told you that a formulate persecond should be treated like a single photo per second now what do you think gonna happen whenyou record 240 frames within a single second do you know your camera simply can struggle torecord it because there may be not enough light so if you want to use a high frame proportion thenyou need a ton of lamp to do it so if there’s gonna be like a cloudy epoch or maybe eveningor maybe you’re register something at night then i will is not admonish you to record anythingin slow motion because there’s simply maybe not enough of light-footed to participate every single frameso it’s basically best if you’re preserve in a slow motion during a very bright sunny daywhen there is a ton of light coming from the sky and this route your camera gonna simply haveenough light-footed to fill up every single frame all right guys for today’s video that waythat’s it hopefully you learned something i made a great deal of act into uttering it as simpleas possible and if you have some questions about it then don’t hesitate leave some questionsin the comment parts below and as i said for today’s video that will be that’s it andguys don’t forget to subscribe to my canal leave me a positive feedback maybe a thumb up thatwould be nice and see you guys in the next one you

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