GoPro HERO 10 Worth It? (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

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GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilization


-[ Nolan] The GoPro Hero1 0 is the best GoPro today, but it is also the mostexpensive GoPro today coming in at $500. I’m gonna share some things that I really like about this camera, as well as some things that I do not like. So is this worth the money? And should you get the GoPro Hero 10? -[ Man] You gotta exactly press record. – Hey people, my epithet isNolan Molt with Think Media. Now the GoPro Hero 10, you can get for $400 forthe next couple of days at the liberate of this video. For $400, you can get theHero 10 with some accessories and a year-long subscription to GoPro. Now I’m not gonna besurprised if this camera does go on sale duringthis holiday season. So made to ensure that you checkthe link in the description to see what kind of priceyou can get on this camera.Now, if you’re looking toupgrade to the GoPro 10, or you’re brand-new to GoPro, it’s really important tounderstand who this camera is for. Really, I think it comes downto three groups of beings. And that first group, Iwill call the adventurers. These are the peoplewho are going on hikes. Maybe they are surfers or then there bikers, and they wanna accompanying a camera that is shockproof and waterproof. They too like the GoPro because it’s small, portable, and has immense stabilization. Now, the second group of people would be your casual travelers. I truly think this camera isthe eventual roam camera. When it comes to going on vacation, you don’t wanna bring outyour phone or a nice camera, if it can get all sandyor dirty and spoilt. So having something like a GoPro with you, you can get some really cool shots. And if you are that casual traveler, maybe you don’t even knowhow to operate a camera, well, the GoPro hasfully automatic positions that you can just point and shoot, and get really cool stuff without having to knowhow to operate a camera.Lastly, if you’re someonewho does video product, a GoPro can really come in handy for you. If you’re someone who doesget paid to shoot videos, picking up a GoPro, you can get some reallycool inclinations with this thing. You can mount this to all sorts of stuff because of how lightweightand tiny it is. You can prepare it up as anextra wide angle at an event, or you could even getsome time-lapses with it. Now those are kind ofthe main three categories where I construe parties exploiting the GoPro and truly benefitingfrom a camera like this. Now if you already own a GoPro, you could use this as a YouTube camera.But I don’t really recommend buying the GoPro for a YouTube camera. If that’s you, check thelink in the specific characteristics. We have some videos on thebest cameras for YouTube. Now, before I get into what I like and don’t like about this camera, the GoPro can take photos, but I’m not gonna focus on that. During its consideration of the report, this is mainly for videos. So here’s what I really likeabout the brand-new GoPro Hero 10. First off, the fact that you can shoot in 5.3 K at 60 encloses asecond is really cool. Overall, those higher framerates and higher solvings surely are the biggestimprovement to this camera. And for an action camera like this, to me, it only stirs smell to have higher enclose ratesand higher resolves, because it’s not a zoom lens.You can’t really zoom inand get the shot you demand. So being able to crop in asmuch as you can with that 5K is really nice when youneed to get a tighter angle. With the extra resolution, you can also stabilize your shot in positions and still maintain a crispy 4K shot. And overall with this camera, I adore how much detail youcan get from these shots. We also get a new and improved lens on the GoPro 10 versus the GoPro Nine. This new lens is removable. So if you crack it orsomething happens like that, you can order a new one for $20. This lens is gonna be scratch resistant and likewise rebuffs ocean alot better than the Nine. Now, when I was doingsome side-by-side shots with my GoPro Nine and my 10, Willow, she got my camera’s really wet. And as the day went on, thewater dehydrated onto these lenses, but you could see that the Nine was a whole lot dirtier than the 10 was.And this is becausethat brand-new lens on the 10 repels water a lot more. So the water bone-dry on the Nine, where as on the 10, it felloff and hindered it a lot cleaner. Now, if you already have the Nine, I recommend buying one of these for $20 and we’ll have a link in the specific characteristics. HyperSmooth is justgetting better year by time and on the 10, that’s no different. It is looking really good. In this shot, I wassprinting next to Willow. And I was so surprised with how stable this footage came out. I adore that I can bring this GoPro out, do actually stable footagewithout the need of a Gimbal. Now, one of my favoritethings about the 10 is that front facing screen. Last year on the Nine, when they firstly came out with the screen, but it was still highly choppy.And you can see in this side by side, how smooth it is now on the 10, whereas the Nine is a bitchoppier and slightly delayed. This reaches it so easyto frame up your shot, specifically when you’retaking a selfie or vlogging, or shooting YouTube videos. The GoPro 10 also gota new chip inside of it that is supposed to clear thingsrun faster and run better. And this new chip is what’s starting thatfront screen so smooth. So I appreciate that itis obligating things better. However, it doesn’t makeeverything better on the 10. When it comes down to it, that figurehead screen is truly improved and the menu system is slightly improved. There’s still some times whenI try and click something and I inadvertently sounds something else. And it’s just not as fluid assomething like a smartphone. Now I did notice some improvements, but not a huge improvement when it comes to the menu navigation. However, I genuinely appreciate that the shortcuts ismuch easier to navigate on the GoPro menu system versus the Nine. Now when it comes to justpowering on your GoPro and touching record, it’s not really much faster than the Nine.There’s not massive improvements there. That being said, it’s still fast on both the Nine and the 10. There is just no