GoPro Media Mod Review // Extensive Testing, Comparisons, Samples

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Hey folks, it’s Ray at here, and today I’ve got the GoPro Media Mod. Now this is a full review of this Media Mod afterabout three and a half or so weeks of utilization so I’ve got a pretty good idea howwell directs, where it manipulates great, where it directs so-so, where I want to throw it infront of a bus. So I’ll is well positioned to dive through all the detail here. As you cansee it got a lot of supplements to kind of show how it acts because there’s abunch of various types of functions.But before we get to all that let me exactly throw itlike a two second summary of what the Media Mod is. It’s 79 horses, it’s thisframe thing that you experience going around the outside of the GoPro right there. Ithas a built in shotgun mic on the figurehead as well as a little one on the back. And then it has on the back here a 3.5 millimeter audio in jack for microphones, as well as a USB-C connection for continuing something billed forever. And then amicro-HDMI port as well for outputting on to TV or whatever the bag may be.That is in a gist the whole point of the Media Mod. So I’m going to runthrough this, in kind of mostly three core dollops: One is how well does thisshotgun mic design. Two: How well does the 3.5 millimeter connector wield. Three: Howmuch do I dislike to the HDMI connection right there. And then we’ll also ofcourse talk about the general functionality the whole case, startingright now. So in order to better to kind of explain to you how it all works we have to putit together.But first you take it apart so I’ve got it on the little[ GoPro] ShortyStick right there. So first we go ahead and unscrew this right there. So you cansee that’s. Only simply unscrewing it there and then we’ll pull out the top. And we’ll put down the flappers and then we’ll go ahead and take it out ofthe case. So this is your standard GoPro Hero 8 Black right there. Now you’llsee though I’ve taken off the artillery opening and that’s something you have to dowhen you do that it becomes non- waterproof.And the reason it’s notwaterproof as you can see straight into the battery compartment just like that, “youre seeing” the SD card there, it says non-waterproof as you get. So once youinstall the media mod on this: Totally non-waterproof. All that becomes non-waterproof! You go swimming with it you’re gonna kill your GoPro, kill theMedia Mod, and kill whatever microphone goodness that “youve had” there. Though the[ GoPro] Light Mod is waterproof so…there’s that. You’ll go ahead and make the artillery though, you’ll stick it back in now because the door is off. And you’ll settled this into theMedia Mod. It simply slides in like this. I saw thecouple times it was a bit tight.But over a while it merely it slackens up. Goahead and close it up and you’ll discover down at the bottom you got the mountyou simply pull out of those little excavations just like that. There “theres going”, and then you make your GoPro mount of sorts whatever you have on there. And yousimply slither it in. Now before we do that here’s a funny little pro tip-off for you: GoPro quietly alter their mount motifs so you look at these two attaches righthere and you’ll notice something. One: My GoPro stickers flying apart, but two: You’ll notice that the mounts are opposites. So with the Media Mod you’regonna attach something in like this so that road it is moving forward and goes in. Intothis hole there. But all the older GoPro mounts that you probably have around[ pre-Hero 8] have the nut on this side.So when you go like this you have to go in the otherway and it catches there I don’t know why they modified it it’s odd but it’ssomething if you look back at all your GoPro stuff it’s the other way round. It’s not a huge deal but like I’ve got some of these attaches. And these mountsthey technically I can work like this but then the nail thumps the two sides when I goin it’s not very clean. So…anyways FYI on that. Go and make your ShortyStick, whatever you have right there slide it in into the hole, there “theres going”, and then you’ll take the digit shafted and situated it in like normal. Now you’ll noticethere is a bit of a groove on this one side here now you can see it just likethat and versus this line-up doesn’t have the groove you are eligible to technically positioned it inthe wrong way I’ve done a cluster of epoches so this just constructs it easier to get itnice and tighten down there like that okay and hey a speedy greenback if you’re findingthis video handy or interesting or educational or something along thoselines just simply whack that like button right now it’s all I expect it genuinely helpsthe video and the canal quite a bit so press supremacy on okay so once you’ve goneahead and go powered on its gonna utilize this breast shotgun microphone by defaultand you can double-check that by going into the GoPro arranges simply click onyour given video profile and then click on the little pencil icon and scroll ondown so you picture mics and you read right thereit presents a breast if I tap that you have three options front back and stereo sofront we use a 1 facing the front of the lens back we’ll abuse this segment hereand then the stereo we’ll utilize both except you don’t want to use stereo onwindy dates because there’s no gale reduction deletion or anything andit’s about priority so figurehead isn’t just Gusev we fund its breast priority versusthe back is rear priority and stereo again is both of those know that acouple samples right here are mimics all outside that channel we don’t have any kindof the audio bouncing here and you’ll start off with the GoPro here a blackwith good-for-nothing fixed so no medium ah time the native microphones on thatcamera so here’s the first audio sample in this case I’m just simply