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GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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oh so welcome back to the channel if you’resomebody who’s been looking at buying a gopro you’ve surely are aware of the superstar 9 blackand you’re probably confused about whether you should buy the hero 9 pitch-black or not but in thisvideo i’m not talking about the hero 9 blind you guys already know that i absolutely love thiscamera today we’re talking about gopro’s dark horse do-it-all camera we’re talking about thegopro max which is one of my favorite cameras and i’ve been using it for about two years nowand i’m still in love with it let’s get into it i’ve ill-used this camera for almost two years now andit’s still one of my go-to cameras even today so the gopro max is a 360 camera it’s second of thekind that gopros actually acquired in this category of cameras it’s a lot better than the original3 60 camera that gopro attained that is the gopro fusion the gopro max is a lot smaller it’s gota beautiful squared off scheme highly clicky buttons and an amazing rubber coated figure it alsohas a fanciful vlogging screen that can also be used to change up the locates on the camera thetouchscreen on the gopro max is extremely easy to use it’s extremely responsive the feedback isfantastic and even though it’s a bit smaller than the screen that you actually have on the gopro9 it’s a lot better than the gopro 9 screen for me because it has absolutely no slowdown and theresponsiveness is fantastic overall you can also use this screen to vlog because the gopro max haslenses on both sides the gopro max just like every other gopro camera in their lineup right now iswaterproof but something that you want to keep in mind when you’re considering this camera is thatshooting 360 video on this camera underwater is not going to get you the best results and that’snot gopro’s fault it’s actually the facts of the case that these lenses are geometry lenses and because ofthe design of the lens at sure-fire levels and terms your idol is just not going to look that sharpwith respect to audio quality the gopro max is fantastic it has a total of six microphones on allsides of their own bodies it has amazing audio it also has 360 audio which is fantastic furthermore it hastwo lenses each lens has a 180 grade field of view each lens can be used individually or can beused together and on the overall this camera is a power pack robust little camera that can be takenwith you everywhere and can suit almost every need of filming i want to give you a speedy rundown onthe specs it shoots 360 in two ways where you can shoot 5.6 k resolution footage in 360 procedure at upto 30 frames / second and the camera can also shoot a higher frame rate of 60 frames per secondwhen you’re shooting at 3k it also has the ability to shoot hero mode that is basically making useof one lens either the lens on the front of the camera or the lens on the back of the cameraand actually consuming it like a traditional gopro when you’re shooting in protagonist state the maximumresolution that you’re actually going to get 1440 p at an facet fraction of four. 3 but what you haveto keep in mind is the gopro is a really small sensored camera so when you’re shooting on a goproyou ideally want to shoot on the highest possible resolution at all times which according to meshould be 4k when you’re watching back any of the videos shot on the gopro max on your phone the1 440 p max resolution in hero procedure is not going to obligate that much of certain differences on a bigger screenyou’re going to see a massive difference between 4k and 1440 p and that’s mostly because of thesize of the sensor the first few videos that i shot on my canal were shot on the gopro maxhonestly i loved the likenes caliber i love the colours come to personal penchant on whatyou think about the persona quality at the end of the day the gopro max like any other gopro cameraon the market can shoot stunning meter relapses and it can also shoot time warps what the gopro max doesadditionally in this case is also show time faults and time warps in 360 procedure which is somethingthat no other gopro are truly do what you should know is when gopro secreted the gopromax how they differentiated this camera from all the other gopros in the lineup they generated thegopro max three special video boasts one was the ability to shoot 360 video the otherfeature was a new lens gopro has digital lenses as you guys previously know the gopromax has an additional lens which is called max super view now i’ve equated mac super viewto the regular super view that you get on a regular gopro camera and mac super spectator certainly standsout the widest lens gopros virtually ever fixed the third feature that gopro handed the gopro maxabove all the other cameras was the fact that they improved hyper smooth stabilization now we knowthe gopro hero 9 has hyper smooth edition 3 but the gopro max has something called as max hypersmooth along with horizon leveling you do get compas leveling on the newer gopro protagonist 9 butwhen the gopro max actually came out two years ago horizon leveling was a special standalonefeature that simply this camera had in the entire line and as a matter of fact even today in 2021 there are only two gopros that have horizon leveling one’s the gopro max and the other oneis the gopro hero 9 blacknes it is one of the best kinds of digital stabilization out there in themarket and you’re not going to be disappointed this is a quick blogging test i frankly believe the portrait qualityis fantastic it’s really really good amazingly smooth and i’m a big fan now when you’re looking at photography the gopromax it’s like any other gopro in the lineup 360 photos at a resolution of 16 megapixels itcan shoot 5.5 megapixel single lens images it also has a special ability in the photographydepartment where it shoots the easiest panoramic image in the world and it does this at6. 