GoPro Transition Ideas | Simple and EASY + use any GoPro

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(ambient music) – Magic. (ambient songs) – Open. (ambient songs) – What'' s up people? Today, we are talking- – Regarding transitions because we recognize you love
a good change video. So today we have 7 of them. They'' re very easy. They ' re fun. You can try them virtually anywhere. We ' re trying them in your home today – Or on a getaway.
– Yeah.- And hopefully you quite much can utilize any GoPro.'So we ' re making use of the Hero10, but doesn ' t mean you need to have a Hero10 to do them. Allow ' s show you what we'' ve got.( positive music )I mean that has actually got ta be one of one of the most aggravating noises. (Jake screams) On top of the list, we are functioning on the whip. Now this is among our favored in cam changes. For this all you'' re gon na. need is an easy selfie stick. And also if you'' re outdoors, why not attempt and also obtain a.
bit extra movement blur by making use of an ND filter.So establish your

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cam up.
at 24 frameworks a second and your shutter rate at 1/48. Always dual your structure rate. Pretty basic. All you'' re gon na do is. ensure that you whip in. What'' s up people? As well as constantly whip similarly. Keep that 360 rotation taking place. – So this- – Is how. (Jake laughs) – You. (Jake gurgles “” WHIP!”&#8221😉 – So electronic camera begins away. So it'' s encountering you people. Whip. What ' s up? Just how you doing? You good? Use. See that? We just keep rotating the cam.- So this– Shake time. (Jake screams) Ah, we'' ve been having such a wonderful day. – Okay, for lack.
of even more innovative title, this shift is now.
called mouth to bag. If you have a better referral, you can drop it in the comments. We would certainly value it '' cause. the name type of draws, yet the change is trendy. What you require is a bite mount, so like this right here. And what you'' re gon na do is that you ' re gon na obtain a POV point of view with your two hands totally free attacking such as this of you coming near a backpack or some kind of bag, unzipping it open.And after that you ' re gon na. shoot'the very same scene, but the electronic camera ' s gon na be. at the'bottom of your bag ready to like catch you catching it. Two crucial things. prior to I step you through
. It is number one. Usage superview, right? You want as wide an angle as feasible. Second, if you wan na see to it you'' re mounting the ideal shot. you can make use of the application. Bear in mind, it'' s right there. You can obtain a preview. So let'' s do it. (positive songs) Take one. (upbeat music) Open. (upbeat songs) -Reward tip, to take this. transition to the next level, make certain to utilize either an L or a J cut. We cover all these types of cuts in our activity camera masterclass, Tap web link in the summary.
if you wan na find out more. Successive is an extremely fun shift. We are simply getting quite
. experimental to here. We'' ve called this set the pail to swimming pool. It'' s 2 phase.Basically, what we ' re attempting to do'below is create some activity. through to the cam
, water entering into the lens, making certain there is activity. appearing of the cam.
Three, two. (Jake screams) (water dashes) – I assume to make the dropping.
component look really good, having a much longer selfie stick, something like 90 centimeters functions best and shoot in superview. Really provide your target market the viewpoint that you'' re dropping. 3, two. Three, 2, one. (Jake screams) (ambient songs) (Jake screams) (water sprinkles )- And also for this following change, all you need is your reliable bite mouth. Undoubtedly, an activity camera as well as a hat, any hat will certainly do, as well as I'' m gon na throw it.
on the cam POV design. It'' s gon na most likely to dark and after that we'' re gon na disclose something. (ambient music) If you individuals have actually enjoyed.
any of the shifts you'' ve currently seen in today'' s video clip, we ' d love it if you can take a second and punch that thumbs up switch. – That'' s right. And also if you ' d like to find out extra, we in fact have a whole masterclass. First web link right into description.That ' s four module

. We go in depth in all points, action, cam, filmmaking related, basically all our knowledge compiled in four module over 40 lessons. There ' s a lot there'. Very first web link. – Okay. We'' re offering it a little.
unsteady shake shake. – Shake. – Shake, shake, shake,.
shake, shake, shake, shake. – Now we'' re onto the shake. For this impact to function best, you wan na avoid utilizing high frame, right? So assume 24, that'' s a deal. And you can likewise use an indie filter if you wan na get some.
added activity blur therein. – So this is what we call the shake. Super crucial to make sure that when you do this.
transition, you get sufficient. – Attempt to drink it. – Shake, shake, shake,.
shake, shake, shake, shake. – So after experimentation, we have a couple suggestions. Top is turning.
off the active smooth. That'' s right.
The one time. you wan na transform it off is now since you really wan na obtain that shake. Second thing we tried with the bite mount, yet you don'' t get a great grip.It ' s much better with a selfie stick where you can actually whack it around as well as after that really get that activity blur. – Allow'' s test it. This change is called the POV to sky. All you are gon na require is a bite mount as well as ideally a blue skies. Now we like to do this one or we such as to shoot in linear or broad. Superview'' s gon na make that.
suit reduced a little more difficult. So allow'' s show you what we'' re gon na do. (upbeat music) (Jake chuckles) – Great. One, when? (ambient songs) (Jake laughs) Next shift is the.
swimming pool to bathroom transition or vice versa.This is the bath terminal of. the swimming pool to bathroom transition. You can start whichever method you desire. Currently important for this to work is you need to maintain. connection as well as uniformity with the person holding the electronic camera. So if we ' re in the bath and the camera ' s in my left hand, make certain it is'additionally in your left hand and also they, your companion or — Your pal.- Buddy — Your flatmate. – (laughs) Your “” colocataire””.
gets on the right. (ambient music) – Whoa (mumbles). (ambient songs) (Jack giggles) – Individuals, thank you a lot for.
having a look at today'' s video. Hopefully this has loaded.
you with a bunch of concepts for your upcoming Euro summertime holiday. – That'' s right. And also we have much more transition suggestions for you right there in those videos in the cards or ultimately cards. It'' s all in there. – See you guys in the next episode. Peace. (positive music).

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