GoPro Hero 9 Black vs. Insta360 One R 1-inch: Which Is Better?

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GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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The GoPro Hero 9 blackhas just been released … and there’s no questionit’s an terrifying camera. Nonetheless, the Insta3 60 ONE R has alsojust had some large-hearted informs, and it’s a seriouscompetitor to the GoPro. And dare I say, better in many ways. So, which act cameras should be used buy? Stay chanted to the end, to see my full roll ofpros and cons of each. Now, this video won’t compareabsolutely everything, but I’ll compare everythingthat’s important, that I can think of. And spoiler notify, it’s really close. Now they are side by side, and they’re a very similar size apart from the fact that the 1-inch obviously has this giant Leica lens. And by beings, I make, it’s monstrous comparedto the small camera body, but, it was better fits easilyin the palm of my hand.The Hero 9 is slightly taller. The ONE R is a little bit wider, and they’re roughly the same thickness, aside from the Leica lens. A enormous facet that both cameras have, is that you can replace the lens. If you were to smash it, you can easily replace it, by time fastening this off and bolt a new lens back on. They both have touch screens, but there’s no question the Hero 9 winnings, because, it’s got a screen on both sides and it’s literally more than double the size of the ONE R screen, and so much easier to use. It’s touch friendly, and it actually draws ending your media and changing your places, pretty easy to do without a phone. Whereas, with the Insta3 60, it is really hard to use this touchscreen. Because it’s so tiny, you regularly strugglechanging the situates. And if you’ve got solid fingers, don’t even think about it. The screen on the GoPro isbigger and better than last-place experience. And, this breast facing screen is amazing. I love having this view, when you’re in selfie mode, the screen is highly visible and, this compiles shootingfar less time consuming.So I’d say in terms of screens, this is a big win for the Hero 9 pitch-black. Now, since the ONE R 1-inch is modular, you are eligible to reassemble it withthe screen facing the front. However, this now meansthere’s no back facing screen. And when you turn it on, it’s blocked a little bit by the lens. So it utters that smallscreen even smaller. And if you’re trying to changea setting in the top left, or bottom left, it constitutes it really hard. So I don’t really consider thistouchscreen to be very good, and I don’t ever use it, when I’m use the ONE R. Instead, I merely connect to my phone’s app, to avoid frustration. Both cameras have USBC chargingand use micro SD placards. A large-scale place they do differhowever, is the battery. With the Hero 9, you need to open this latchto pull out the battery, whereas with the ONE R, because the camera is modularthe battery’s at the bottom, necessitate you can change it readily, without having to open up any fastenings, you can replace it with this artillery or supplant it with a big, longer long-lasting battery.Whereas with the GoPro, you could only ever useyour battery that width. And speaking of artilleries, here’s the difference between them. So if you bought theInsta3 60 boosted battery, you could get significantlylonger shooting term than the GoPro battery, or the standard Insta3 60 battery. Yes, it does make it marginally bigger, but, it’s still a pocket size camera and still approximately the size of the GoPro. Both cameras come with the GoPro mount, and you clearly have the option to use the one one-quarter inchtrumpet thread adapter, if you prefer exercising that. Although if you’re usingthe regular ruby-red battery, it ain’t got nothing on the bottom. So, you have to usethis annoying cage thing to get that thread back. Like, so. And, this also has the advantageof having a hot shoe prepare on it as well, if you wantto setting an external mic. However, you can get thosefor the GoPro as well, so this definitely is not aunique advantage of the ONE R. What is unique though, is the ability to do this and this.Look at that. It’s now a 360 camera. I know for sure the GoProHero 9 Black, cannot do this. To this point, I’ve mostlyused the ONE R in 360 mode, and this lens is incredible. It allows you to shoot 5.7 K 360 video and get some genuinely epicshots quickly and easily. Like this. And this, and this, and this, and this, and this. These are shots that areunique to 360 cameras, or that 360 cameras makesignificantly easier. Whereas, the GoPro simply can’t do that, because it’s onlyshooting in one tack. So with the ONE R, because it’s modular, you have the option to change it from a GoPro type action camera, into a three 60 camera and vice versa.And while this video is mostlygoing to compare the GoPro with the 1-inch form of the ONE R. This is something thatsimply can’t be ignored. That the ONE R give you so many options, when trying to captureunique action shots. And, that’s purely from thefact that you can rebuild it as a 360 camera. So while I’d say the GoPro unquestionably earns when it comes to design, because it only feels a little more rugged, and because it’s just onecamera with no add-ons, it