GoPro Hero 9 Honest Review after 2 months | 5 things I love & hate about the Hero9

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I have shot dozens of times with the GoPro Hero 9in the last few weeks and I think that I have now constituted a quite serious opinion about this camera.But I don’t want to do a classic recollect today, you’ve probably attended quite a few of themalready. I would rather like to tell you today which 5 things I like about the Hero9 and which 5 things I don’t like that much. And I would like to anticipate one thing rightaway. The GoPro Hero 9 is a great action camera with which you can’t go wrong.The Hero 9 has allthe positive aspects that have become GoPro so good in the last few years. These include the hugeecosystem of mounts, the incredible hypersmooth stabilization, a very good image quality, a verysimple and clear menu, countless manual establisheds that should also meet the needs of boosted users, a organization that is out of the box up to 10 rhythms waterproof, good slow motion footage, a coolwide field of view and so on.As you can see, the inventory of positive features of a GoPro is long.But all these positive facets likewise apply to the Hero 8 and to a large extent to the Hero 7 Black.But today I would like to talk about the special features and innovations of the Hero 9 and tellyou what I like and what I don’t like about them. I will sort my index in a waythat the most negative and likewise the most positive aspect ofthis camera will come at the end. So let’s start with the 5th place.As you probably know, GoPro has finally got a new sensor with the Hero 9. Unfortunately, even with this new sensor it was not possible to eliminate one of the biggest frailties of theGoPro: the idol character in low-pitched light and this includes in part also indoor shots in artificiallight.Although I noticed that the likenes at higher ISO prices is now slightly less noisy thanwith Hero 8, the portrait still has such a high noise level in low-grade light-headed that it can often behardly employed. Nonetheless, I would like to add that this is not a problem for the ordinary consume of aGoPro. Most of the time you will use the GoPro outdoors and in good lighting conditions.And in these cases it produces a good likenes. What I like about the Hero 9, on the other hand, are the new captivate aims, specially planned capture. Since I’m surely not an early riser, I’ve never been able to capture a timelapse of a sunrise before. With Scheduled Capture you cannow schedule the capture the working day before and also mounted the length of the captivate. And that’swhy you can see my first sunrise here. Scheduled Capture is of course no sport changerand depending on the case you won’t put the camera somewhereand leave it unattended for a night. And here in the mountains the sunup will onlybe really spectacular when you climb a mountain summit, which in my subject won’t happen that quicklyin the morning.Nevertheless it is a cool feature. 4th PlaceThe touch screen of the new GoPro is unfortunately not better but in myopinion worse. It often reacts delayed and mischievously. This can be annoying when you are on theroad and want to change the settings soon. It also often happened to me that a menu openedthat I didn’t really want to open. However, GoPro has improved the contact execution with the latestfirmware update 1.22 from October 20 th. I have tested it is currently and can see a modest better, but the touchscreen is still not really the best. What I like about the brand-new GoPro is the Fieldof View option Linear with Horizon Levelling. If you brace your GoPro tilted, the image isautomatically arranged by the camera. Unfortunately this aspect is onlyavailable in combination with Linear and therefore leads to a relatively strong crop, which is of course necessary to straighten a tipped image.Nevertheless I like this feature, also because in this mode the stabilization works very well. It has never been so easy to take suchwell stabilized cinematic shots with a GoPro. 3rd PlaceWhat I never liked about the GoPro is the undue digital sharpness that is automaticallyadded to the footage. The distinguish at the edges is automatically increased by the camera to establish theimage look sharper. But the research results regards anything but cinematic but very digital. And you can hardlybelieve it – while the digital sharpness in 5K is still within limits, in 4K it was evenincreased compared to the Hero8, which is absolutely incomprehensible to me.But there isa solution for this. You can reduce the digital sharpness in the settings. For instance to medium, if you don’t want to revise your clips. Furthermore according to GoPro the digital sharpnesswas reduced at least in the medium adjusting in the 4K settlement with the most recent firmware.What I like very much are the brand-new 20 megapixel photos of the Hero 9. If you follow thischannel for some time, you probably know that I frequently make photos with the GoPro. Andthe photo mode has been improved once again with the new sensor.You now get more details in yourphotos and have more chamber for cropping, specially in comparison with the old-time 12 megapixel sensor.And by the way, if you’re new here, my identify is Werner, I live in the Italian Alps andon this canal I do GoPro lessons and reviews of consumer cameras. Consider subscribing to thechannel if you are interested in these topics. 