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Hi all chaps and welcome to ASVideo. After a few weeks of testing today we will see how the brand-new GoPro Hero 10 behaves against the GoPro Hero 9. Honestly it was a bit complicated to make this comparison because not ever everything went as I expected. In any case, all GoPro Hero 10 videos will always be on the right while GoPro Hero 9 videos will always be on the left. And now let’s go to see in detail. The container of the 2 GoPro is practically the same aesthetically and only the periodicals deepen. Once the box is opened we will find a handy case to carry the GoPro and user manuals. We too find a USB Type-C cable. The arched adhesive component and fortunately the same 1720 mah battery.We also find the classic GoPro mount with screw. Finally of course we have the GoPro full of cinemas to remove. Both are waterproof up to 10 rhythms deep and have the same dimensions. Only the force differs where the Hero 10 is 5 grams lighter than the Hero 9. Both have a 2.27 ” rear touch display and a 1.4 ” front lcd but on the Hero 10 there have been improvements. In fact on the Hero 9 when you are shooting in 5k the preview of the breast expose is very jerky instead on the Hero 10 we will finally be able to enjoy a liquid preview including information on this mini screen. Below in both we find the classic reclosable GoPro joint. So aesthetically they are the same except for the GoPro logo which on the Hereo 10 is colored and then clearly the side number progress from 9 to 10. Opening the side door in both GoPro we ever find the USB-C port, the same 1720 mah artillery and the slit for the MicroSD card. On both sides this side door is easily removable and replaceable. As on the Hero 9 in the brand-new GoPro there are Bluetooth GPS and WiFi which now GoPro claims to be even faster. From the few assessments I did it seemed to me that actually downloading enters is faster while the connection speed to the GoPro seemed unchanged. On the figurehead “were having” the protective glass which apparently is the same on the Hero 10 in fact it is disassembled and prepared as on the Hero 9 and are compatible with each other. But the one of the Hero 10 has received a better hydrophobic medicine and in fact there are many fewer drops-off of spray than the Hero 9 so when we immerse the GoPro and get it out of the sea we will notice little liquid residue on the lens by-passing us having that bad gist a bit fogged up that sometimes happens with action cameras. Let’s now find a field trial. In this Test I prepared both GoPro’s to 5k 30 FPS.Let’s see how they direct stabilization, character, colorings and even audio. And when I emerge from the sea the authorities concerned will too see the droops of spray on the lens. This is an audio test, let’s also see how the drops-off of ocean are directed. And it looks like the Hero 10 doesn’t have any drops-off except three little ones here. While the Hero 9 is full of them. As for the hydrophobic medicine, I must say that the Hero 10 plays better and therefore we will be less likely to have the shots devastated by the puts of sea on the lens. But now let’s move on to the photographic area were we find the same 23.6 megapixel Sony sensor in both GoPro, however, the resolution in raw has not changed while shooting in jpeg, the Hero 9 managed to reach “only” 20 megapixels while Hero 10 operations all the sensor is in fact we will have shots at 23 mpx.Before looking at the raw files let’s briefly verify the photos in jpeg. Ever on the right you’ll the Hero 10 and on the left the photos of the Hero 9. I can tell you that the photos of the Hero 10 seem to have a little more contrast but a little less definition than those of the Hero 9. In fact, if we ascertain these two photos that seem virtually the same, We see how the sky was managed better by the Hero 10 in fact it is a little less burnt.If we go and see here the difference is really negligible but what we are going to notice the most is actually the clarity. In fact, on the Hero 10 there are a little less items than the Hero 9 which, however, seems more artificial in fact it seems more than anything that the likenes texture has been digitally increased to enhance the details. If we look at the center here, we have the same situation. Indeed, the shot of the Hero 9 seems a little more defined but more artifact. So zooming in I would prefer the shot of the Hero 9 but as a whole in this case I is in favour of the shot of the Hero 10. If we look at this other photo in reality here they are very very similar. The Hero 9 shot a little slower in fact the image is a little brighter.In fact, in this case I promote the Hero 9 as a whole. Also here if we zoom in we see that actually on the 9 there seems to be a little more detail even if it is very artifact. In