feels sturdier. But, for the fact thatthe ONE R can be rebuilt in so many different ways, Ithink when it comes to design, these cameras are about even. Okay , now let’s shoot.My firstly stop is Sydney’sQueen Victoria Building. Here I put the two cameras side by side, to captivate this beings Christmas tree. And straightaway, theylook pretty same. Dare I say, indistinguishable. They both have those nicevivid colouring sketches. And, this shot is smooth andreally quenching to look at. When we look up at theceiling and wash across, I’m starting to notice some differences.The GoPro is a bit noisier than the ONE R, and the ONE R seems to behandling highlights a little better than the GoPro. Now, you’ll notice thatI shot at 5.3 K 30 FPS with the ONE R and 5K 25 FPS with the GoPro Hero 9 in Black. Bang unjustified, right? Well, I actually had nochoice, but to do this. And the reason isbecause, of the sparkle caused by shooting 30 FPS, with the GoPro Hero 9. This has been a commonissue with GoPro cameras, when you vary the camerasettings from PAL to NTSC, often, it’s not able to handleindoor fluorescent lights.It induces this ugly shimmering, and I’ve conclude this tohappen in almost every indoor situation with lightsthat I’ve come across. And while they do offerthe solution of modifying from NTSC to PAL, the unfortunate thing about that, is you’re likewise changing allof the enclose proportions on the box. So , no longer is it 5K30 and 240 FPS at 1080, but it goes down to 200 whenyou switched from NTSC to PAL.This isn’t an issue outdoors, but when you’re indoors, and you’ve got any kindof fluorescent igniting, you’re going to have tochange it from NTSC to PAL and therefore you’relosing a couple of makes, depending on the setting you’re using. With the ONE R it’s gotanti flicker built into it, so, all of the resolutions and frame rates on the box stay exactly the same, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Now, here’s a time warpI realized with the GoPro and this looks pretty cool. It’s a moving hyperlapse. I was able to set this within the camera. I time press record and did a lap around the top level of the building. And yeah, that looks pretty cool. Didn’t need to fetch it tomy computer or anything. So that ensue was pretty good. However, here is a hyperlapsewith the Insta3 60 ONE R and, I think you’ll agreethat searches way cooler. Firstly, I was able to shoot ata much higher resolution than time warp. And secondly, you can add that cool motion blur effect, that, constructs those movingtimelapses extra cool.And no doubt, importance the extra workflow of having to edit it. Regrettably, you can’t do this, all in the camera. You have to connect thecamera to your telephone, conversion the rapidity, add the flow blureffect and then export. So it’s a longer workflow, for a better ensue. By the style, both cameras give you a couple of options for your field of view. You can shoot in wide, linear and narrow-minded. And that’s definitely a greatfeature of both of them, depending on the situation you’re in. Sometimes you need wide.Sometimes you need narrow. However, with the GoPro, you have to choose itwhile you’re shooting and you can’t remained unchanged later. With the ONE R, you shootand you can change the field of view later on, retainingmaximum idol quality.So if you shot something innarrow and it was accidental, you’ve got the option laterto change it back to whide. And, the quality is still 5.3 K. Okay. So this is a voice controltest, both cameras respond to two different things. Here is this one and here’s this one. Now let’s see how longit makes them to respond. GoPro capture. And it’s going, start recording. Start recording. Okay, so it didn’t get it the first time. The second duration when Iwas louder and clearer, the ONE R actuallyrecorded pretty quickly. Okay. This is a sound assessment. Can you hear me? One, two, three. I’m here at the Queen Victoria Building. Okay. This is a reverberated measure. Can you give me? One, two, three. I’m here at the Queen Victoria Building. Okay.This is a voiced exam. Can you hear me? One, two, three. I’m here at the Queen Victoria Building. Next, I researched out slow motionbetween the two cameras, and the GoPro has theclear advantage now, because it can shoot 240 FPS. Whereas the ONE R 1-inch, can only shoot 120 FPS. So here I am sacrificingmy honor in public, for the sake of a camera test. And I think we can both concur, that the GoPro footage gapes better. Because it’s 240 FPS, obviouslyit’s gonna be smoother. If you look at the tram behind me, that really concludes it crystal clear. It’s better at 240 FPS with the GoPro. I will likewise supplement, with the ONE R, it’s got the freeze enclose gist. I made a video about it, but virtually what it is, is Twixtor inbuilt into their software. So, you can do cool impacts like this and slow the action down, like 10 periods. And yes, it is interpolated, it’s not always excellent, but it is cool for act form shots.I’ve got a video aboutthat, which is the one before this one, on my channel. My next stop is thetallest building in Sydney, Sydney Tower. And I knew this wouldbe a good opportunity to test out the 5.3 K and 5K side by side, to see how they gape when zoomed in. Here’s my first shot. And from this