GoPro HERO 10 vs 9 vs 8 (Buyer’s Guide 2022)

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GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilization

– So you’re looking to buy a GoPro and you’re wondering if thenewest GoPro, the HERO1 0, is actually worth $500, or if you should get the HERO9 for $400, or maybe even get the HERO8 for $300. Well, by the time you finish this video, I’m gonna make sure youknow exactly which GoPro that you should buy. Now, speedy little spoiler alarm, I do recommend the HERO8, but I likewise recommend the 9 and the 10, all for all kinds of beings. It all comes down to howyou’re going to use the GoPro and how much moneyyou’re willing to devote. But don’t worry, I’m gonna let you know which GoPro is the best andwhich GoPro is the best value. So stay chanted to find outwhich GoPro you should buy. You gotta time press record .( camera beeping) Hey guys, my reputation is Nolan Molt with Think Media and I wanna start off by talking about the GoPro HERO8 and who I recommend this GoPro for because the 9 and the 10 are actually certainly similar, but the 8 is a bit different.Now, one of the main differences with the 8 is you don’t havethat front-facing screen looks just like you do on the 9 and the 10. Now, if you know that you really want that front-facing screen, then you already know togo with the 9 or the 10, and don’t go with the 8. However, I think there’s a lot of people who don’t need the front-facing screen, depending on how they use the GoPro. Overall, the GoPro HERO8 isa superb act camera, coming in at $300. However, today on Amazon, I checked it on sale for 289. So make sure you check thoselinks in the description because these GoPros can go on sale and you can definitelypick them up for cheaper. As far as the portrait tone runs, it’s not going to beas nice as the 9 or 10, but it is really close tolooking like the 9 or the 10. It is a bit more contrasty, so you’re not gonna get asmuch detail in the skies if there’s a really luminou sunspot or in the shadows if it is really dark. Now, you’re still ableto shoot video in 4k on the HERO8, however, it’s not gonna beas sharp-worded as the 9 or 10, but it’s a great 4k epitome. It’s still sharp-worded, and a lot of us are stilldoing 1080 p videos on YouTube, or whether you’re gonna uploadto Facebook or Instagram, you might not really need 5k. The 4k is good enough. Now the HERO8, in my opinion, was one of those first GoPros that actually had a reallygood HyperSmooth feature. So if you are wanting toget genuinely continuous shots with your GoPro, whether you’reusing it as an war camera or some sort ofwalk-and-talk type of video, this is still gonna providevery stable footage for you.All claim, so who isthis GoPro 8 certainly for? First of all, if you’re on a plan, this is definitely the one to go with. Once you start getting to the 7, 6, 5, I really don’t think it’s worth it. I think it’s worth spendingjust a little extra money to go ahead and get the 8. Mainly because of that 4k footage and the HyperSmooth beingmuch improved on the HERO8. Now if this GoPro you’renot gonna use all the time. It’s not gonna be your main camera. I surely recommendjust saving the money and going with the 8, and you get a nice wide shot in 4k. Whether you’re shootinga wed, an contest, you wanna get a time-lapse, maybe you’re shooting a video podcast and you precisely wanna get an extra angle. This is definitely a good way to go, and you can save some good money because you don’t needthat front-facing screen.And in those cases, also, you don’t need super crazyhigh resolution slow motion if you’re just gonna be shooting 4k, 24 frames per second or3 0 frames per second, you can get a nice shotout of this camera. Now, of course, it’s notgonna be a perfect camera. There’s a lot of improvementsthat they’ve made to the 9 and the 10. However, if you’re justusing this recreationally or you wanna set up that extra inclination, I recommend going with this because having a slower menu system or having your photos andvideos take a little bit longer to save. It’s not really a big dealif you’re not squandering this in a professional setting.Now that said today, the 9 and the 10 definitely dohave some major improvements. And if you have the money and you’re wanting toget a really good GoPro, you’re gonna wanna lookat the 9 or the 10. Now if you’re in the boat for getting one of these two cameras, I’m gonna help you catch out which one is the best value GoPro. Is it worth spendinga hundred dollars more for the brand new 10? Or should you save that a hundred dollars and just get the 9? Now there’s definitely a fewreasons you do wanna expend that