GoPro Webcam Mode! Setup guide for Zoom, OBS, Skype, Teams, and more!

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Hey folks, it’s Ray at now, and today GoPro has announced a new GoPro Hero 8 peculiarity which allowsyou to use your GoPro as a webcam with ordinary apps like Zoom, or Teams, or reallyanything. Anything that that countenances a webcam can now accept a GoPro. And that’s apretty big deal because up until now you couldn’t actually somehow do that. Like, ever been. You could go ahead and use something like the Media Mod on the Hero 8, but this cost 80 bucks then you still need to go ahead and have an HDMIconnection on the other side. But you couldn’t time use a ordinary USB cable, to theGoPro and get video out of it.But now what today’s beta you can. And I did saybeta because the way GoPro’s announcing this is that it’s considered an openbeta, anybody can download the firmware onto the GoPro. Update it and use it withvirtually any app you demand. And I’ve use it with the number of apps thus far butGoPro has a huge list of them they include: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoogleMeetup, Discord, Twitch Studio, OBS, WebEx, Skype, Facebook Rooms, Facebook Messenger, Slack via Google Chrome…really anything that accepts a network cam. So in this videoI’m gonna walk you through step-by-step how to do that. But there’s a join in thedescription there as well where you can download the firmware update that youneed. It’s not something that’s gonna come to your GoPro camera by default. Soyou do have to go and download the update manually down the road formerly GoProreleases this publicly then it’ll time magically show up in a camera and you’regood to go you can go ahead and use a chapters function in YouTube skip alongon the timeline of the video right there to get to the point that you want okayso with that we’re gonna go ahead and get startedyou’re gonna need four things you’re gonna do a GoPro Hero eight blackthere’s only one cure action but I examine wait pitch-black will not work the Mac’s willnot work with the hero 7 or hero six or five or four or three – simply the eightyou will need a USBC cable that pushes into it so simply your regular GoProcharging cable work and you will need a micro SD card in here so let’s go thatout in a second and a micro SD card book with that so it’s I guess that’sfive things then and then the fifth thing but now was the fourth thing youwill go ahead and need a Mac yes a Mac your PC won’t work a math just for nowjust during the beta at least the first part of the beta travel pro has not yetreleased a PC version so today it’s Mac merely GoPro says that’s coming reallyreally damned soon so what you want to do is go to the GoPro site that I’ve linkedin the description there this is their beta site and you’ll scroll on down andyou’ll see the guests started alternative you’ll tap that and then from there whatyou do is you want to download the firmware right there says GoPro beta orwebcam beta firmware you’re going to download that to your computer so we’llsave that right there then formerly that’s saved go ahead and click on show infinder and you’ll see it right there so when you double-click this it’ll goahead and open up a new folder create a folder for you this one right there andyou’ll see update inside of it now what you want to do is give your GoPro openthe door up have fun with that and then make the battery out and then give themicroSD card out and then you need a book I’ve got this like$ 6 one thisvideo by the way it will be a elevated tour of random six dollar accessoriesthat I have so$ 6 micro SD card book plugging it into my Mac oh and a quicknote if you’re note this video helpful or interesting or something like that justsimply whack that like button the bottom there it truly helps out this video andthe path quite a bit and now what you do is go and take this update folder thewhole folder as is click Edit copy and then go to your micro SD card see thatyou accompany the good folder the top and so on and then click paste right to thatfolder right there it’s really as simple as thatagain an updated version folder has to be shown at the top grade just like that d Samthe same bubble there once you’ve got that done you can go and pull this outtake out your micro SD card go ahead and attempt to stick it back in here therewe go leant the artillery back in there we go close this up and what you’ll seehappen here if I get this lined up they own the camera that’s actually the oldbe the firmware bin a second it’ll start the process for updating the firmwarethere we go that’s the icon and update terminated simple as thatnow with that done we need to go back to our computer and download the GoProwebcam software so again the same page we left off on disappear a little bit furtherdown download GoPro web desktop utility web cam desktop utility we’ll save thatinto the folder there and you can simply click on at the bottom here to open itup and now we’ll go ahead and install which I’ll just saunter you through thesesteps you basically just gonna click Next abunch of times pretty straightforward continue installation and we’re almostdone done now we will require you