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– This is why GoPro needs to
be making a new drone. (cool music) (positive music) What'' s going on buddies, today David as well as I have in the studio the brand-new GoPro HERO7 Black Edition. The most recent and also greatest from GoPro. This thing is carrying some
crazy stabilization. Go Pro is calling their new
Gimbal-like Hyper Smooth. I put on'' t recognize if you ' ve seen David, a few of the videos, that have actually been shot with this thing. However they are wild. With this brand-new stabilization we had a suggestion. Bit of the boop. Examine it out.Like we always

do. We always have an idea.
( David laughing) Most of us know exactly how GoPro did in the drone game. You people keep in mind the Karma. (drone humming) As well as yeah, points just didn'' t go so well.( noisally collapsing) Yet what happens if GoPro was still in the drone game. What happens if they still had a drone. What would 2018 GoPro drone resemble? Could it contend with the DJI? Could it be the drone champion? I think. That'' s a concept well worth discovering and also below'' s why. GoPro had one huge point opting for them with the Fate, that wasn'' t truly recognized. They had a video camera, a.
stabilizer, and a drone that might all be utilized separately. That'' s something DJI. doesn ' t have now. DGI drones are outstanding.
David and also I we both usage. DJI drones constantly, but the downfall of it. is they'' re so expensive and also they ' re really only.

useful for one thing.You have your activity electronic camera.
and after that you have your drone. As well as the drone is actually just excellent for that aerial digital photography. And this is where the Karma.
had an amazing advantage to where you can take.
that activity electronic camera off and that stabilizer as well as use it separately as an action cam. You might actually movie an entire action, outstanding shoot, with simply the Karma. If it had functioned. So the greatest problem with the.
Karma was that it was massive, as well as it didn'' t have the. very same performances, and the same rate, as well as sort.
of accuracy that DJI has, but if we we'' re try as well as. create a brand-new GoPro drone by incorporating the GoPro.
with a DJI Mavic Air. If we were to incorporate these.
two new innovations, might we produce the best.
drone, the utmost tool, that is all you require for.
shooting action video clips? Let'' s get this thing out. of the box as well as learn.

( airy songs) There you go, the brand-new GoPro HERO7. (fingers snapping) Okay, so we'' re at the shop today. We'' re gon na try and also produce this drone. We have the GoPro HERO7 below, obviously, and a brand-new Mavic Air. So what I did right here is we just.
attached this to the front like so, and afterwards if it was.
an actual drone hopefully, it will certainly have the ability to pivot such as this. Possibly we can get some actual.
function where we can do that. Allow'' s see what we can do.( electronic music )Boom! There we go. The mix of probably the very best drone out there today. There'' s the Mavic Pro too. Directly, huge fan of Mavic Air due to it'' s mobility and size. Crazy drone. Can this be updated with this brand-new Hero 7? I can not wait to figure out. I'' m a little
worried at just how. that sticky is right there. It'' s sort of on an angle.We could get a longer item right here. That would possibly be optimal. – [David] It'' s looking attractive so'far. It ' s ready for action.
– Yup', I believe so. Allow ' s do it. -Allow ' s do it. (fashionable songs) -One last final touch. All right. (cool songs) – Currently you understand it ' s legit. All right, allow ' s go. (digital music )- [David] Obtained the goods. Woo.- Dusty. At one factor, every one of this land utilized to. be covered with water.-( laughs) Earlier today.- The most awful component of firing these video clips, is when we venture out right here, we never recognize
if the sunlight. is gon na be in a good spot. And now it'' s almost.
behind that hill as well as then there'' s a gigantic cloud. So like it'' s extremely gray now. I don'' t recognize what type of. video footage we ' re gon na be obtaining with this drone, if it works. May be a little overcast,.
but what can you do. It'' ll be an excellent low-light.
test rather soon. Today we'' re simply. waiting for David, whoa.Did you get the

component? Did you locate it? (motivational songs)- Tell me this is it. – [Fin] Dun, dun, dun, dun,.
dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. – Is this it?
– Yeah, that'' s it.
– Oh!( both laughing )- [Fin] Like that dramatic. pause while I figure it out? That'' s the one.
All right, boom. -Awesome. -[ Fin] Allow ' s do it.

Reconfiguring our little gizmo here.GoPro back on the front. Oh man check out that.
It is absolutely gorgeous. -Oh yes. -Boom, there'we go.
It resembles it ' s all set. to rock n ' roll again. I suggest this is a great deal of weight'. Truthfully, feel that drone. It ' s pretty heavy now.
– [David] Oh, yeah it ' s. definitely very front heavy. – That ' s a whole lot extra heavy.- Uh-oh. -I didn ' t recognize it was gon na occur.
Try and also take this off. If it does have way too much weight. absolutely what we can do is we can–.
– Gorilla Tape!- Gorilla Tape whatever.- Yeah. -As well as simply Gorilla Tape this to the front by doing this it
certainly. saves a great deal of weight. This is–.- So the benefit of this today is that you can in fact.
alter the angle of the GoPro.