2nd PlaceWhat really surprised me negatively is the size and weight of the brand-new person. I hadheard beforehand that the body would be a bit bigger and heavier. But I didn’t expectthat the difference would be so large-scale. Personally I would prefer a development inthe other direction for an action camera. Remember the extremely tiny GoPro session. Itis true that you won’t feel the difference with a ChestMount, but with a Pole or HelmetMountyou will probably notice the difference. And I also considered that these idols give you onlya limited impression of the real difference.On the other hand, one of the most difficult newstrengths of GoPro is related to this new body, and that is the two brand-new spectacles. TheFront Display is an excellent and very useful innovation. Finally you can check theframing when you take a clip of yourself. You can also very well estimate if the shot iscorrectly disclosed. For those who use the camera for vlogging or for capturing themselves, for example when practising plays, this is very helpful. What is often forgotten is that thedisplay on the back has also become bigger.This is of course also useful. It helps when shootingand when you play back your excerpts on the GoPro. Before we get to the first place, I wouldlike to mention a few added positive and negative things that did not makeit into the surpass 5 places available in my schedule: I think that the Hypersmooth Stabilization hasnot made any progress except for the procedure with Horizon Levelling. In fact, I procured it even a bitweaker in the locate high than on the Hero 8. If you are interested in a detailed comparison, check out the correspond test on my direct. The GoPro still has difficulties withscenes that have a high dynamic straddle, that is, when there are very dark and very brightareas in the same image. Bright domains then often burn out and no longer show any details.However, this problem is not a pure GoPro problem, but is typical for cameras of this kind. Since the Hero8, the body of the GoPro has no additional chassis. This may have advantages, but it makesthe Gopro very vulnerable to declines. Expect scratches if you cease the camera.What I been fucking loving the Hero 9 is the new price. Never before has a brand-new GoPro Hero Blackbeen so cheap, at least if you buy the GoPro together with the subscription in theGoPro Online Store. You’ll detect a connect in the video description. I too like the new WaterDrain. It truly succeeds and sound recordings now run much better after emerging from thewater. The HighFrame Rate Modes like 2.7 K/ 120 now support the better boost stabilization andthe lens sheathe is now removable and exchangeable. So there are a lot positive brand-new features.Ok , now let’s get to my top higher-rankings. 1st placeWhat I’m not happy with are the frequent camera crashes.As I said, I’ve been taking quite a fewshots in the last few weeks and regrettably the GoPro often disintegrated, for example when startinga recording in 5K. I had to take out the battery again and again. I had the impression that it gota bit better after changing the SD card, but it still happened. Of trend, you can assume thatthis would be specifically due to my camera and not a general trouble. But I do not necessarilybelieve that. Earlier sits had similar problems and GoPro is known for the fact that earlyfirmware explanations are often unstable and are only improved over time.But imagine you are skydiving, you are about to jump-start, you want to start recording and the camera hangs up. This is not acceptablein my opinion. I hope that GoPro can solve this problem with future firmware editions, whichhas already been done with older versions. I have to add that the camera undertakings very stableand reliable in Photo and TimeLapse mode so far. The biggest strength of the new GoPro, in myopinion, is the image quality in 5K. The new 5K sensor delivers very nice and detailed imagesthat you can now crop better than 4K shots of the Hero8 if you crave. The 5K shots don’t havesuch a big problem with digital sharpness , not even at the highest setting. The shotslook cinematic and good and have no major hindrances in editing when compared to4K shots.My Mac can still handle them well. Overall, the mark is definitely positive. As you could also see, GoPro has alreadyworked on some of the inaccuracies I mentioned. And I’m convinced that it will too succeedin improving the stability of the camera. And that’s it for today. If you want to addsomething yourself, time write it in specific comments. If the video was interesting or supportive for you, gives people a Like as feedback and see you next time!

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