GoPro Hero 10 Overheating: 40 Tests Later

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[ Dramatic building suspenseful music] BEEEEEEEEP…BEEP….BEEP…BEEP.[ More Beeps] You are aware of they say, like: “Curiosity killed the cat? ” Well, I would say, like: “Curiosity has tried to kill my GoPro’s for the last week and a half or so.” I’ve been doing evaluation after test.Some 40 evaluations at this site purely on one thing: To kill this from overheating.And of course, it’s not a question of does it overheat? Yes, it can overheat in certain scenarios.The real question is how, why, when, and where does it overheat? And that’s something thatthrough this massive Excel spreadsheet I’ve been trying to figure out.And it’s actually reallyfascinating. For sample if I positioned this in a dive client, would it overheat? So I made this, I bind a ropeon it, and I plummeted a pair cameras to the bottom of the reservoir to see what happened. Next ifI lived in, like, Dubai and it was 100 stages out( Fahrenheit ), with this camera overheat? I don’tlive in Dubai, so I did the next best thing. I basically hot boxed my shower. I puta room heater in there, I heated it up to over 100 stages. I kept cameras in there, and Ieven had a separated piece of glass to be able to figure out whether airflow, if I had a fan onone side, would keep the camera from overheating. This got pretty crazy I travelled ahead and putthem in the deep freeze in the fridge I’ve done all these sort of tests to see where that thread ison overheating versus not and it is not involve simply sitting a camera on a table and saying itoverheats it involves actually applying it daytime to era and i think that’s the biggest thing i wentback to in this entire process is that i use these cameras for a few months without formerly overheating inreal life action camera situations but i’ve also been around the gopro world long enough to knowthat everyone uses a gopro for different things some people use them outdoors like myself allthe time for war nonsense and other parties also like myself use them indoors i routinelymount these cameras around the studio now for capturing things on indoor bike managers orjust as an extra camera so the ability for this camera to work across all those arrays is justas important and to understand where it’s going to fail is actually even more important to me soi roughly divide up my assessment in two cliques going nowhere and going somewhere in the case of goingnowhere there is no airflow in the case of going somewhere there is airflow and then i had boththe hero 10 and hero9 two superstar 10 s and two here i had a lot of action cameras all the time andthus i did what any self-respecting geek would do i made a powerpoint presentation for it sowe’re going to start off now at 1080 p and go all the way up to a 5k but there’s some reallycool surprises along the way so don’t be skip ahead relatively more now as a general rule of thumbfor my test i was only start off with indoor testing firstly and if i miscarried that then i’ll go outdoorsif it overtook the indoor test then there was really no reason to go outdoors in most cases becauseagain air flow as you’ll see is what matters now so in this case at 1080 p 30 indoors artillery lastedtwo hours and three minutes uh at 60 frames per second one hour nine instants the artillery wasn’tfull also this is not a battery evaluation i don’t overthink the battery line-up of it uh most ofthe artilleries are between 94 and 100 accused but it was artilleries from over the last year soi mixed and matched hero9 here are 10 batteries it’s the same battery but i desegregated and coincided theones that i’ve had for a year that have been like put through the ringer versus ones thatwere brand new so just focus on like why did it die overheating or battery uh sonext to 2.7 k overheat at 60 frames / second after about 40 times of statically sitting thereand again this is i just articulated a camera in front of something and i give it roll until it dies and atthe end of that it will say on the camera exactly why it dies it’ll say whether it’s overheat andso a camera is too hot or it’ll say the battery is low and you’ll see that there for the splitsecond before it slams off so if you have that and you’re watching that you can kind of figureit out pretty easily we have time lapse and time warp now these are a little different than regularmodes in the case of time lapse it’s just taking a bunch of photos on and on and on forever andyou can see here from these exams there was no defaults of the overheating zero issues withoverheating they die the natural artillery causes and i did time warp time warp is all about movingby the way so hour mistake if the camera’s sitting still for the most part and time warp if you’regoing somewhere a lot more complicated than that but that’s a general like simple version of thisin that case i filmed for an hour and ten minutes before i got tired of riding around in circles foran hour and 10 minutes uh and plus the camera was cool to the touch 31 battery left at that point ithad more than stabilized and there was no problems with time warp there which becomes gumption because iwas going somewhere because that’s part of what time work was typically used for now one scenarioi didn’t blanket in the time warp though is if you were to put this inside of a front dashboard andthen drive somewhere for two hours uh where that figurehead smash or maybe in the sun or red-hot you mightget different makes there okay so from here we move into the 4k measures uh and these are actuallyrelatively straightforward a little overheat but not for a while uh so in the case of 4k 30 for example at a 70 severity office it overheated at one hour on the dot pretty much however things diddepend on the temperature of the room as you might expect so for example that 4k 30 assessment