GoPro HERO+ LCD Quick Start: Capturing Video and Photos

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In this video, we’ll show you how to capturevideo and photos, playback your material, and mutate settleds with your HERO+ LCD camera.To captivate video, superpower the camera on and press the screen button. Whenever a greatmoment, press the Settings/ Tag button to add a HiLight Tag to your footage. HiLight Tagsmake it easy to find the most wonderful instants for easy playback, editing, and sharing. To stoprecording, press the shutter button again. To capture a photograph or a series of photos, open the modes menu and adopt the state you crave – Photo, Burst, or Time Lapse. Press theshutter button. To stop Time Lapse photos, press the screen button again. When QuikCaptureis on, you can capture video or Time Lapse photos on the fly with the single press ofa button.With your camera powered off, press the screen button to capture video. For TimeLapse photos, press and contain the screen button until captivating begins. The camera automaticallypowers on and starts captivating. To stop and ability off the camera, press the screen buttonagain. QuikCapture is also a great way to keep battery power, since the camera ison only when you need it. You’ll hear QuikCapture in setup state. With HERO+ LCD, there’s no waiting to viewwhat you captured. Just sounds the procedures icon, then tap playback. Tap the down arrow to scrollthrough your records. Tap a register to hand-picked it. If you have chosen to a video, sound play to watchit right on your camera. If you caught a great shot, press the Settings/ Tag button to adda HiLight call, so you can quickly find this moment later during editing.When you’re readyto move to the previous or next file, sound the left or right arrows. When you’re in playbackmode, video trimming allows you to create short-lived clips of your favorite shots from your videofiles. Excerpts are saved as brand-new folders that you can share through the GoPro App, or use duringediting in GoPro Studio. First, adopt the video that contains themoment that you want to share. Tap play to begin playing the video. When you get to thepart that you want to clip, sound pause.Tap the more icon, then sounds the scissors icon.The default duration is five seconds, but you can tap once again to get possible options for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and still photo. Tap play to preview the clip. If you didn’t get the start or endpoint perfectly right, just sounds the forward or downward arrows at the top. Every time youtap, the starting and ceasing spots adjust by about one second, but the duration of theclip remains the same. When you have the clip you demand, sound save. The time is saved as aseparate file and your original video is still in tact. Now, connect your camera to the GoProApp to share the clip with your friends. Want to adjust your video settlement from1 080 p to 720 p? Adjust touch display deep-seateds? Or maybe reform the Time Lapse interval? HERO+ LCD has lots of immense decideds make their own choices, and quickly selecting a new direct is easierthan ever. Each mode has its own fixes menu. Tap the trains icon or press the Settings/ Tagbutton to open the defines menu for that mode.From there, sound to select a new setting.To departure the determines menu at any point, tap depart or press the Settings/ Tag button. Ifthe touch display isn’t easily accessible, you can also adjust aims applying the buttonson the camera. Press the Power/ Mode button to move through the specifies roll. Then usethe screen/ select button to select an option. For more information about anything in thisvideo, visualize the HERO+ LCD user manual at getstarted ..

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GoPro HERO+ LCD Quick Start: Capturing Video And Photos