extra money to jump up from the 8 to one of the following options cameras, and first of all, that isthat front-facing screen. Like I mentioned, it’s really nice havingthat front-facing screen if you’re doing YouTubevideos, if you’re vlogging, really, if you’re setting up a auto shot or you’re just in a tight cavity, having that front-facing camera is so nice because you can set up theshot exactly how you demand and you don’t have toguess and kind of move it to where you think it isor connect it to a phone.You just have everythingyou need right here. And for me, that hasbeen my favorite aspect about these cameras isthe front-facing screen. The second reason to get one of these cameras is youhave higher resolutions and frame paces. So you can shoot in 5kand 5.3 k on the GoPro 10. And this gives you a really sharp likenes. And in a professional setting, you can still crop in andstill export videos in 4k. Now, a lot of us don’t need 5k and 4k, so you can still shoot 1080 in these if you only wanna recordsome cool remembers, record a hike, or whatever it is, but the 5k likenes reallyhas a beautiful likenes with a lot of detail in there. And with the higher frame paces, you can get really cool slowmotion shots on the GoPro. And lastly, you’re gonnaget better stabilization with these cameras. They only continue to improve and improve that HyperSmoothstabilization year after year and it’s getting really, really good. Now, before I get into the differences between these cameras, I do wanna say that theimage is very similar.If you look at these side-by-side and you did a blind comparing experiment, you probably could nottell which one was which, however, when shooting on these cameras and doing those side-by-side comparings, I did find some things thatyou guys are gonna wanna know. Now on the GoPro 9, youdo have two hue alternatives. You’re gonna have flat as well as GoPro. GoPro is gonna be your regularcolors with the differentiate and saturation baked into the footage, whereas flat is gonna be flatter. It’s not gonna have as much contrast. It’s not gonna have as much saturation. And this is so that you can add in your own shades during revising. Now on the GoPro 10, it’sa little bit different. You still have that flat option, but now you have a natural option to replace the GoPro option on the 9. And then you too have a vibrant option. Now for this test thatyou’re looking at right now, we have the GoPro 9 in the GoPro color, and we have the GoPro1 0 in the natural coloring. Now, what I noticed is that the 9 was certainly more saturated.The shades were more vibrant and the 10 had a littlemore of a warmer tone. Now if this was the onlyway to shoot the footage and I had to choose one or the other, I actually like the GoPro9 better than the 10, just the nature that it examinations. It’s more saturated. I suppose the pigments search a little bit more. And so, I’m choosing the 9 over the 10, but genuinely that’s just penchant. I can always boost thesaturation on the GoPro 10 or turn the saturation down on the 9 and mess with those hues in editing. But one thing that I didnotice on the GoPro 10 was that the blue sky had alot of sound in the shot. When you look at the 9 and the1 0 side-by-side in the sky, you can see how much sound is in the 10. And the 9 really looks nice and clear. Now, both cameras were onthe same exact determines when it comes to all theexposure tools, ISO, the EV Comp, all that stuff was set to the exact same.Now, the interesting thing was when I shot with these cameras in flat mode, that interference was not in thesky anymore on the GoPro 10. And when I zoomed in on flat state, I experienced that the 9 actually hadmore sound and discoloration in the darks, exclusively, versus on the 10. And the GoPro 10 seemed to have a little more detail as well. Now you do get a littlebit more resolution with 5.3 k on the 10 versus just 5k on the 9. However, that’s not thatbig of a difference. So it’s hard to tell ifthat’s why it’s sharper or if they just have a cleanerimage coming out of the 10 versus the 9. I don’t know, but when itcomes to that flat chart, I give the edge to the 10. Now this is a good time to remind you guys that the differences betweenthese two cameras are very, very small when it comesto the image quality. Now, if you’re watchingthis on your telephone, you probably could not tell any difference between these two cameras if I only demonstrated them to you and I didn’t zoom in andactually top them out to you. And that’s why I wanted to start off and tell you guys thatthe likenes caliber is very, very similar, but of course, this is a comparison, so I am going to nitpick. Now on