point of view, they appear virtually identical. There’s almost no differencebetween 5K and 5.3 K. They both look great. So , no doubt shooting atthat really big resolution helps in situations like this, where you’ve got a lotof detail in your frame. When I zoom in, they inspect certainly same as well. In fact, you might even say theGoPro examines slightly better, because naturally thefootage has more contrast, and that helps you to finddetails in your incident better than the ONE R sometimes. It is too a bit grainier. So when zoomed into 400% like this, I’d say they’re probably about even. By the method , no quality adjustment has been done to any of the footageyou’re seeing in this video. Here’s the view of HydePark in Sydney CBD.And yeah, this is a great shot. Plenties of detail in both. Both of them have reallynice vivid colour charts, which is great. Those light-greens examine genuinely lettuce, and this footage is reallysatisfying to look at. I’d be happy usingeither of these cameras, for wide shot positions like this. Zooming in again to the fountain, and hmm, they’re pretty similar. Again I’d say the contrastof the GoPro maybe helps it gape a little bit sharper, but you can add that to the ONE R in colour amendment later, but yeah, both pretty good.Here’s another one. And yeah, again, they inspect fairly similar. I would point out thatthe glooms up the top are more defined with the ONE R. You can see a lot more depth there and the dynamic range is better overall. Whereas with the GoPro, those spotlights are missinga little bit of detail. Here’s a closeup of a boat and move little being go, yeah , not ensure much difference now. Here’s a scene where they do stand out. I’ve got them side by side, set up at the priorities in Sydney Tower. And there’s no question thedynamic compas is nature better, on the right than the left.The ONE R really isbetter for dynamic compas and I’ve noticed this inhigh contrast illuminate. Not exclusively is it able toexpose the exterior, but it does a great jobat disclose the interior, and presenting those detailed description of my face. And this is definitely helpedby the fact that the ONE R has an inbuilt 1-inch sensor, whereas the GoPro doesn’t. Therefore, it’s able tohandle desegregated igniting and shadows a lot better. Now, this begs the question of whether you actually need 5k or not. The ask is well , not really, but it helps get thatextra level of detail. If you wanna zoom in a little bit, or if you want to export at 4k, it supplies slightly better image quality, when you fetching it down to 4K. It’s definitely not essential.So if you want to shoot atHD or 4k, then go for it. I know for me personally, I like shooting with as much resolution, as I can possibly get, all the time. And, I’ve got the computerthat is able to handle that. So if you don’t have a fastcomputer or a fast telephone, I wouldn’t admonish shooting at 5K or 5.3 K. My final stop of the working day, is in Sydney’s Hyde Park. And for that one dude in the comments , no, I don’t live in London. Now, of course we had toinclude a stabilisation experiment as part of this video, while, I’m not into extreme plays myself, I do know how to act like a crazy person, and shake the camera around violently. So I did exactly that, right here at the fountain, and I’m seeing a massive difference between these two cameras.It actually surprised me a good deal. How well the Hero 9 Blackperformed at stabilisation. The ONE R is doing a good job, but even after applyingflow commonwealth stabilisation in the Insta3 60 Studio desktop app, it still was nowhere nearthe level of the GoPro. And this running testsconfirms that, again, that compas is all overthe place with the ONE R, and with the GoPro, it’s almost dead position. I don’t know how they dothat, but it’s awesome.GoPro prevails. With the GoPro, I think we can agree, it’s got better stabilisationthan the 1-inch, nonetheless I did forget to mention, that when you use the 360 mod, it reforms things absolutely, because it’s shooting a360 degree field of view, The stabilisation is basically perfect, and you don’t get any of thewobble I went with the 1-inch. But, you too do take abit of a affect in caliber. Now, I wanted to test the5K, 4K and slow motion side-by-sides again withthis water fountain, and both cameras producefootage that looks really good. I can’t complain about either of these, but what I would say though, is that again, the dynamic range of theONE R is better now. You can be found in those items in the clouds, are much clearer on the righthand side than the left. Also the GoPro tends toshow up a little bit darker, straight out of the camera.Here they are at 4k 60, and I’ve hindered this down by 50%. And, I’d actually saythe ONE R inspections better. Now they are at 120 FPS versus 120 FPS. And again, both good, about even. And, I’d probably give it to the GoPro. GoPro acquires overall for slow motion. This is sound test number two. I have a noisy water fountain behind me, and beings all around me, and yeah, it’s pretty noisy. So can you hear what i just said one, two, three? This is sound test number two. I have a noisy water fountain behind me, and beings all around meand yeah, it’s pretty boisterou. So are you able hear me? One, two, three. Both