fact, if we look at the oceans and seas here, we actually be seen to what extent the waves seem more defined, but the idol “looks a little dirtier”. In this other photo, nonetheless, if I go to zoom the eye seems a little more defined on the Hero 10 but better management of the daybreaks in this case was better on the Hero 9 in fact if we go to zoom on the shoulder we understand a significant difference. In this photo the Hero 9 has been estimated the show differently in fact the image is a little brighter. Let’s see that there seem to be a little more details on this shot of the 9. While the shot of the 10 seems to have a little more contrast, in fact if we see here too it seems much darker not only for the show but a higher contrast. But now let’s move on to the raw files. Before actually dwelling on the definition of the shots in fresh, regrettably I have to tell you that the lily-white balance of the Hero 10 underwater in fresh runs quite badly. While in the jpeg it finagles everything well, the raw file instead has to be revised more than the same file of the Hero 9 in fact here the image in the 10 inspections much greener, but actually if we go to see the lays we have on the Hero 9 then: “temperature 7600 and hue 119 ” and I report them now. We see that the persona looks virtually the same in this case. Zooming in, we be understood that the interpretation is practically identical. The images both seem a little blurry in the same way.If we zoom in now, we too see that there are practically no gaps except the pigment that we are to be able readily adjust. Moving on to this other shot we have the same situation. In the raws the values must be changed in order to better manage the persona. But, I echo, time modification the colour and the temperature a bit and we will have the same result as 9. For those who process raw enters this is not a big problem but undoubtedly it’s a strange thing because the Hero 9 previously had a ” corrected photo ” and on the Hero 10 we have to go and make these big mends that will probably be done with the next software updates.Here, more, there is an abyss of divergence. But if we go to see the details they are very similar and in this case it is difficult to say who took the best shot. In this photo we see that this glass treatment actually labor. In fact, some removes are participating on the Hero 10, but to a much lesser extent than on the Hero 9. In fact, the photo is actually spoilt now. Speaking of details, the photos are very similar, even here it is difficult to say who earns. In this case, of course, I favor the photo from the Hero 10 because there aren’t those harassing stops of liquid. In this high shot we have again the problem of water droplets on the Hero 9. In fact, now the image is ruined. Instead on the Hero 10 you can see that there was actually a few drops of liquid like now. But apparently the result is much better in this case. In calls of description instead … … here it is actually full of drops.But here, on this photo paradoxically I would prefer the definition contained in the Hero 9. On this other image, as always, we investigate a different temperature. So we have a hotter shot on the Hero 10. In expressions of clarity the photos are very similar. In fact here I would prefer the shot of the Hero 9 a little bit which seems a little more defined. Zooming in we can see that now you can see this writing, while here it gets lost in the background.Clearly we are talking about zoom grades that we are able to never go to use but all this is very strange because I would have expected maybe a little more definition in the Hero 10 or simply the same result since they have the same sensor. In this last shot against the illumination we see how the lens of the Hero 10 actually searches of a higher quality. Because if we go to see the flare, here it seems a little lower quality. While now they are much softer. Now we have a little rainbow effect nonetheless it is very linear and soft. Here, on the other hand, “were having” the clod “whos also” relatively soft. However, significant differences are minimal. Clearly, likewise will vary depending on the tilt of the shot, this impact can be present in a different way.But basically it appears to me that this protective lens has a superior quality even if only slightly. If we go to zoom here in the centres of small island developing significant differences are minimal even with a little bit more zoom in this case the photos are really very similar. The changes are few but clearly looking at the raw files I expressed surprise that the GoPro Hero 9 can administer everything better. I hope that with a software update the grey equilibrium will be administered properly even in the raw files of the Hero 10. Moreover, if it manages to correctly process the lily-white counterbalance