hold iton the GoPro shruti stick there is nothing around this there’s no mediumodd case it’s just simply the straight up default audio of the now right blackyou may hear some of the fowls up there and whatnotchirping the background again very clean audio now a pitch-black and no microphone noaccessories nothing else next I’ve added the GoPro media mod bag beep and I haveit configured for the front shotgun mic so there’s no added microphones onthis just the built-in media mod instance the birds are still chirping up there solisten with that you can still hear those and whether the government has sounds better thanthe previous time now is I’m actually gonna go ahead behind the camera so I’mjust gonna continue the camera like this and walk around behind it and you can seeright here here is my hand front in that this is using the breast design butI’m reputation behind it so that style you know it’s I’m gonna prioritize the frontlikes naturally but I’m actually behind this is how you might use it a lot oflogging situations whatever it is you turn around you establish something and you go back andforth there now in this scenario I haven’t prioritizing the back mic soright now it shouldn’t sound all that immense but as they go ahead and getbehind it right here you should see it sounds better again my hand are firmlythere but I’m now behind them the camera itself and using the back prioritizationas I go back to the front right here the audio push isn’t gonna bang as goodanymore okay so as you heard there yeah blah I’ve got to go pro side by side ona really windy day out on the sea and you can listen to what it sounds like onboth of those different setups one with a medium on the shotgun mic and then onewith merely the straight-up built-in audio of the GoPro her a pitch-black okay so here’sthe simple audio research out on a stormy epoch “youre seeing” where the flags way downthere it’s pretty wooden about 25 miles two different cameras share their asimple audio test out in a breezy era you can see by the flags way down there it’spretty with me about 25 miles per hour earn the road from time to time I knowI’ve got two different cameras here there that’s probably alright that’s notwhat I’m here for I am here for the 3.5 millimeter audio jack on a Mac I’m hereto replace this monumental Twinkie of a set up a GoPros had for years I knowDJI and insta 360 have these small-minded little ones that would be really nice ifGoPro had these though the downside of this though is that once you plug itinto a you know awesome action or an insta 360 they’re not snow representations to 360 but an breathtaking or action you don’t really have a place to situate the stuffwhereas this has the two coldnes shoes on the top so you can made for example theGoPro light up here on the top if you wanted to there we go now we go andthen you can take a secondary microphone system like this and go ahead and plugit in the side so that’s where some of the breach is on the Cosmo accident youcan’t really do that though again this is half the price and a fraction of thesize okay so now that this plugged in I promise simply clarify what it is this isthe rode Wireless go system I bought this myself this isn’t like a roadsponsor a thing I exactly using them buy a great deal of Road stuff because I like mostlyRoad stuff what it is it allows me to have a secondary lav mic plugged intothis right here and then it wirelessly transmits it over this and then into theGoPro now I primarily use it with a lav mic it does have a microphone in it anda dead “cat-o-nine-tail” and all the fun stuff but I principally use it in this setup righthere with actually the exact lav mic that I’m exploiting to record this video sothe nature it runs right now is that once I’ve got two plugged in you’ll seethere’s a new menu option if I swipe down for the top right there and go topreferences and then go to IO input/ output you’ll assure standard mic nowin this case this is incorrect because I plugged in a powered microphone astandard mic would be to use merely the lab right here straight-out in like thatthat’s what I had before I started shooting this so in this case I gotta godown to powered mic you seems a marry alternatives there’s service standards mic andpowered mic a standard mic is a non power mic standard my plus symbolizes a nonpower mic with a twenty decibel DB gain power mic is apowered microphone like I have right here powered mic plus is the exact samething with the 20 DB gain as well and then line in is something that’s alreadypreempt like they say guitar or mixer etc but I’m gonna go with the poweredmic this is what I use for this setup right here and then I back out andthat’s it what is notable right now is that I can still go into my settingshere and I can go oops not that and I can go down into the raw audio optionsand these are still available so I can still do these three low-pitched medium highoptions or off even with the microphone setup so that’s kind of a neat littletouch there but to show you what this sounds like we’re gonna go back outsideand I will show you this particular setup compared to the baseline so here’sthe first audio sample in such cases I’m just simply viewing it on the GoProshruti stick there is nothing around this there’s no medium curiou client it’sjust simply the straight-up default audio of the here right colors next Ihave the road Wireless get organization I’m employing the squid microphone there withthis system so you can see it right there a live microphone and demonstratethat it is coming off album I go ahead and sounds this a few eras so you hearthat in a second so you should have heard that just fine there now let’s goahead and remove this one and do a non powered microphone so pull this offright there and then I’ve got the rode videomicro this is a jolly popularmicrophone and then pop it for a while you have the