if i did itat a 76 magnitude area a bit warmer room that day in that case it was 48 times before overheated andthen inversely if i bumped up the chassis paces to 120 frames per second at a 70 severity office uh thenit descended it down to 19 minutes nonetheless and this is where things get kind of important once youapply air move overheating doesn’t happen anymore so give this 120 frames per second outdoor testuh 29 instants before the battery died and that’s what you’re gonna get battery-wise that’s prettyclose to spec i think the spec is like 31 times for gopro on 4k 120 frames / second and that’sactually two different experiments this is the official test i did i did another research where i employed this ontop of a dji fpv droning and then flew around for a while and it flew around the entire time thatbattery previous and then it also was still going when it went into the bushes and i had to find itfor a while so it was still recording that part epoch which was pretty much that same 30 minutesor so timeframe there so 4k 120 frames per second as long as you’re going somewhere you’re prettymuch punishment so now let’s talk 5.3 k right the highest resolution we’ll talk about differentframe frequencies within this uh so in this case i had the 5.3 k at 30 encloses and 60 makes persecond uh in various scenarios mostly involving a bicycle where i was going somewhere thus there waslight airflow it wasn’t going very fast by the way 25 kilometers an hour 18 km / hour i was themax speed on this merchandise bike i was on so that was just what i was going at but you can see batterywas the cause of death of every single scenario it was always artillery it ever felt cool to touchafterwards or at least not like super hot it was warm but not red-hot and on all these evaluations it wassunny and pretty much 70 degrees out now falling into the category of outdoors is underwatertesting a lot of beings requested and thought well this will certainly overheat if i put into divehousing and was down under spray no no it didn’t so i put one hero 10 in a dive casing and onehero 10 not a dive residence and then i tied it to a lasso and i used to go and stand up paddle boardingout to the lake and then i stopped it down and in this case i didn’t go like crazy deep becausejust as a indicate it’ll actually get cool the crazier deep you go so it would actually makethis evaluation even less important but in this case battery was the reason it died in fact i knowthis because i made a rig that would go ahead and have the superstar 9 attached behind it like thisso i could see at the last made why exactly it died and in both cases it was battery in the caseof the scuba it actually started slightly longer than the other one but again who knows what the exactbattery state was the beginning so at this moment you’re probably asking yourself have i touched thelike button on this video and the answer is i hope so because i’ve wasted a great deal of time on thesetests and it truly does is to assist the video in the path if you reach that like button or hitsubscribe for more crazy videos like this now of course you may also be asking why is it thatthe gopro in the scuba case didn’t overheat and i think the answer is actually relatively simplethe lake is cool not cold like i was swimming it without a wetsuit or anything like that the daybefore and the working day after so it was just you know summer cool if you will uh and thus it’s going toact like a monstrous heatsink it’s going to go ahead and take that hot air inside there and cool itdown to lake temperature which is certainly far cooler than what’s inside that gopro and it’sgoing to do that the entire hour so even though it’s not immediately touching that it is cooling thatdown and it actually wields and certainly if you’re using all such cases then you’re probably moving evendeeper than i was here thus the sea be even cooler and then the effect would be even greaterand you’d have even less difficulties okay so let’s get into the final frontier of battery crazinesshere 5k 30 and 60 frames / second indoors in a nutshell though if you are shooting 5k 60 thehighest this camera can do its main reason why you might buy this camera it’s going to overheat ina static environment in approximately about 20 minutes give or take depending on exactly how hot theroom is a couple minutes more if it’s cooler a duo minutes longer if it’s hotter that’sroughly the gist of it at 5k30 you’re gonna get to about an hour before it overheats whichisn’t actually all that far from the battery period allegation of roughly here i am thinking 70 minutes or soso not probably a huge loss there but there’s some really interesting caveats uh number one i testedwhat would happen if i took off the artillery entrance and in that case it had predominantly negligible impactsjust a duet added times there about 22 minutes and then i experimented what would happen if i took offthe battery door took out the battery and plugged it in to a usb power bank in that case i did 5k 60 all the way up to 55 instants yes 5k 60 55 minutes no battery doorway no battery exactly plugged in sothen you ask what would happen if it was cold so no problem like let’s say you were a butcherand you were filming a youtube canal on inside your meat freezer or something in that case youcan kept a superstar 10 in there with the artillery and at 5k 60 frames / second again the highest you’dever need to go with no reason to do that inside of a meat cupboard but whatever then that casebattery was the cause of death at 44 hours uh and the same for the refrigerator artillery was alsothe cause of death as well there so that exactly you are familiar with stopped it cool enough that it wasno problems at all but i hear it now people are saying yeah but you didn’t research likein a red-hot beach and that’s true i don’t have a red-hot coast