for the jpeg folders it is strange that the same thing is not applied in the raw files as happens precise on the Hero 9 which is the previous sit with the same sensor.The biggest difference between the two is the new GP2 processor inside the Hero 10 which is much more powerful. In fact, we realize this when we browse the GoPro menus. The plan is smoother and also more responsive. There are minor gaps when recording video and taking fresh photos. While if we try to take a super photo we will notice a much higher speed in the new GoPro. In video, thanks to this processor, we have 5.3 k as the maximum resolution instead of the 5k of the Hero 9. In words of quality, however, the differences are minimal if not nil. It must be emphasised that 5k in 4: 3 can be accessed on the Hero 10 which lends even more pixels to the video.The real turning point, however, is the ability to manage doubled the framerate from the GP2 processor in fact now we have the ability to record video in 5.3 k up to 60 fps. So we could use the maximum resolution to do small-minded slow motion. And if you are a lover of slow motion video then you will love the ability to record at 120 fps in 4k and 240 fps in 2.7 k. So on all resolutions we have twice the framerate than the Hero 9. There is a though. The 2.7 k 240 fps looks very similar to the 1080 p240 fps of the Hero 9 in fact the video seems to be a little less compressed but there is not much difference in terms of definition. For the moment I can inform you that 60 fps in 5.3 k are splendid. The 120 fps in 4k of the Hero 10 are certainly more defined than the 120 fps in 2.7 k of the Hero 9. But in all such cases this 4k at 120 fps will be less characterized than the 4k 60 fps of the Hero 9. As for the audio there are three microphones on both GoPros. And now let’s hear some audio examples.Now we are hearing the audio of the GoPro Hero 10. Now that of the Hero 9. In this case there is a lot of hurricane and you can also hear the announce of the oceans. This is an audio test. This is the audio of the GoPro Hero 10. While this is the audio of the GoPro Hero 9. Right now there is a bit of puff and too an aeroplane. Let’s see how the two GoPros behave outdoors. I’m recording with both GoPro’s in 5k in wide procedure. We too test the microphones and see how they behave. The audio changes are minimal. Only in some excerpts I elevated the Gopro Hero 10. But in other tests that I didn’t register you I didn’t notice big differences in fact there were some differences only when I braced the GoPro differently. Or maybe if at that moment the slip of sea was going to the microphone of a GoPro. So on average I can say that the Hero 10 records audio a little better.But still let’s talk about small things. Now let’s talk about stabilization where the Hero 10 brings with it an improved version of horizon leveling. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I recommend you watch the video above. But in a nutshell in this mode we will be able to align the compas even if we rotate the GoPro. In fact, the new Hero 10 can manage a greater degree of inclination that always contacts 45. On the Hero 9, however, the hue was a little lower.But above all it varied according to different provisions. In fact, as we have seen in these exams there has been a nice improvement. Speaking now of video aspect frankly in 5k I don’t notice big differences. Even if I zoom in on the videos very much, a better quality seems the same to me. One would have to look at every single pixel to try to find any difference. While in terms of stabilization there are some differences even though they are minimal in favor of the Hero 10. The color management is also very similar and it seems to record with the same action camera. Except for the fact that the Hero 10 seems to always apply a little bit of compas leveling and we see it immediately in this short Vlog. New location, new test. I am always recording with both in 5k 30 fps. And chaps I have to say to you that candidly making this quality comparison is very complicated because both GoPros seem to record pretty much the same way. So from the point of view of video quality well I would say that the difference is really negligible if at all.The divergences are clearly there for other factors, such as stabilization and framerate. In short, the other things we are already talking about. Reviewing the GoPro videos, nonetheless, I “ve learned that” the Hero 10 exercises a compas leveling thread even if this is not active in fact I am revolving the GoPro and on the Hero 10 this movement will be less present than the Hero 9. Moving briefly to light research, as ever I is not recommend exerting action cameras in low-grade lighting preconditions, in fact the Hero 10 will act similarly to the Hero 9 and therefore we will have a very poor