2 megapixels the audio aspect when i got the gopro max actually stood out compared toany of the other gopros on the market now if you’re using this camera in superstar mode well in thatcase the battery life on this camera is fantastic but if you’re going to be shooting a lot of 360 photos and a lot of 360 videos and specially if you’re going to be shooting 360 duration pauses andtime warps the battery is gonna drain out really really fast and you’re gonna need at least two toget you through the day we’re going to jump into a immediate vlog evaluation on the gopro max and i’m alsogoing to show you how you set up your gopro max for vlogging how i like to keep it i also have acouple of gratuities for using the gopro max let’s get into it okay so this is a quick vlogging experiment onthe gopro max “i know i m” currently filming in hero state that’s my lens up there and something that youguys have to know when you’re using the gopro max is it’s so easy to look down at the screenlike i am right now but that’s going to break eye contact with the public so you always wantto look at the lens on top i have a lighter right in front of me i’m expending natural light-footed and i thinkthe image is pretty well lit i’m going to show you all the digital lenses that gopro actually hasincluding the max super view lens that this camera particularly has let’s get into it i’m standingin the exact same spot i’m expending the restrict lens which is the tightest field of view possibleon the gopro max prior to this i was filming in the linear lens which is the next level nowwe’re going to jump into the next lens i’m going to show you what that looks like so i’m stillin the same spot same illuminating milieu same places on the gopro but we are now use thewide lens which is a stupendous lens for any kind of action for really vlogging because it gives youa really wide field of view it’s extremely punched out let’s jump into the widest lens that goprohas ever constituted which is the mac super view lens okay so now we’re in the mac super view lensas you guys can see this is an insanely wide lens it’s fantastic for action pov kind of shotdefinitely the widest lens gopro’s ever made as you can see i’m walking around it’s extremelystable i have max hyper smooth on and it’s a superb vlogging camera what we’re going todo next we’re going to jump into a couple of tips for if you’re actually applying this camera asa vlog camera so let’s get into it so one of the first tips that i’m gonna give you when you’revlogging on the gopro max is basically make sure your lenses are clean these lenses are sphericaland they get really really dirty even with fingerprints and it actually feigns your imagewhen the lenses are dirty so what you want to do is make sure your lenses are cleaned off andcompletely clean before you start shooting the second tip that i’m going to give you is withrespect to lighting you can see this image is pretty decently illuminate i have a good extent of lighton my face so you can see me clearly i’m going to show you standing in the exact same locationhow this image actually examines when i close the curtains and cut off the flame so now the lighthas been cut off the natural opening illumination is run and you can see that this image is not at allpleasing to your eyes the grey offset is all off the lighting is not huge the image is a lotnoisier and grainier and overall the gopro max is not a great camera for if you’re vlogging in lowlight i’m going to open up the screens just so that we can go back to the original glance and feelthat the idol had and this is a lot more natural okay so we’re going to quickly jump into thesettings that you should be using for vlogging on the gopro max the first position that we’regoing to change is the resolution and the frame pace we’re gonna jump into this menu i normallychoose 1080 p at 24 frames per second in case you think you’re gonna have to slow down the footagelater i would suggest applying 60 frames / second you want to keep max hyper smooth on the lensthat i normally use for vlogging is the linear lens horizon lock i like to keep on so that i canget the most stable footage possible you want to keep your bitrate at as high as possible inormally leave my shutter on auto for the purpose of vlogging because it helps me controlmy show evcomp i keep at zero white balance at during the day i usually keep at 5500 but youdo have the ability to adjust your white-hot balance cornerstones the time of day and the illuminate conditionthat you’re actually shooting in minimum iso 100 maximum iso 200 sharpness is normally mediumor low-spirited because the gopro does over sharpen its epitomes with respect to color i like goprocolors i think the punchy saturated regard is fantastic but