– Yeah, so you can go woop as well as point down. – [David] Yeah. You can have different angles. – As well as we charged the.
batteries on this right? (both lightly chuckling) Decisive moment. It'' s on 4K 60FPS as well as we sanctuary'' t fried out the real stabilization on this yet. So it will be interesting to see– – [David] It will certainly be a test of fire. A baptism of fire. – So this gets on. I can turn the drone on today. And I presume we'' ll simply go all out.'Let ' s get hold of the remote.
– Let'' s do

it.- As well as see what occurs.
– Whoo! – Let'' s do it. My preferred part of flying drones. – [David] Recalibration. (positive music) – Spin. In this manner. Calibration stopped working. Gosh, dang it. – [David] Rotate it up and down. (bell dings).
– All right! It'' s booted, ready to go. I presume we should start.
taping on the GoPro first, and after that take it off. So there you go. The GoPro is shooting and,.
yeah, we'' re prepared to rock. So I'' m gon na take it off. and we'' ll see if it can fly.I ' m simply all set for it to.
just dip right into the planet. Like I'' m terrified. – [David] Crucial moment; will it function? Right.
– Oh there we go. Now it'' s good. – Oh, oh.- Okay', David, I ' m gon na release. -[ David] Whoa!( loudly whirring) Ho, ho. – [Fin] Whoa. – [David] Whoa.- It ' s certainly having a tough time, however it is functioning,.
– It ' s functioning so much.- It is flying, it'like. flew out of my hands because it thinks there ' s so much weight due to the fact that of that weight, right. -'Yup.- Okay so, it is recording right there. I ' m gon na attempt and get.
some shots with it now. I can ' t see what it ' s recording.
now because undoubtedly the Go Pro ' s in front. Oh, you understand what we should do? We ought to obtain a phone. to connect to the GoPro to see what it ' s seeing.

So, that would most likely be ideal. Let ' s attempt and fly this for'now as well as see what we can obtain
for now.That looks rather good.
Dude, that ' s remarkable. I'don ' t want to look at the.'water yet, just because— Yeah.- What should I movie below? I '
m gon na take place this ridge below. I ' m gon na obtain it to follow me, so simply, just come comply with. me a little behind. (light positive songs)- [David] Yo, it ' s doing it. -[ Fin] Excellent, truly great,

. like so much so excellent man.'( light positive songs )- [Fin] I imply,'it '
s doing really well.- [David] It ' s doing actually well, man. -[ Fin] We don ' t know.
precisely what it ' s seeing, yet I suggest'it looks pretty ill.- [David] So the cool. feature of the GoPro is that it ' s large angles, so. it ' s probably seeing a great deal. -We ' re attempting to do an amazing circle shot. It circles. That went a little as well away. Yeah, like take a look at that, like it– -[ David] Whoa. (light music)- I ' m so curious to see what. this video resembles. Should I'try a water shot? Risk I? Should I attempt it? – [David] Attempt it! – Let ' s do it. -'Send it.- [

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Fin] Going over to the water. Here we go. I ' m gon na obtain wonderful and also reduced. Whoa, whoa, whoa. -[ David] Ah.- Nice and also reduced to the water.
I ' m gon na sweep back up.( light music)- [David] Oh, oh, oh, it'' s coming. It ' s coming by doing this. – [Fin] Here comes,.'right here comes, below comes. -Beautiful.'- Dude.- [David] Is this the very best drone ever
?- I don ' t recognize dude.'The front sensing units are still working. -[ David] Dude it ' s working completely. -It ' s respectable guy, it ' s pretty great. All appropriate so, it ' s. beeping on me now. I ' m gon na land it.- [David] Ooh.- There we go.