these cameras, when it came to their natural procedures, the GoPro and the natural, I only don’t really like it when you compare it to the flat mode. The flat mode really givesyou so much more detail in those shadows and those spotlights, if you precisely contribute a little of contrast and a little bit of saturation, you’re getting a much betterimage than the natural or the GoPro colors.For me, when it comesto using these GoPros, I’m for sure use the flat coloring chart, because you can justget so much more detail out of the image. Both these cameras, of course, have built in microphones so you are eligible to hear what that sounds like now. This is an audio test to see how it seems on the GoPro 9 versus the 10. Which one dins better? Do they chime the same? Let me know in the comments, but this is kind of the audio that you’ll get straight out of the GoPro. It’s not very good. I obviously recommendgetting the Media Mod and a shotgun microphoneif you plan on doing a lot of vlogging with the GoPro. Listening back to both of them, there is a small difference, but I couldn’t tellwhich one I liked better. So I’m just gonna give ita knot on the audio excellence. And I was actually surprised that it wasn’t as bad as Iremember GoPro audio being. Still though, you can get way better audio with that shotgun microphone and the Media Mod plugged into the GoPro.So I clearly wouldrecommend doing that still, if you are going to vlog or shoot YouTube videostraight into the GoPro.( camera snapping) This is a test to see how it sounds onthe built-in microphones on the GoPro. And this is what it soundslike with the knockoff version of the Rode Video Micro. When it comes to the design, both are gonna bewaterproof up to 10 meters and both have that removable lens cover. However, on the HERO1 0, there’s actually adifferent type of lens cover that repulses liquid a lotbetter than the 9 does.Now after Willow came boththese cameras all soaking wet, they kind of dehydrated a littlebit as I was still shooting. And I was also noted that the 9 was just a bit dirtier than the 10. I speculate a lot of the waterkind of fell off that lens like it’s supposed to versus the 9, it various kinds of only bone-dry onto that lens. And you’d “re going to have to” cleanthat off as you go. Now, if you have the 9, you can actually just buy that lens clothe and it’s gonna fit onto your9 even though it was offset with the 10 and comeswith all of the GoPro 10 s. Now, when it comes to video, there are some big differenceswhen it comes to resolution and formulated rates.On the HERO9, you can shoot5k up to 30 frames / second, but on the HERO1 0, you can shoot 5.3 k upto 60 frames / second. Basically, all the framerates have now doubled to the GoPro 10. So now the GoPro HERO1 0 canshoot 4k 120 frames per second, and 2.7 k at 240 frames / second. The HERO9 has HyperSmooth 3.0, whereas you have a newHyperSmooth of 4.0 on the HERO1 0. Now I belief both of themwere really, really gone. However, I do have to give the edge to their brand-new and improved HyperSmooth 4.0. Now in this shot, I’m literallysprinting following Willow and it does a really good job. I was super surprisedwhen I glanced back at this because I thought it wasgonna be super uncertain, but it did a really good jobof stabilizing that footage, even when I was sprintingas fast as I could.Now I definitely shouldhave employed scope leveling for these shots. It would’ve “ve been given” a betterimage that was more straight. And that’s another categorythat the 10 has improved. You now have betterhorizon leveling on the 10 versus the 9. Both cameras are gonna featurestabilized time-lapse video and speed ramping, just like the HERO9. And both cameras have theability to live series and use these as webcams.They also have the same battery. So you’re pretty much gonna seethe same battery achievement on both sets of cameras. Now, one of the large-hearted thingsthat GoPro has spoken about when it came to the 10 was their brand-new microchip. Now, when it comes to real-worlduse, is it actually better? Does the menus actually go through faster? Well, it various kinds of does, but I didn’t notice thatbig of a difference. On these GoPro, on the back screen, it’s nothing like asmartphone touchscreen. It’s still a little bit clunky. Sometimes when you try to affected a button, it departs somewhere else. And so, it’s definitely not excellent. I don’t love it. And the improvement is there. I obviously noticed some positive developments, but it’s not as big as I hoped it would be or thought it would be. Now these cameras have immediate captivate. So if you simply touched the recordbutton while they’re