GoPro: “Two Roads” – Pole Vault with Allison Stokke (Ep. 1)

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Do something to prove yourself to others, maybe this applies to some people. But I fantasize the best feeling is when you do things just for yourself.[ Music] What I are genuinely button is what I am doing and what I want to do.[ Music][ Voice] >> This was when she was still in high school. This was when she won the state championship. We were watching and we didnt even realize that she prevailed. >>[ Laughter] >> Her instruct Ran to us and said, hi! She precisely won the state championship! Our reaction was, what? This is a photo when she won the Olympic inquiries. Those magazines have some things she is doing now. I dont know if you still remember her legend that effected a awarenes on the Internet when she was in high school. A photographer took this photo of her. I didnt know what happened and was positioned on the Internet. Suddenly, hundreds and reaches. Abruptly it became very interesting but at the same time it effected some jumble for her .[ Music] >> That photo was made public when I was in high school. I remember it was reposted on major websites in 2007. One epoch I logged in to my Facebook homepage and received countless friend applications. Its inconceivable. What negative things are just confusing. People Ive known before started to change their stance towards me. I think it does it difficult for me to accept the reality that beings treat me like that.When I participate in track and land rivalries, a photographer will take illustrates below. At the time, I felt a little digested, but I felt that I finally accepted this reality. I certainly tried to prove that I am more than really a beautiful face. I dont think you need to prove this to anyone or to anyone. People prove anything[ Music] I first rehearsed gymnastics. I practiced competitive gymnastics for about 9 to 10 years. When I was thinking about retiring, one of my teammates at the time told me during a certain training session: “Hey, I started to practice poising. The pole jumped. She said she was able to get over O’Neill’s head now. My reaction at the time was impossible. I instantly realized that being able to cross ONeal is actually not that high, but its still cool, so I revised such projects[ Voice] The university know is completely different, and you are on a whole new level. It was a completely different feeling to start putting myself on the national standings, which gave me a lot of insight. For precedent, I can quickly understand and I have a future in this area.[ Music] Womens sportings has changed the world. Pole vault did not become a womens occurrence in the Olympic Games until 2000. It has developed so quickly in such a short period of time. For all women, its a very cool thing. We are showing the world that we can compete for everyone before. Saying things we cant do, I think there are some plays, I know that some plays and sports will bring good income. This desire is alluring. As for pole vaulting, numerous people need to pay for themselves and been actively involved in some big-name boasts. Shoe patronizes funding your instruct is not have much monetary return.There is no desire at all. This is some indisputable facts of it.[ Music] From the beginning to the end, every small step of the pole vault is a physical and mental leap.[ Music] It seems that when I was preparing to take off, I temporarily decided to give up >> Okay , no problem[ Music] >> Sometimes I am very strict with myself. I simply pay attention to those mistakes. From the moment you tread on the move, the highway you support the bar and its own position of your hand. The nature you lose it, you must concentrate on meeting sure everything is correct.[ Music] The shrink perception You have to have the ability to control it.[ Music] I concentrates on those mistakes and try to constantly improve[ Music] I am committed to discovering some beautiful things in every day on the track and discipline. I recall those are self-releasing The time of[ Music] Its a perfect hop that you dont generally receive easily[ Music][ Music][ Music] Now I got something to concentrate on to do.I often train on the trail and arena. Less time and force, but the same in athletics modeling. These are two very important parts of my life. I am very happy that I can still take care of both[ Music] Fear is a bit like a crossroads, I ponder I am seeking animation. The two major goals are obviously a particularly important year for pole vaulting. I think this will surely become me contemplate a great deal about future points. I dont think that many major decisions in being can be measured by right or wrong because You have made a choice, so government decisions you realise is correct.[ Music] >> This boast is a real challenge to my will. I need to surpass myself, continue going 9 details and reach a near perfect state to acquire The desire to win medallions is the motivation to motivate all athletes at this rank[ spokesperson]

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GoPro: "Two Roads" - Pole Vault With Allison Stokke (Ep. 1)