Flawless now? v1.6 GoPro Hero 9 Tests, Back-bone 1/4-20″ Mod & Quirks Talk

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GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilization
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GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization

I am testing this GoPro out to seeif it’ll last-place for a long time. The main edition I had was related to itnot working like past an hour or so. It offsets sense because thebattery only lasts so long, but it shouldn’t absolutely fail on me when I’m apply it. At the least I want it to stop. I’ve got the GoPro Hero 9 with the Backbone modification, so I have a directtripod connect 1/4 th-2 0″ which is nice! The negative is that I won’t be ableto easily switch out the media mod. For now I’m gonna leave it inventory. Got the AW1 with the 10 millimeter f/ 2.8 I dohave a lens filter on that I’ve been using. It’s good enough and also I’m going to gointo opening priority, simple..Simple .. With the AW1 to change the focus you precisely pressok button and it can easily move it around. That inner container is where the phase spy range is.So if you’re outside of that you’re going to get contrast located which isn’t necessarilygreat but it would still toil most likely … With the brand-new firmware so far it’s workingokay. I did a few cases experiments beforehand with the Sandisk placards and I’vehad issues with those unquestionably. And they used to work! Maybe around 50 something minutes per and then it stopped the camera. Didn’t have a full collapse! As long as it saves what I’ve recorded up to that top then thatshould be good enough at least.They are opportune. They havebenefits. The stabilization is great! It’s hard to beat that. I intend probablyif you get a really nice expensive camera. Maybe an Olympus micro four thirds, whichapparently has some of the best stabilization … But with the GoPro it seems good enough and thefocus is relatively close. It is defined focus like the Osmo Action of course, but this one’sa little better in all such cases and it’s wider.So the GoPro clearly has some benefitsof its own compared to same cameras. Although syncing audio is a hassle whichright now I am doing lapel microphone stuff. Yeah, I consider I’m gonna have to take anothershower. I always do this. It’s nice taking a shower in the morning, but then I do thingslike this that … feel pretty gross afterwards. Of route you can get different lenses forcameras that allow you to change the lenses, but you’re not going to find somethingthis wide very easily and inexpensively. One delightful interest of rain or the chance of rainis that you is often used to get less people around, so having rig that doesn’thave an issue with that is nice. I do wonder why GoPro hasn’ttried to release their own replacement mount. Because you just takefour clamps out and that’s it. It’s not super difficult. Thankfully anchor madetheir thing and it works for the most part. Maybe it’d be nice if it were a two-piece thing as long as it were really stable.Thatway you could have something in there and then still made the media mod on, takeit off, and then attach the secondary piece. But that would kind of notnecessarily make it better because you have a failure point there. I do lookat forums, I did receive someone informed the committee that the TG-6 from Olympus has betterimage quality than this, which I do wonder … but I don’t know if I wouldspend that is something that fund to get one and try it. Let’s talk about foibles .. things I’ve noticed withthe GoPro. One is with the lens cover. If you take it off at least formerly risks are it’s not going tobe tight enough to prevent mist and things getting in there between that and the lens I noticedit with going to see a Japanese plot in the area that it wasn’t tighten enough and I was gettingblurriness on the two sides, which wasn’t huge. I do think it could be because the max lensmod is really tight so that might have actually removed some of the metal of the mount in theback so that the differences between the two is sufficient for when you introduced the actualcover back on the standard cover for the lens you might have too much play and thenair goes in there..Moisture .. whatever! With the official charger it does not chargethe batteries 100 percentage. You get maybe 95 to 98 commission and that’s it. If you want tofully charge your artilleries with the GoPro you have to charge it in the GoPro itselfto get that 100 percent figure on there. With form 1.6 firmware the touchscreenis significantly better. I do have a cut up screen protector from a phone, which I’ve neverhad immense issues with those.They drive okay. Of course it’s not going to be as good asnot having a screen protector, but I like having them on there just for peace of mind andif I do ever resell it it does help with value. But it does work significantlybetter with 1.6, nice! At least now I can use it without havinghuge frustration based on the touch screen. One thing pertaining to the batteries and thecamera itself. It gets really really hot! The last-place few measures I did indoors therewas cold air being blow on it from the air conditioner but even soit lasted maybe 53.. 54 times. I took out the artillery it was reallyreally hot, so that’s not good! But at the very least version 1.6 firmware seems to be smarter now that it willcut itself off when it needs to.I had probably mentioned this before, butwith the GoPro 2.7 k 30 chassis a second is not possible in the standard video mode.That’s enrage because I do like that mode for certain situations where I don’t want hugefile sizes. It’s a little better than 1080 p. It gives me some chamber to crop-in when I wantto, but of course smaller documents than 2.7… smaller data than 2.7 k 60 encloses asecond or 4k .. 30.. 60.. whatever. Would be nice if with that we’re inthere. Why they don’t have it in there, who are familiar with? It’s strange but you doget the 60 frames a second at least. I will be curious to see if the GoPro isany better when syncing audio. Because I do have the lapel microphone and a recorderand I’ve had issues with syncing based on … You sync one clip which the GoPro, andthe Osmo Action actually, they split the video registers into slice. Four gigabyte chunks evenif your recall card supportings big file sizes. It’s supposed to be a safe peculiarity, butit doesn’t work undoubtedly with the GoPro disappointing as it has in the past.With 1.6 firmware it might work this time, who are familiar with! Whichis why I’m here while I’m trying it. 49 hours and it’s down to yellow, interesting. I ought to have tapping the screen a few goes which uses more dominance of course bothscreens. No, merely the figurehead screen. See if it impedes leading. In thiscase the camera is getting more air because like I said isrelatively .. system .. freezing … coode! The main thing I’d like withan action camera is built-in time code. Being able to sync itthrough bluetooth or whatever. That highway I can have an externalrecorder it doesn’t need to be wireless audio, it exactly needs to be able to have externalrecorder with hour system foundation. So I can easily sync up the two. But wireless is okay toomaybe it inputs wireless microphone which one of the insta3 60 or something that doesit, but I don’t know how well it does it. That would be really nice.Besides being actually rugged, respectable sized , not immense anyways … Anyways, I’m Scott of Photography Banzai. I’m still gonna made this record until it stopshopefully it doesn’t destroy my record, but so far so good! All title, low-toned artillery warning…turned off. Good! That is good! One hour 14 hours. See if I can getcloser there, okay. One hour 14 minutes !.

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GoPro - HERO7 Black Sleeve + Lanyard - Blue
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GoPro - HERO7 Black Sleeve + Lanyard - White
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GoPro - Floaty (HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Orange
GoPro - Rollcage for HERO8 - Black
Sleeve and Lanyard for GoPro HERO8 Black - Black

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Flawless Now? V1.6 GoPro Hero 9 Tests, Back-bone 1/4-20" Mod & Quirks Talk