off, it’s gonna start recordingas soon as possible. And I did this test three times and guess which one was faster? Not the 10. It was the 9 every single time. And I even turn these camerasaround to show you guys because I was like, theymight not believe me. So I had to turn the cameras around and establish you that the9 was actually the one that was faster. Now when you really influence the1 0 on it’s scarcely faster than the 9. I do know that it doeshave some processing that is faster when it comes to photos, but when it is necessary to us videopeople just powering it on, recording videos, saving those videos, they’re very similar and there’s not a huge difference there. And you can actually see in this test when they’re on and youhit the record button at the same time, the record start times are the same.So there is no improvement when it comes to actuallyjust starting your video on record. Now I don’t wanna bash them for this because it’s immediate on both cameras, but there is no improvementwith the brand-new camera. One of the things I love aboutthe 10 is the menu system, when it is necessary to shortcut, is so much easier to navigate and find what you’relooking for versus the 9. Now on November 16 th, there’s actually supposed tobe a big update when it comes to GoPro and a softwareupdate for the new GoPro 10. The HERO1 0 is about to be gettingthe Max Lens Mod support. And likewise, we are gonnaget 24 frames per second at all resolutions. Right now you can shoot 5kat 30 frames per second, but not at 24, which is kindof lame, but don’t worry.That’s gonna be coming out very shortly. We’re likewise gonna get the SuperView Lens at 5.3 k resolving, at 30, 25, and 24 frames / second. Now, from everything I’vesaid about the new chipping, it might sound like it doesn’t do much. Nonetheless, the figurehead screen is much better. And I think this is becauseof their brand-new GoPro 2 microchip. Now when I’m shooting in5k and I’m waving my hands, you can see how choppy it is on the 9. It’s still good for framing up your shot. And it’s still good to kind of see if you’re still in the shot, but it is so much smootherwhen it’s on the 10. Now the 9 is still usable for sure.It is choppy. It’s a little delayed, but there’s been bigimprovements on the 10 and so, if you’re looking for something that’s super reliable for vlogging or for coming that freedom shotfrom the front-facing screen, then the 10 definitelywins in that list. Now that’s a lot to cover. So when it comes down to it, which is the better camera? Which one should you buy? And is it worth an extra hundred dollars to go with the new one? Or should be used merely get the 9? Now, if you were to ask me, hey, what’s the best GoPro? I don’t care about coin. I only wanna buy the best GoPro. Well, I would say it’s the GoPro 10. Now the one thing that was kind of funny with the GoPro 10 wasthe sound in the sky. Now this probably could befixed in a software update, but if you’re like me and you wanna get thebest video image possible, then you’re gonna beshooting in flat anyways. And you get a really cleanlooking shot out of that.But I know a lot of you guys are asking, is the 10 usefulnes a hundreddollars more than the 9? But before I answer that, you can actually get the GoPro 10 for $400 if you have a GoPro subscription. And I reckon for the next fewdays, they are doing a transaction. If you get the GoPro 10 at $400, you get a year free subscription to GoPro. And in that case, I thinkdefinitely go for the GoPro 10, but when it comes downto the best value GoPro and which one I personallywould waste my own coin on, I would get the GoPro HERO9. It’s still a stupendous camera and it really doesn’t lookmuch different than the HERO1 0. People would not reallynotice if I’m shooting on a 9 or a 10. And so, you’re really payingfor some of the second thing. On the 9, though it’s choppy, you still have that frontscreen, which is so useful, and you’re too still able to shoot in 5k. And though you can’t shoot in60 frames per second in 5k, you can still get somegood slow-mo on the 9. Yes, it’s not gonna be as abrupt as the 10 because you have moreresolution on the 10. But again, for most peoplewho are just viewing on their telephones, they’re not gonna notice. So if you require the best GoPro possible and you have the money oryou can find it on sale or find a great deal, clearly get the GoPro 10. But if you wanna save some coin and still get a magnificent GoPro, I recommend going with the 9. Click on the screen towatch another GoPro video. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.( upbeat music ).

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