to reachstart it so you’ve got to do that in order to go ahead and get things to worknow my dispute they already revised this camera here but this one was the one wejust did right now so for enjoyable I’ll placed this out of the style and this camera ison so you do it to ensure that’s powered on and then you can situate it in the ohthat’s right the GoPro door doesn’t have a hole in the side because it’s the hero8 so we’ll go back to my other camera which does in case you haven’t seen myvideo on this amazing little supplement right here you’ve got the ability toplug the cable straight-from-the-shoulder into the door which obligates it ideal for this exactthing and now when you do that you’re gonna appreciate a USB icon there so we go upto the top now and click this and hit it show preview and this will show thepreview of the webcam itself so you see it right there and then up here it sayswebcam so it’s hard to see anything tilted just right just like this I’lltap this to make sure it ensure it there we go webcam right there and onthe back what you’ve got is the webcam red up in the top there you have ahundred percent battery because it’s plugged in in this case it’ll stay atthat sent centers a battery the SD card it will not record to the GoPro itselfand then you can go ahead and accompany a preview there now in this setup and thebeta at this spot it is recording or evidencing or giving at 1080 p 30 chassis per second in the wide prepare there is no method to change that exceptto go to 720 p so if you go up to the GoPro time get this GoPro page on thebackground now and get this out of the background I’ll realize myself I preview abit bigger so you can see what’s going on there “theres going” but if you go up to thetop there and depart pro webcam utility you will see pause webcams this would posita direction and you examine wishes which would really really be renamed preferencebecause there’s only one preference in there you can choose 1080 p or 720 pobviously I’m not going to do 720 p so leave it there and that’s it now thereis one cool or quirk here in the bottom right just noticeable is a button thatsays flip and I will go ahead and change it the picture and snap it and that’suseful if you have text behind you so conference call you earlier on todayyeah I was down on my part slope of this and I have some advertisements in the walland so by working that I went to flip it and that wouldn’t have earn the textbehind me the chastise direction for the people in the camera but you can youdo you and figure out how want things to look at that point you’redone this is the webcam it’s accessible to the Mac for any app out there so toshow that I’m gonna run through a duet different apps so in my applicationswindow now I’m gonna go down and learn zoom we’ll getting started and I choose anew converge and then what you see is it may choose the GoPro by defaults but itmay not so if it’s chosen your built-in web camera it would be something likethis let me simply draw it up here there we go you can see much more zoomed inthe quality isn’t as abrupt and if I go and choose the GoPro webcam from thelittle arrow next to stop video now I’ve got the full webcam there now one thingto keep mind is it’s not going to use any audio from the GoPro you can’tchoose that if I go into the deep-seateds for this for example over here on audiothere is no option to even choice up now at the top the GoPro so it’s justsimply the built-in system and that’s it but if you look at this image a it lookssuper super crispy and abrupt be it’s nice and wide so I’ve got the imagethere the the photo the poster I’ve got my entirety desk behind me it simply looksreally really nice I had my previous conference called before this peoplelike ah that’s a pretty nice overall view it’s very sharp looking so that’sgood now if we needed to flip the image like I pictured before you can do that butit won’t go ahead and use that flipped image until you stop and start thecamera for that particular app so you will need some sort of audio with it inmy case I merely use mistake suspension because they work pretty well likewise again on theRays tour random things like a$ 5 event supplement with the carabiner draws somuch sense to seize on a knapsack and nonsense like that and then from here youwould just use your audio like regular nothing special about that okay so forthe next app I will crack open Skype here doubled click on this and go up intothe names the dot-dot settings again down to audio and video and then for thecamera really ensure it’s selected for GoPro webcam as to report to a FaceTimewebcam there it’s as simple as that you’ll addition those down the microphonethere is no GoPro option you will need to have some other headphones ormicrophone or just your built-in now beyond Skype I too use it for MicrosoftTeams not announce just before this no problems at all you can see a quickscreenshot b-roll thing of that right thereworked great and actually hindered the preview window open on the side kind ofwider for most the bawl precisely cuz it was easier to see what was going on behindme given it was such a wide view that is one thing to keep in mind that it is theonly the