First effective flight. with the GoPro drone.
– And also the benefit of this is that now you can remove the GoPro.- Precisely. Currently allow ' s claim I got my drone shots, all I need to do is take. this little man right here.It ' s a little tight, boom, ah.( David laughing)- As well as there we
go, I continue firing with the GoPro right below. Let me obtain a shot of that. That ' s the drone right. there, buh-buh boom. I can continue shooting with.
this as well as obtain some ill shots. I assume we need to examine this a bit a lot more as well as see exactly what it ' s qualified of.
So you men see it ' s attached. to the drone such as this right? As well as you can fly it approximately your automobile and afterwards pop this thing off,. attach it to your vehicle, as well as proceed from there. Could make for some really sick stuff that you just can ' t finish with a DJI.You can do a
change,.'clearly with a DJI, but your transitioning. from the DJI ' s camera to a different video camera. It ' s gon na look various, and that means you have. to have 2 electronic cameras. With this,'all you would certainly need. would be'this one system so.
Oh this is so cool, I ' m. so delighted this works. Why wear ' t we hit a few. more various places as well as see if we can
obtain some great shots. I wan na try transitioning.
from this, right, to this, and also see if we.
can such as get a great shot.
All right, back to the car.-'Yeah.
– Before the water comes. up'also fast ya recognize, run.- Yeah,'it ' s coming, it ' s. coming, we got ta run. It ' s pretty much in, I believe we ' re good.- [Fin] Yeah, shh. Mad drama below, bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree, bam.( cool songs) Ready?( “Be Free With Me” by.'Siine task. Frank Moody) ♪ Take my hand we ' ll make it somehow ♪ ♪ We can ' t miss out ♪ ♪ I ' m done living life. with the lights out ♪ ♪ Pass away with my very own doubts ♪ ♪ Be cost-free ♪( both laughing)- [Levi] Ah, yeah! ♪ Be free ♪ ♪ Be totally free ♪ -All right, so we are

back out here.We found an amazing little place to do some even more GoPro recording. Incidentally, I brought Levi this moment. What'' s up? We are gon na attempt and climb.
this sort of hill over here and obtain some unwell GoPro/drone shots. We did a bit of.
drifting heading below. Little of splashing.
through some water, some cool shots. There was this unwell road coming.
in that we obtained some shots with the DJI as well as also with the GoPro. So I'' m interested to the see.
the kind of contrast between the 2 of those. In the meantime allow'' s go hike up right here and see if we can get.
some more trendy shots.All right so, let ' s go.
and climb this hill. The GoPro is on Levi'' s head right now.'We ' re gon na see if we can kind of do change from the.
running to Levi'' s head. Ought to be ill. Hey, hi. -[ Levi] Let ' s go. Yeah, I indicate if we review this side, even then it ' s not the most effective. Yo, this is dope. The DJI ' s so trendy. (wind loudly blowing) Winds. – [Fin] No, no!- [Levi]( laughs) Holy crap. Where ' d it go?- [Fin] It ' s gone. -[ Levi] The wind is insane. Your hat is gone. -[ Fin] My hat is gone. -[ Levi] We ' re gon na need to.'attempt to search for that later on.- Yo, it is crazy up'here. ♪ Currently loading ♪ ♪ Included me ♪ ♪ I ' m not really asking ♪ ♪ We ' ll escape ♪ ♪ To a place where we don ' t understand ♪ ♪ Ready to'see the world at work ♪ ♪ What we can be ♪ ♪ Life without disturbances ♪ ♪ We ' ll get away ♪ ♪ This is what we waited for ♪ -[ Levi] Holy crap.'♪ We ' ll make it somehow ♪ ♪ We can ' t lose out ♪ ♪ I ' m done living life. with the lights out ♪ ♪ Pass away with my very own questions ♪ -That was ludicrous.- [Levi] All'right. We found the hat. (both laughing )Yeah, pack is protected.- [Fin] Don ' t pass it here. – [Levi] Yeah, I ' m placing in my pocket. Load is secured; on my means down. -[ Fin]. Hey, hi there.- [Levi] He ' s been with. a great deal, yet he ' s still– – [Fin] Many thanks.( positive songs) ♪ Let ' s be cost-free ♪ -[ Fin] You ready? ♪ Be totally free ♪ ♪ Be cost-free ♪ ♪ Not looking back ♪ ♪ Eyes on the freeway ♪ ♪ Bonnie as well as Clyde ♪ ♪ A classic motto ♪ ♪ We'' re on a run ♪ ♪ This is what we awaited ♪ ♪ Take my hand ♪ ♪ We ' ll make it somehow ♪ ♪ We can ' t lose out ♪ ♪ I ' m done living life. with the lights out ♪ ♪ Die with my own questions ♪ ♪ Be totally free ♪ ♪ Be cost-free ♪ ♪ With me ♪ ♪ Allow ' s go, allow ' s be free ♪ ♪ Be free ♪- All right men, this was.
this week ' s experiment.
Something a bit. various today.'We didn ' t destroy something,. we created something. – Yup. -I don ' t know just how I feel about that, yet. – I want to hear what you men think.- [David] Yeah, definitely.- After seeing all that examination video, all that like you know, kinda GoPro comparison
with the Mavic.After seeing all those. tests, what ' s the judgment?'Like, do you think–.- What ' s the decision? Is the GoPro, does GoPro. have something to offer in the
drone game?- Yep. -Can it compete with the Mavic? -It ' s tough to claim since.
DJI has such a syndicate on the marketplace now.
– Absolutely. – But, as we verified today, you wear'' t need a large drone.
in order to carry the GoPro. Like you wear'' t require a drone. the size of the Fate, as well as you don ' t need a Gimbal'either. You wear ' t require a Gimbal.
– The reality that we are able. to obtain such great video footage with our very improvisated set up, like, makes you wonder, what would certainly be feasible with a real manufactured GoPro drone?
– GoPro drone.

