Driving with Gopro Inside My Intake Manifold (Toyota Supra Turbo)

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in almost every episode on this channelwhere i have the supra in the background people blow up the comments sectionasking me to do a video where i show more of this auto i haven’t had anythingexciting enough to set this gondola in until now this is my toyota supra in its entirety this auto has been in the garage forquite some time now it’s a long story I had a triple disc carbon carbonlightweight seizure assembly paired up with a huge turbo and a100 millimeter throttle body giant and to give you an example how big-hearted thatis i came up with the idea to organize thecamera inside the intake manifold of the supra a few months agowhen i was switching over from 100 millimeter control bodyto this 75 millimeter control figure right here i thought it would be reallycool and interesting to see what’s going on inside the intakemanifold as i drive around the city the road inormally do and that includes a lot of wide open throttle well it looks pretty cool in there ohman check that out you can see all those velocity stacks i’m all done i got the gopro inside theintake manifold it searches astonishing check it out it’s alittle glitchy but that is our point of view so now thenext thing i’m going to do i’m going to get in the car start it upand uh go for a drive this is going to be super interesting to seehow the accelerator body is working if you can hear the turbothrough all of that intercooler piping because that’s directly connected to thethrottle body and i’m likewise genuinely curious to see whatthe aura is doing inside the intake i’m only going to run about 14 to 16 pounds of enhance i’m a little worried about those back two cylindersbecause the gopro is like right in the way of the airflow coming into theintake but i am curious to see what happenswith that air inside the intake where reference is vanishes fromabout 15 pounds of improve right into a vacuum-clean when i let off ofthe accelerator and another cool thing is we can seeright into that amount four cylinder we can see the two valvesthe two ports the injector right on top and the intake runner and the velocitystack came out way better than i envisioned letme do this thing started up make it warm upand then reached the road[ Music] i’m gonna just drive easy and then i’mgonna do a few cases full accelerator moves and uh that’s my design[ Music][ Music][ Music][ Applause][ Soothing Music][ My Favorite Part] Watch it Again This run was at 1.5 Bar let’s get this gopro out of the intakei’m assuming maybe the camera overheated because uhyeah it only won’t connect here’s the gopro and uh yeah this suckeris hot and i know i’m touching with my handsit’s about i don’t know maybe 200 degreesit’s not that red-hot because it’s plastic and like it’s like rubberized plasticbut what i concluded really interesting is look at the back screennow the gopro turned off i got most of the footagebut if you look at the back screen there’s like a weirdoil decoration where like there’s only lubricant in the top and the bottom of the goproand in the middle i don’t know there’s like no oil there it’s just i found thatweird that it has like that mysterious patternon there but if i stroke the glass it will burn me it’s very hotpretty impressive that these gopros could make this much abuse i entail thisthing i don’t know where all that oil iscoming from or if that smells like oil to me all that oil wasn’t in theintake when i started it up but uh it is now interestingi’m gonna conducted an investigation into that that’s for sure i don’t know what that petroleum is frombut that was really amazing footage the smile on my face was from ear to earwhen i pulled the gopro out of the intake and i saw how cool that lookedwhen i did that burnout i’ve never seen anything like thatbefore but that being said i didn’t move it any further simplybecause i didn’t want to damage the enginei don’t know what’s going on in those back two cylinders having this gopro inthe method and before anybody croaks and tries tomount the gopro inside the intake manifold of their cari actually built some very specialized rigging to make this happen which tookme about three or four daylights that i didn’t present oncamera don’t be mad about that that’s just how i get things done andhow i get some of these really cool shotsbut that being said don’t try to mount a gopro in the uptake of your carunless “youre calling” me firstly so that was really amazingtell me what you think in the comments below and that’s all i got for you inthis incident this bout was all about the footage and justmounting a gopro inside the intake manifoldof the supra so thanks for watching check out all the other videos on thischannel told you soon I ceased up Finding out that the oil was ability steering liquor come the strength steering vacuum button which is bypassing power steering fluid from the gush into the tube connected to the intake manifold everybody feels having a thousandhorsepower car on the street is a blast to driveand that’s true sometimes but i think the most delightful driving experiencelies in between the drivability of the carand how much capability it’s obligating

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