cameras are waterproof.The Hero 9 is waterproof to 33 feet. The ONE R is only 16 paws. And now I struggled acool slow motion shot, dipping the cameras intothe fountain, and yeah, those bubbles ogle reallynice, on both cameras. They clearly search better with a GoPro, and compound that withsuperior slow motion. And I’m going to give it to theGoPro, for be utilized in the water. I will mention though, that one of the purposes of the bigupdates that the ONE R has just received, one ofthem is called aquavision, which would be especiallyhandy for use in the ocean. You know, when your footageturns out super blue, well, it kind of neutralises that. I find when shooting with both cameras, that the Insta 360 allows me to change more decideds internally, things like the screen rapidity, the ISO, the white-hot offset. If you’re an advanced shooter and you like shooting manually, then this is definitelygoing to be the camera that gives you more alternatives. The GoPro has basic alternatives, but a lot of them applies only to sure-fire modes of the camera.And, you don’t ever knowwhich procedure you have to go into to get those arranges. Whereas with the ONE R, you can always access themboth, for photos and videos. Oh, by the way, I’ve gotone more side by side. Now they are at nighttime, in low-toned light-colored and there’s no question inmy eyes, the Insta3 60 ONE R is doing a better chore now. Not simply is it sharper, but there’s much less racket. And again, this is something that theone inch sensor promotions achieve, and this applies forboth photos and videos, you’re going to get a lotless racket in low-toned light-headed and desegregated lighting. Whereas during the daythere are a lot closer. So you need to ask yourself, am I shooting solely during the day? If so, the GoPro is definitelygoing to do a great job. If you’re someone thatshoots in mixed lighting, maybe you shoot inside, perhaps you use action camerasfor passage and sightseeing, when you’re going in andout of houses a good deal. That’s when the ONE R is going to shine, as well as obviouslydoing a very similar job during the day.Now I wanna touch onphotos really quickly. While, I wouldn’t reallyrecommend exerting cameras like this for photography. If this is something thatyou see yourself make, if you’re in an act category statu, and you don’t ever haveyour phone readily available, this is something thatwill be important to you. So I articulated the camerasside by side in daylight, in mingled lighting and at nighttime. And I came very similar resultsto when I was shooting video. Check out this desegregated lighting shot. Here’s the before side by side, and here’s the after, after colour correcting the raw shots from each of these cameras, this isn’t even close.The ONE R dominates the GoPro when it comes to photos, especially in tricky illuminate like this. The shot was taken here in my place and the illuminate isalways super contrasting. And, I actually triedto make it really hard, for both cameras toexpose my face properly by having the prime light source behind me. And yeah, I was able to recoveralmost all of the shadows with the ONE R raw, whereas, I wasn’t able to with the GoPro.Something that helped meget such a good decision with the ONE R is using their new peculiarity, which is called pure shot, which is essentially an automated HDR, where you put in all of the HDR specifies, it shoots nine bracketed, fresh shots, incorporates them together in the camera, and spittings out one singularbracketed HDR, raw shot, that you can then colour chastise. And, I was able tocolour correct this shot in Adobe Camera Raw, in around 30 seconds. And yes, I did try every photosetting of the GoPro, including inbuilt HDR, like this shot here. And from my own experience, raw delivered the best result. Outside though in full sunlight, they’re same enough.Now, both cameras have anexcellent mobile workflow. They’re so user friendlyand easy to pick up. They spawn connecting, downloading your footage, and editing and then exporting a breeze. And, I can’t really fault either of them. If you choose to usethe ONE R in 360 state, it also has the addedbenefit of having shot laboratory, which is essentially alibrary of premade results, where all you do is plug in your footage, and it applies the effects instant. Then you can export to your camera reel, and upload to social media in minutes. Some of these effectsare ridiculously cool, and the workflow is also terribly fast. So, I would say that the Insta3 60 app has the benefit of many more options, if you’re using it as a 360 camera as well as a flat act camera. As for the desktopworkflow, with the GoPro, you literally put yourSD card into your camera, and you can access yourfile straight away.You don’t have to do anything. Whereas with ONE R you willneed to process your video folders in Insta3 60 studio to applyeffects like stabilisation, like the hyperlapse and so on. It’s not done in the camera, it has to be done either in the app or in the desktop software. Whereas with the GoPro, it applies upshots likestabilisation in the camera, and you don’t have to do anything. Therefore, the ONE R hasa longer portable workflow. Sometimes it’s more beneficialif you’re doing cool gists, like the hyperlapse. Sometimes it’s less