beings dead “cat-o-nine-tail” right herethat precisely you are well aware stays on the top I time wanna represent adheres on the top likethis and then it allows to go on top now if you do it like this setup right hereyou’ll see that it’s awfully damn big-hearted and because of that it gets in the way Imean as you’d expect you’d see the top blurries there but you can pull off thedead cat and you can use it an on breezy scenario like this you’ll go ahead andplug it in on the side and then we’ll go back into the input/ production preferenceshere and we got to go to a non powered setup so swap from influence back tostandard mic and then we go outside you can listen to that next time get therode videomicro on the top there I’ve do the dead catoff because there’s no wind right now right here and too blocks a position alittle bit but merely to prove that it’s coming off that microphone I’m gonna goand tap the priorities in it there you go right in the top themicrophone there and then finally last but not least we’ll start front and pullthis microphone and we use exactly the lav microphone so exactly this non power of Ihave just like that plug it in now you know see as soon as I do that the splitsecond I do that it becomes from medium strange to standard bike so just like that astandard right from before and we’ll go back outside and I’ll show you what thatsounds like for this test here I’m going to ed andusing the squib microphone the chortles like straight into the GoPro media modin a non ability configuration so it’s a straight from the lav mic into thecamera again I’ll go and tap right here a few experiences so you can hear thatthere you go approving it’s a roaring mic itself okay so you can see in all thosecases there it’s pretty decent setup and I’ve been using this particular setupand mainly the road wireless lav situation with the squid mic there I’lllink all the stuff down below in case you’re not familiar with this stuff inthe last couple weeks in some truly loud environments and that’s where itmade the most difference so last-place but not least let’s talk about the HDMI input somicro HDMI on this surface right here you simply plug it in the right directionjust like that and then you go and go this and plug it into your Tv so as youdo that it’s gonna turn the front icon into this airplay is a little kind oficon and that stage it incapacitates the back screen of the GoPro Hero title pitch-black alittle disables the scene but you still to swipe at that screen so within thatyou’ve basically got three modes you have a gallery mode where you can goback and play back any of your photos and videos whatever the contingency may be thatshows up the full 4k decide so that’s handy you will see the fullresolution there on your screen at 4k it’s connected to a 4k TV and then youhave to live and recording modes one procedure is a mode word outputs the camerasdisplay what you’re seeing right there and that includes the overlay so evenmenus and that kind of stuff is shown on the screenwhereas this second HDMI out procedure is a clean HDMI out that does not have anyoverlays nonetheless in sixteen by nine you’relimited to tiny P for the output and four by three you can do 1440 p so you’renot gonna get the full 4k solving on that yield beginning you can have a recordin 4k so when I did that it does actually record the internal placard at 4kbut then productions the Kable at that 1080 p so it’s not all badnews there the downside though is in my test so far when I try to do the outputoff this cable into my TV over there the audio in the video aren’t in sync whenI’m doing that recording state for playback no problems but when I’m doingthe recording procedure the output over this the live output is off by about a secondand half between the audio in the video okay so there is a complete look at themedia mod so here’s the thing I like most of you I was probably excited aboutthe media mod for this 3.5 millimeter jack and then I was like cool it’s got ashotgun mic maybe that’ll be useful and I recognized cool it’s not the HDMI port I whatprobably never you still use that but still the shotgun mic could have beenuseful and the cold shoe prepare would be useful and at the end of the day theshotgun mic is mostly useless the HDMI ports predominantly you system but that 3.5 millimeter ports I actually do use and the thing is as much as it hurtings I’mgoing to say this for the 79 horses it works for what I needed to do for me Ineed you guys go ahead and plug in this lav mic setup right heregotta go to trade shows you got to go to you know race starts things like thatand do effectively guiding gun where I’m super time limited and have it exactly allwork but like last week I shot something where I had 10 minutes I 10 minutes inthe starting area from start to finish that’s all I is now before I get pickedout of the scoot to get the shots I needed I don’t wanna do focusing Ididn’t want to deal with a separate microphone stuff I simply needed it onthis camera that’s it one shot wonders and for that it worked well I could havepulled it off with my mirrorless cameras but the ability get the shots I neededin a super high paced environment from a center position going in and outrunning around over the course of a 200 plus meter long pull of infinite thisworks for me okay so hopefully you pointed out that interesting if you did is now going lockthat like but at the bottom right there or a agree button too I have anentire post with slew more technological details about the medium on all sorts ofgoodness that you can see on the screen right now that’s relation down below thereas well full enough remember written text photosvideos all that kind of goodness there as well again thanks for watching andhave a good one

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GoPro Media Mod Review // Extensive Testing, Comparisons, Samples