result. In these conditions, moreover, stabilization will have a lot of hurdle and therefore we will have a blurred video. Now I have prepared ISO4 00 and clearly the image is very dark, but it has an acceptable tone. Here I left the GoPro in automated and therefore I was at ISO6 400; although the two are unusable, the Hero 9 in such cases managed the sound better. Moving on to a more enlightened place, I noticed how the Hero 10 controls the interference reduction filter differently.And although the performance is similar, it managed to obtain a slightly better result than the Hero 9. As ever, to be able to use an action cam in the evening you are required to a spotlight like the Zeus Mini, above you can take a look at the video inspect. In fact, by adding a light source, the performance of the GoPro will drastically improve. Speaking of artillery I noticed that on average when the Hero 10 runs out, the Hero 9 has about 10/15% of battery left.As for overheating, both suffer from it and preparing them in the same way to 5k the Hero 10 turned off after 1H01 minutes of recording, with the artillery at 20%. While the Hero9 was exhausted after 1H12 minutes with 17% battery. So the Hero1 0 all things being equal when recording in 5k will overheat about 10 minutes before the Hero9. These tests I conducted them with about 28 of temperature. For the battery life I expected these results or something similar, since we have the same amperage but in the Hero 10 there is a much more powerful processor that clearly depletes more power. As for the supplementaries of the Hero 9, fortunately they are all compatible with the Hero 10. So we can use the classic component for the GoPro and also the diving suit of the Hero 9 on the Hero 10, and as we have already said also the same battery. Even the mods have all remained compatible. For pattern, the Max Lens Mod is physically compatible but via software it remains not, in fact the GoPro supports us to wait for the next update which should take place by November 2021. The file transfer app has remained Quik, but now with the’ release of the Hero 10, on both Gopros there is the possibility to transfer files via cable to your smartphone. More knowledge can be found in the video above.Before reason I would like to underline the fact that as for the Hero 9 also for this Gopro it will make some modernizes to fix everything a bit. In fact, the Hero 9 has improved a lot after a few cases updates. That said, honestly, with the Hero 10 I didn’t have the “wow effect” I had with the Hero 9 last year. In fact, this new Gopro seems to me more like a Hero 9+. The real gap is the processor which undoubtedly yields so much better strength to the Hero 10. In periods of fluidity and responsiveness now is no longer “annoying” like the Hero 9 which was sometimes too slow. But we also have the ability to record at double the framerate which is no tiny feat. In fact, the 60 fps in 5k are exceptional and 120 fps in 4K even if they are not very well defined, however, are better than 120 fps in 2.7 k of Hero 9. In terms of maximum decide objectively I did not notice different in the 5.3 k and 5k of 9. With other resolutions candidly I have not done countless measures because I wanted to try them to the maximum of their possibilities. At a photographic level in. jpg almost nothing changes and I made them on these levels, while in raw, paradoxically, the Hero 9 starts it a little bit more. So the question you are all inviting is: Is it worth buying the new Hero 10? So if you have the Hero 9 it doesn’t make sense to me, unless some of the little extra features of the Hero 10 are critical to you, such as 60 fps even at full resolve. If, on the other hand, you have a model older than 9 or do not have an action cam, in my opinion it is better to prefer the 10 because the Hero 9 is already at its full potential.While the Hero 10 with future modernizes will certainly improve a lot. This is also thanks to the processor that has unlocked so many possibles. And too speaking of tolls there is a convenience to buy the Hero 10 compared to the 9. At the moment on the GoPro site the Hero 9 with a year of due and a 32 gb Sandisk Extreme MicroSD rates 379 while the Hero 10 with a year of due, a 32 gb Sandisk Extreme microSD, the double charger and an extra battery overheads 429 so if we likewise consider the supplementaries, and that it is a more recent model and that in the future will receive more is available in my opinion it is worth buying the 10. In description I leave you all the useful associates. Well people, I know it was a long video but I have tried to cover the main aspects of these activity cameras and I hope I have clarified your ideas.If you liked today’s video, leave a nice like and subscribe to the channel :D.

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