GoPro Hero 10 vs DJI Action 2 Skiing Test and Comparison

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20 months – that'' s the length of time it ' s been given that. I ' ve been winter sports. I ' m pleased that it ' s beginning once again as well as today I have 2 activity cams.
with me. The GoPro Hero 10 and the Activity 2 by DJI. And also consider what a wonderful wintertime.
landscape there remains in the Italian Alps this year, already in November. Today I intend to understand.
which of both cameras is better matched for shooting when winter sports or snowboarding. For this,.
certainly, I will certainly likewise shoot in 4K120 with both cams. I'' m likewise curious about exactly how the Action.
2'' s shots look with the especially vast field of vision ultra-wide when installed on the chest.
place or the safety helmet mount.At the end

I'' ll give you comments on exactly how the two video cameras managed.
the cool and also explain thoroughly which setups I utilized. However before that, allow'' s look at the.
shots. But please wear'' t expect three-way backflips. These are just typical snowboarding shots that any.
average skier could do. See you in a min! Okay. So, what do you consider the footage.
from the two video cameras? By the way, as always, you can find links to both cameras and also.
the accessories I utilized today in the video clip description.Both video cameras really worked well. and didn ' t trigger any problems.
There were no unforeseen crashes in spite of -10 levels Celsius. In this context, nevertheless, I have a crucial pointer for you if you wish to make use of an activity electronic camera. when snowboarding: On the ski lift, I constantly placed both cams in my jacket pocket and did not leave them. on the ChestMount or the HelmetMount. Or else, one way or another every cam will give up in.
such temperature levels. I usually used the Activity 2 without the Front Touch Show component.
On. the ski lift, I then attached it to the Front Touch Display component. Or else the battery would. not have lasted extremely long. As you can see below, the screen of the Action 2 deactivated in. the cold. If I have seen this appropriately, the front display screen on the GoPro has also. deactivated. However, given that the camera was typically affixed to a place,
I couldn ' t see this. clearly.Both video cameras are well suited for winter sports. I have been using the GoPro for this for

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years. What I noticed favorably regarding the Action 2 was the vibration function. The resonances,. for instance when switching the camera on, were likewise extremely noticeable when
the cam. was mounted on the helmet. The magnetic mount system makes it very simple to connect the electronic camera. to the helmet and get rid of it again. On top of that, the low weight of the Action 2
is particularly. obvious when mounted on a headgear or a post. As for the settings are worried,
I. fixed the ISO worth on the GoPro to 100, set the sharpness to Low and also the colour.
to Vibrant, the common GoPro colours. On the Action 2, I established the ISO worth to 100-200. However, you can ' t adjust the sharpness there. You can just repair the ISO worth to 100. if you also set the shutter rate manually, which would certainly be rather cumbersome with changing. lighting problems as well as the cam on the safety helmet. You ' ve seen the shots, how do you like the. picture quality of the two electronic cameras when skiing? Simply create me in the comments. If you liked. the songs, you will likewise discover a web link in the video clip description.There will be much more video clips.
about the GoPro Hero 10 and also the Action 2. Give me a Like as responses if the video clip was. fascinating for you and see you next time!.

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GoPro Hero 10 Vs DJI Action 2 Skiing Test And Comparison