improvement. I also genuinely enjoy having this red tally light on the breast. So when you are recording videos, you can see if you are recordingbecause of that red light. You too have the GoPro app andit’s really easy to connect. Then you have a live feed notion from your GoPro to your telephone. On the 10, you’re also gettingfaster uploads to the app. And peculiarly when you push the USB-C straight from the GoPro to your telephone, it’s gonna upload much faster. If you have an iPhone, go for it. It does recommend getting the Apple USB-C to lightning port adapter. So we’ll have a link for thatin the description as well. Now you can live stream anduse this camera as a webcam. Nonetheless, I don’t thinkit seeks much better than time your average webcam, so I’m not gonna be using it in this way.I likewise really like that theycontinue to update the GoPros. Even with the Hero Nine, there was a nice updatethat came out for that. And they’re continuing to update the 10. We’re gonna see a reallynice update here soon, where they’re gonna apply us5. 3K in 24 frames / second, which, I don’t know why that was on there in the very beginnings. But they are gonna be adding modernizes. And so that’s a nicething that GoPro does. All freedom , now let’s talk about the things that I do not like about the GoPro 10 and some things I choose they would fix. First off, when it comesto the GoPro pigments, you are going to have a Flat profile, which is very de-saturatedand there’s no contrast.This way, you can grade it later in announce. You’re too going to get Natural. So instead of having GoProlike you have on the Hero Nine, this nature you have Natural, but you also have Vibrant. Now I’ve never reallyliked GoPro’s colourings. And I is not like the Natural or the Vibrant options on the GoPro 10. For me, there’s justway too much contrast. I like the actual dyes thatyou’re getting out of it, but the pitch-blacks are just way more crushed. It too looks like a little extra detailed when you equate it to the Nine. I don’t know exactly how to explain this, but it surely searches different. Whereas the Nine seems a bit smoother, the 10 examines a little like choppier. Again, I don’t know how to describe this. But I likewise noticed that it’s a bit warmer on the 10 versus the Nine as well. I likewise found that whenshooting in Natural, the sky got a lot of racket in it. And so when I compared it to my Nine, the Nine should not have allthis noise in the sky.So I don’t know what was going on here. Because when I swopped the mode to Flat, there was no more noise in the sky. So I’m hoping that this canbe fixed in a future update. With that tell me anything, I lovetheir Flat picture profile. And when I’m shooting on the GoPro, I’m making sure to usethat Flat picture profile. And then all you have to do isadd a little bit of oppose, and a little bit of saturation, and you’re getting a much better image than your Natural or Vibrant alternatives. Now I do wish that GoPro wouldmake a good color profile that only appeared better andretained a lot more details in the palls and the highlights.We know that the informationis there in Flat. So I’d love if they came out with a preset that looks really good, straight out of camera. When it comes to lower light places, for example, when you’re shooting inside, this was shot inside during daytime. There’s not that much noise. And I equate this to my figurehead facing camera on my iPhone 13. There’s not much of an improvement when it comes to the Hero 10 in low-grade light. So if you have something like the Nine, you can expect the same answers. Now I’m gonna let youhear what it sounds like with the built-in microphoneon the GoPro Hero 10 as well as the audiocoming from the microphone on the media mod plugged into the 10. This is what it sounds like with the built-in microphoneon the GoPro Hero 10. This is what it sounds like with the breast microphoneon the media mod. Now you can hear that both of them actually don’t sound that good.And in my opinion, themedia mod rackets worse. Which means to get good audio, “youve got to” employed a shotgunmicrophone on the GoPro and push it into your media mod. And for me personally, that kinda takes awaya lot from the GoPro. I liked that it’s small and it’s pact, and I wish that the built in microphone was really good on the GoPro, or at least the mod had areally good shotgun microphone. If I could just take this thing out and have really good audio without having to bringon a shotgun microphone, I would use this a lot more to get immediate little vlogs with it. Now, lastly, I wish that they had a thread on the bottom of the GoPro foryour classic tripod adapters. Now I know that youactually can remove this and buy one that has that. But GoPro, come on, give us that in the next camera, please.I wanna be able to just discard this onto a selfie stick or a tripod, without having to get an adapter. All privilege, so now you’re asking, who do I actuallyrecommend this camera for? Well, first of all, it’s agreat little act camera. And it’s super powerful for its sizing. The fact that you can’t shoot5. 3K 60 frames / second, and shoot some reallyhigh chassis frequencies in 4K moves this thing really cool to use. But candidly, besides some ofthose increased frame frequencies and the improved selfie screen, there’s not much of a differencebetween this and the Nine. Especially when you just look at the likenes qualityside-by-side and the audio, they’re almost the same.So are those improvements onthe 10 importance an additional $ 100? Well, for some, it is likely to be. But for most, I don’t think it is. Like I said, this is thebest GoPro available, and the most expensive. So if you have themoney to buy this thing, then go ahead and buy this if you’re looking forthe best act camera. But personally for me, I has not been able to be buying the GoPro Hero 10, unless it was on sale andI could find it for a administer. And if that wasn’t the case, then personally, I would endup buying the GoPro Hero Nine. Now I did a lot of testsbetween the Nine and the 10. And if you click on the screen, you can see how I came to the conclusion on why I would buy the Nine versus the 10. I hope you guys experienced. And I’ll see you guys in the next video.( alleviating music ).


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