– The GoPro HERO7 camera.
is such a fantastic video camera. Active smooth is the genuine thing. – Several of the video footage just of me running appear like it'' s on a drone. due to the fact that it ' s so freaking steady.- If this innovation got on the apple iphone, that would certainly be game changer. – I assume it'' s insane to. since you can now get shots on a hypothetical GoPro drone that you couldn'' t hop on a Mavic. So like we went through, we did a bunch of various.
examinations as you can see, and, you know we started out, we didn'' t really recognize if. the drone would certainly also be able to carry the GoPro and.
if the stabilization would suffice warrant.
not having that Gimbal. – I really feel like the problem with the first video we took is just that putting the electronic camera.
in the best angle. The footage itself, the top quality of the image was excellent The structure is good, top quality of the image is great, it was just an issue of like, getting the ideal angle.
– Specifically, yeah. – [David] Which I believe.
we did the complying with day. – [Fin] In the future, yeah. Additionally the point with the first day too, is it was a little overcast.It was kind of

overcast the.
whole time we were below. – [David] It was a low light examination. – It wasn'' t like ideal situations regarding video high quality goes, yet you can see in the various other test the GoPro high quality is impressive. Like the video top quality. I put on'' t understand what magic GoPro. does on their promotions, yet the GoPro video footage they can.
get with this is incredible. And also you can also see some.
of the video footage we got simply holding it with a stick.
or just running around.And like, my

brother had.
some very first person footage that we did; it was actually amazing. Likewise, you get 60 FPS slow-mo which was truly cool. We did some examinations with that said, and also overall there are simply.
some actually trendy points that you can do with this– – [David] That you.
can not do with the Mavic. – [Fin] We did reveal a lot.
of Mavic video footage also, though, we kind of did.
a little comparison. And obviously we got a little.
much better footage with the Mavic because we can see what we were doing. – Honestly, the Mavic.
video footage will certainly look far better than our improvisated GoPro drone video footage just because the Mavic was produced, was engineered for those type of shots, while ours was a bit. However, nevertheless, if GoPro were to make something similar to this where.
it'' s planned to function the method you would work a drone. – [Fin] If it was the.
very same size as the Mavic and also have the very same rate and.
functionality or whatever. – Which is possible, which is possible. I seem like that'' s what we confirmed.

– We verified it exercised. – It'' s feasible to have a.
little drone, very portable, with a GoPro HERO7. – And also without a Gimbal and also it lugs it and runs completely great. And also yeah, you can obtain.
some really cool shots. Like with the 60 FPS slow mo, which kind of like first person angle, you can obtain shots that you.
can'' t get with a Gimbal.
Due to the fact that the Gimbal shots. are constantly completely constant. You can ' t obtain those cool.
angles and also stuff like, It'' s more of like an. action cam type take. – An action video camera airborne. – Yeah, precisely, as well as, again, if you individuals might acquire now a DJI Mavic Air that featured a GoPro, it appears like a no brainer.If it was the

same cost.
and also you had a GoPro also, it looks like you'' re acquiring so a lot a lot more since you can do those.
first individual shots. – GoPro has definitely value to provide if they ever made a decision to.
return in the drone video game. We recognize the difficulties GoPro.
has actually been having recently, so we put on'' t recognize if this is. something'that ' s gon na take place. We ' re likewise not recommending that this is something you need to do at home. Because at the end of the day, if you already have actually a.
Mavic as well as you have a GoPro, just use them as they are intended. This was an evidence of principle. If these two were with each other.
in a solitary bundle, that would certainly be some outstanding power. – That would certainly be incredible. Think Of DJI and GoPro collaborating? Unfortunately now, yeah, put on'' t go out and also acquire a.
DJI Mavic, and a GoPro as well as put them with each other. It simply doesn'' t make good sense. – No, you must entirely proceed. Acquire a Mavic and a GoPro.
– Yeah, purchase both of them.

– Just, simply utilize them you know how. – Individually, yeah you can.
get some pretty good video as we revealed today. Well yeah anyhow, that'' s it essentially for this episode of TechKaboom. Struck that bell, be alerted of our new upload, and also I guess we'' ll see.
you men next Monday. See you after that. – [Both] Tranquility. (positive songs).

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