to test with uh i used did thenext best thing i literally made a hot beach in my bathroom uh so basically i have a tiny littlebathroom so i articulated a space heater in there and i tell it heat up about 100 grades fahrenheit andthen i threw two gopros on either side of a glass part uh and on one side i had a dinky littlestroller fan like it’s dinky that i can precisely stroke it and it stops so it’s not producing a ton ofwind it’s just a little bit of air similar to what you would have outside in a red-hot environmentlike living in florida dubai or whatever you want and the other side it had no wind at all and theni left the heater on by the way to make it even hotter as the test went on and i tried to seewhat would happen and at 5k 60 frames per second uh the one with airflow lasted about the usual2 1 minutes or so uh the one without airflow fell out of unfortunately and actually moored onits stop button so i don’t have good data on that uh but punishment sorry uh the next experiment i did thoughthen was with the remaining battery how long could i extend 5k 30. Uh in that case uh with theairflow it lasted 36 times before the battery shut off so it wasn’t a temperature thing it was abattery thing uh and then the one without airflow that was sitting there uh lasted 23 instants and3 1 seconds at that hot temperature which is pretty damned crazy by the way so we’re talking 101 degreesinside that it is peak temperature and it previous 23 times and 31 seconds and that honestly to meis pretty crazy like that is it was really hot in there and this camera was still chugging alongthere are not many cameras that can do that if you’ve ever gone to the beach with your phone andtried to shoot a 23 hour long video you would know that that doesn’t work like your event yourmy phone overheats well before that happens so that to me was kind of fascinating okay now beforewe get to what gopro visualizes of my exam and kind of reaction to it let’s just sort of summarizethis whole thing in a nutshell with the superstar 10 as long as you’ve got some airflow even reallydarn hot airflow moving over this thing you’re mainly going to be fine now will you be ableto shoot 5k 60 forever uh in the middle of the desert in the sunlight no probably not but you couldprobably shoot 5k 30 forever uh in the desert in the daylight as long as you’re moving inversely ifyou are in a non-airflow environment whether it’s indoors or in a automobile dashboard then at the highresolutions it’s simply not going to be possible it’s it’s as simple as that and plainly ijust depicted you all that data i don’t recap all that data but for me personally if i’mshooting indoors i know now on the superstar 10 i need to shoot at 30 frames per second it’s assimple as that and if i’m shooting more than 40 instants then i probably should do 4k 30 and not5k 30. If i’m under 40 instants in one shot then i’ll merely use 5k30 and i’m just fine with that sonow you may be wondering what a gopro would think about this so i made this entire pile of dataand i saw it over them and they said that’s a lot of data and they said a lot of things actuallythey said a lot of things in email back to me uh you know one of they talked about something likethe normal pr junk that you’ve heard in the past it’s not junk but it’s in the context of thisconversation that’s not super helpful they talked about how the average clip is 70 seconds forgopro user and all that kind of stuff which is fine that’s nothing wrong with that but it doesn’treally solve the problem that is you know clearly some sort of overheating element of this at longerrecording paces which wasn’t there in the past uh and then they talked about how they are workingon something and while gopro isn’t quite ready to talk about exactly what they have in mind i thinkyou can look at what other corporations have done in the past around this and they approximately fall intotwo buckets the first barrel is to go ahead and make it clear to the user the impact of certainthings to make it clear to the user that if you do these things then this is the expected behaviorwhether that behavior still shuts off the camera that’s fine just make it really clear what thosescenarios are and the second bucket is typically to give the user options to continue recordinghell half the overheating capability and the potential loss there the decay all thatkind of stuff to go forward and sometimes in that second bucket there are also rooms that the companycan look at the data they have on knowing accurately which features in the camera really do contributethe most to overheating to turn those down in exchange for longer recording times for examplemaybe it’s turning off stabilization or maybe it’s turning up gps or other internal components ofthe camera that are just a simple tap in the menus that you wouldn’t usually think to do that couldactually have a pretty big thermal impact on the camera and maybe more ideal for indoor settingswhere there’s no airflow at all so ultimately you just have to figure out whether or not theselimitations are important for you in my case i very rarely shoot in 30 to 40 or even hour long chunksnon-stop in a winless indoor environment merely not what i do but for you it might that may be likeyour core thing and you really want to have 5k 60 in which case these cameras probably aren’tfor you though there aren’t any other cameras that are going to handle that either so it’skind of got to balance which fixeds you demand with what’s actually available on the markettoday and the realities of action cameras at high resolutions and highframe paces uh and overheating with that if you determined this video interestinggo ahead and like that like button the bottom there or ten-strike subscribe for plenty moresports engineering goodness have a good one you

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