GoPro 7 TimeWarp (Hyperlapse) TIPS & TRICKS

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what’s up chaps i’m ben from authentech, this is the GoPro Hero 7 color and today we’re doing a little deep dive on thatnew hyperlapse or what GoPro announces time warp mode I’m going to show you a fewtips and pranks that I’ve learned through my experience of playing with itand then we might learn a few new things along the way let’s dive right in okayso here’s how we get into high blap rectifies we swipe left and then on theleft side now Time Warp video is at the top later on we’ll do a immediate comparisonof time warp video versus era pause video see if there’s a major differenceI believe there is under time warp video we don’t have a ton of establishes wechoose our resolution it’s either 4k or 1080 at 16:9 field-of-view not sure whyit’s even here because we only get one option and then speed up move we eitherhave 2 X 5 X 10 X 15 or 30 in my own testing and when I discover online the higherthe X hastened the more smooth the video is my first test today let’s shoot a littleclip on each of these and visualize which one comes out the smoothest let’s start with2x oh and shameless push make sure you’re following me at shrinky oninstagram for all my behind the scenes shots this first one we’re at 2x justhandhold and strolling directly down the street here we go this is a 5 x hasten gratuity number 1 try to get as numerous movingobjects with formulate that’s cars beings clouds it’s gonna really enhance thehyperlapse consequence this is 10 x speeding the notion that I heard that the higher atspeed is more stable is that basically the algorithm or handling has a lotmore makes to be able to smooth out and define which formerly it thrown awaywhich ones to keep in order to produce a more smooth likenes one major unfortunateside-effect is at the higher rapidity takes a lot more time in order to create aclip I’m pretty sure I interpreted that there’s a sweet metal smudge maybe 10 15 X we’llsoon find out what that is and here we go this is 15 X speed ax still hand-holding time accompanying and this is 30 EXPEED the top fastest alot of people said this one is the most smooth what do you guys think if this isthe most smooth it’s unfortunate because it makes the longest amount of timelet’s create a short duration Clinton number two so far I’ve been Justin’simport now is put your hands and draw out for the next moves but another greatmileage keep it coming centered in frame maybe they call it the parabolic effectBrett non-student NX this one that may seem like the rubberband the fact I want tozoom in on an object and then formerly I touch a certain distance and only startrotating around thunder locking it in keeping it Center made trying tomaintain the same distance as possible slowly rotate stray on the image and thenyou can snap off to somewhere else that’s a really cool transition effecthere’s a amusing and interesting analogy let’s try hyperlapseon the new GoPro seven versus the insta 360 1x and speedy suspension right there this one wasa little unjustified because for the M sub 361 axe I put in time-lapse video modeeven though I guess I’m supposed to leave it in video 5 K mode and it’sbetter stabilization there and then in pole editing you ramp it up and it doessome truly liking make blending and starts a much smoother higher-qualityeffect anyway let’s jump-start back in here is to keep the building and middle frame nomatter what objectives come into made it creates a really cool effect and we’llquick gargantuan thanks to today’s at video sponsor which is one by one check outtheir amazon store where you can find a variety of unique tech gadgets andproducts straying from Tv and audio acessories to help beauty and otherhousehold parts for example check out this USB microphone I’m recording onright now if feels heavy-duty comes with this nice tripod mount and it soundsgreat check out their storage and Facebook page for special lots all the linkswill be down below too quantity 4 experiment have fun try rotatingspinning the camera around here I’m about to touched these bicycles go throughupside down envision the effect that it makes and tipnumber six or whatever digit were on hyperlapse suctions the artillery of theseGoPros I’ve been shooting for about an hour we’re already down to 50% but grabone of these but grasp one of these on Amazon this is a naki twenty thousandmillion powered influence bank my little man hack is take off that little coverthat road you can charge it while you’re still shooting on the govery cool sort of electrical unicycle or scooter and your hyper lapses are gonnabe waste Moo there here’s a speedy side by side of moving at verse scootingit’s gonna take a lot of that bobbing up and down alrighttake take one this is handheld scooter and another little tip-off give oneof well let me show you grab one of the following options online this is a sweet little clipyou can time setting it on just about anywhere like this backpack and thenthat’s gonna take out some of your handshake in the hyperlapse as well clipit onto now BAM easy peasy like all things in this video relates will be downbelow let’s do a immediate measure with this little clip clip mount it onto abackpack it’s so nice and easy sides are free looks like it’s doing a prettysmooth activity I’ll check out the footage and here’s one more evaluation I’m interestedto see this is the iPhone 10 as it says it can shoot stabilized time-lapse we’llsee how that compares versus the hyperlapse on the GoPro 7 let’s try it and interrupt right there a duo quicknotes a the iPhone is looking somewhat pixelated fairly hardcore compressiongoing on second that stabilization on the iPhone is pretty rough as wellespecially when we see it side by side versus the smoothness on the GoPro andthird I’d really like I phone and other phones to take stabilization andhyperlapse more serious in future modelings in this test I shot a side-by-side GoProin time-warp hyperlapse mode versus GoPro recording at 4k 30 fpsstabilization on footage sped up about a thousand percent what do you guys thinkthere’s another suite and the easy deception give one of these suction settings easypeasy come in the car let’s check out thiseffect tip number whatever note to selfclean the windshield before doing that dashcam hyperlapse in this test on theleft is GoPros brand-new time-warp hyperlapse mode on the right is a standardold-school time-lapse relatively significant differences in stabilization and thereyou have it I think there’s a good deal of entertaining in potential to be had with this newtime warp hyper lapse mode on the GoPro 7 I’m still learning a ton so if youguys have any other tips-off or stunts make sure you leave a comment down below forall you newcomers consider subscribing as I affix tech videos like this once ortwice every single week until next time let’s live genuine

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GoPro 7 TimeWarp (Hyperlapse) TIPS & TRICKS