helpful, if you precisely want to apply basicstabilisation to your shots. And again, you will need a pretty fastcomputer when applying impressions to 5.3 K video footage, peculiarly if you’ve got a lot, there’s going to be a bitof yield time involved.In fact, I’d even say it’s just fasterdoing it on your telephone, so, I wouldn’t necessarilybother with the desktop workflow. Unless, that’s what you prefer. And if so, that’s fine. You can export from bothcameras into MP4 format. So the ONE R acquires for portable workflow, the GoPro wins for desktop workflow. Hmm, What else? Both of them have a bigrange of supplementaries, that you can buy to mount them in millions of different ways. Both, can live stream in 1080 P, with the GoPro, you’reobviously exerting this lens, the one and only lens. With the ONE R, you have to use the 4k orthe 360 lens to do that. But, this also has the benefit of shooting in two different ways. The first one is, youcan live stream in 360, with the 360 build and you can live streamwith 360 video reframed. So if you crave the insignificant planet accomplish, or, if you wanna move the chassis around, even into a ordinary view, like a normal webcam would do, you can do that.Speaking of webcams, both cameras can also be used as a webcam. Again, with the ONE R, youhave to use either the 360 mod or the 4K mod, to do that. But with the 360 mod, ithas this added aspect of be enabled trackyou, as you move around. Okay. Now for the number onefactor for most people, and that, is the price. The ONE R is moreexpensive than the GoPro.With the GoPro, if you subscribe to theirsubscription service, you get a hundred dollars off, but, it’s also a hundred dollars to do it. So, it various kinds of evens itself out. With the ONE R, occasionallythey articulated it on sale and that creates it down closer to the price of the GoPro. But, one large-scale factor hereis that with the ONE R, you’re not just buying the 1-inch mod, you’re buying three cameras in one, you get the one inch, you get the 4K mod, which I don’t really like by the way, which is why I haven’tmentioned it much in this video, but, you also get the 360 mod. And the 360 mod is the one I’vebeen using the vast majority of the time, when shootingwith my Insta3 60 ONE R.So, while I wouldn’t reallycall it three cameras in one, because these two lensesare more or less the same, the 1-inch is just a betterversion of the 4k mod. I would say, that it’s two cameras in one. It’s an action camera with a Leica lens and a excellent 1-inch sensor, and it’s a 360 camera, that can achieve hundreds of cool impacts, that can also be used inaction type status. And, when you buy the One R 1-inch, you also get this for free. So it really is two cameras in one. But, if you’re not interested in 360, then this may not be appealing to you. I would say though, merely render it an opportunity, check out some of thevideos on my canal, because I talk about 360 a good deal. I truly think it’svery cool and inventive and can enhance what cameraslike this can already do. And GoPro are clearly acknowledging that, when they brought out the Max last year, as their second 360 camera, and who knows they couldrelease another Max this year or next year. But, clearly 360 is helpingus capture better material from action form cameras.So, I unquestionably do see it as a ethic supplement. So, is this worth it for the rate? Yes. Is this worth it for the premium? Yes. Which one you have selected, would depend on what’s most important to you? So, if you’ve decided not to shoot 360 and it’s either this or this, then, the GoPro has better stabilisation. Right now, it’s got better slow motionand better sound quality.There’s no question thattwo screens are better, and this meets it much easierto use without phone calls. It’s also got a faster workflow for basic stabilised action shots, due to doing everything in the camera. The ONE R 1-inch in myopinion, has better photo and video quality andmuch better dynamic assortment, than the GoPro. So, if you’re someone thatobsesses over caliber, I just think you’re going to get a more consistently goodresult with the ONE R.It’s also better for cooleffects like hyperlapses and all of those cool effects, that 360 cameras enabling you to do. There are hundreds of them, and if you’re someonethat likes experimenting, procreating quirky material, thatis unlike traditional content, you would normally shootwith a camera like this. If you’re all about innovationand creating unique stuff, then a camera that alsodoubles as a 360 camera will give you such a big range of options, for types of content you can make.Whereas with the GoPro, you’re always going to be limited to exactly that one perspective, where you can only achieve a certain amount of things. If you want to learn more about the ONE R, and what it can do, be sure to check out theother videos on my channel because I’ve got somepretty indepth videos that explore all the cool gists, the workflows, the pros, the cons and everything. And yeah, smacked that subscribe button, for more coming in the future. And I’m curious, which of these two cameraswas your select and why? Let me know, down there. And, that’s it for this video. Hope it was helpful ..

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