so if you have other stuff in the thescene you might want to be aware of that compared to the kind of the more croppedinversion on your camera copra it did say that they’re working on one addingmore answer so the facts of the case that our crowns out at an EP today down the road Iasked about 4k that said it’s definitely on their point roster and the same proceeds forwhat they call the digital lenses in other words a linear view that’s the nonfisheye view as well as perhaps other digital lenses which includes the superview which is a super wide extra fish on account of idea and where those may bemore useful is more on the content developers back than on the conferencingside so for that we probably do something like OBS so cracking up in OBShere there’s a super common to use across many many different stages andyou can see here is my OBS setup I’m just gonna lent a new camera in there soI go down to the bottom thumped plus I click on video captivate maneuver I’m gonna callit GoPro Hero 8 sound OK and then I go into the device up now and just simplychoose GoPro webcam and it’s really as easy as thatand I reached OK and now I resize this up if I want to to match there we go and I’mdone and that that’s literally all there isto do for getting my GoPro into this now of course you will have to have aprobably longer cable if you want to leant it further away in this case I’ve gotlike maybe a meter and half cable or so and cuz bearing in mind the original GoProcable was quite short but it’s just a USBC cable a link to a few of the onesthat I use around the studio that are longer spans without any problems downbelow as well and the same is true for Facebook as well whether it be Facebookpage as like an entity or going to a Facebook rooms or Facebook Messengerall that can leverage simply entanglement cam so here are my Facebook page I simply scrollup I hit the live button right there and then I’ll go down and they’ll give methe option to choose the camera formerly this whole control room kind of fills upthere the same is true for YouTube studio as well if you want to do onYouTube live broadcasting as you assure up the top now says waiting for him live videothen will vary depending on how you’ve set up your Facebook names it may be waiting foryou to go down and opt expend camera otherwise it says Ustream key which iswhat I typically use I’m broadcasting to Facebook but I pick squandered camera and ifI scroll back up again this one now you will see it’s using the camera from mylaptop so I’ll go back down again and then down andset up at the particularly very bottom there and you’ll see this camera now for GoProwebcam and now I can go back up the top and you’ll see that wide view there andagain this is sort of it it’s just a much much cleaner much much crispierimage and it’s definitely something that exactly looks a heck of a lot better nowjust before I forget one thing to show you on the back of this while I’m in thewebcam mode there’s nothing you can do like you can’t swipe you can’t press thethe state button does nothing here at all the record button there’s nothing likeit’s incomplete toddler procedure you cannot do anything do this at all except justlook at the quite pics from the Mac that’s it and then again it’s got theblinking the red light up there and it says webcam on the figurehead of it butthat’s it okay so one last component to mention here is that you can also recordin QuickTime so if we just close out all this Facebook stuff there and crack upin QuickTime I can go to new and then a movie recording and at this spot itwill drag open my webcam right there so first is gonna grab the one up top andnow we’ll just go down to the bottom here and prefer GoPro webcam and now Ican make a recording straight into this so if I needed to record my screen orsorry you’d record myself or something this is like the fastest way to do it ona Mac so overall I’m quite darn glad with this I’m probably be able to use itfor conferencing quite a bit more it’s definitely a much nicer crispy or widelooking panorama than certainly my webcam built into my laptop is or even my otherMac it’s just way way nicer that’s also a lot wider I gots much more things ina shot it’s something that I was expecting the the hues and perhaps thelighting character to be a bit non-ideal on but it’s actually way better than Iexpected again highway better than my webcam is so there’s almost no particulardownside to this I don’t have to have any other stuff no like in preferencesto be able to go to 4k for example even time to captivate it 4k for this sort ofthing a QuickTime will be awesome but too to be able to change the digitallenses to maybe a linear view here and there to better get a bit more of kindof the non fisheye inspection more in a number of cases just go to super wide to bettercapture this entire studio on a long-ass USBC cable back into my laptop the firstpart of a livestream or something like that so hopefully you attained thisinteresting it is helpful if so go ahead like that like button the bottom thereor hit the subscribe button for spate more boasts Technology goodness withthat have a good one

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