if you want to color grade inpost you have the ability to shoot in a flat color profile i’m going to leave it at colorfor now furthermore with respect to your mics as you can see you have a microphone claim nextto your camera lens right above your screen so i always show use this microphone especiallywhen you’re vlogging and talking to the camera so you want to choose the back microphone withrespect to wind reduction if you’re shooting any kind of action plays i would suggest to keep iton but if you’re just vlogging the wind reduction can sometimes apply a very strong compressionto your expression and it really messes up the audio in my view so when i’m just doing vloggingkind of content i would keep it off a assortment of shortcuts on my screen when i’m using the gopromax one of them is mostly the lens that i want to use if i want to change the field of view thati’m filming in i also have the ability to change into 360 procedure and vlog in 360 state if i ever wanti have my horizon leveling on and off and last but not least i have the ability to switch between mylenses at any given point as “youre seeing” another major tip that you want to keep in mindis how you’re supposed to attach this camera to any of the gopro tripods or any of the gopro mountwhat you need to realize is that the sew route on the gopro max is along its centre so whatyou want to do is you want to keep your camera absolutely straight when you’re mounting ona tripod you emphatically don’t want to do this and you obviously don’t want to do this becausewhen you do this what you’re going to get is the entire tripod within your spasm wrinkle ifyou want that special effect that any 360 camera are truly start where your selfie stick oryour vlogging attach disappears make sure that your camera is prepared vertically and you alwayswant to keep one of the lenses pointing towards you so that your face and your mas doesn’t getcut off and the seam path doesn’t ruin you in the likenes when you’re shooting any kind of 360 content you want to keep it to anything between 10 to 15 seconds maximum per excerpt when you dothis what you’ve got to keep in mind is that the gopro is going to save a 360 record and these3 60 files can be viewed on the gopro player on your computer or on the gopro app within yourphone what you got to keep in mind is these 360 documents firstly “ve got to be” reframed on your phone oron your computer and alter it into any aspect ratio that you actually want to use dependingon which stage you’re making the contents for exportation it from the gopro app or the gopro playeron your computer take it to your main editing software and finally run down your edits now oneof the main reasons why i would suggest the gopro max to any material pioneer out there is becauseof ease of use all you got to do is uncover both your lenses on the gopro max put your camera on atripod and stumbled the record button you don’t have to think about framing you don’t have to think aboutaspect fractions you don’t have to think about procreating sure your subject is in the shot because the gopromac gonna capture everything that’s happening around you coming down to the final word there area ton of action cameras in the markets video we’re not talking about any of them we’re talking aboutjust the gopro max versus the superstar 9 and any other gopro camera that’s in the market right now and iknow a lot of people out there are really confused about whether they should buy the camera right nowin 2021 if you’re somebody who’s already been into gopro already have a hero 8 or you already havea hero 9 and you need a supplementary camera a lighthouse definitely going to say that you shouldlook into the gopro max because the kind of diversity that it can bring as a 360 camera isfantastic likewise it can be used as a b cam to your current gopro 8 or gopro 9 but if you’resomebody who’s absolutely new to gopros and you have no idea about the part filmmaking processand you’re just new to content creation well the superstar 9 itself is a phenomenal camera and you canactually learn a great deal about framing getting the short standard video and filmmaking on the hero 9but if you’re somebody who doesn’t care about any of that you don’t care about filmmaking techniquesyou don’t want to spend time framing up your shot somebody who only wants to capture the moment youjust want to create instants that you are eligible to affixed on numerous scaffolds on social media and you want todo a little bit of vlogging on this feature you want to do a little bit of content creation on thesite the gopro max is unquestionably up your alley it’s a marvelous camera even today two yearsafter it was released the only caveat that you got to keep in mind is the resolution and theframe proportion in various regions of the overall it’s a splendid camera it has amazing audio quality and it’sdefinitely one of the most wonderful 360 cameras on the market even today i hope you experienced this videoi hope you learned something today and if you did certainly thumped that subscribe button touched thebell notification because there’s gonna be a lot more content stay carolled for more this is nitinchawla and this was essential tech see you next time you

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Sleeve and Lanyard for GoPro HERO8 Black - Blue

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