Daydreams – A Cinematic Roadtrip Adventure [ How to Film with GoPro ] 4K

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First step: Get a brand-new surfboard. Car is almost packed, my friend Gregwho’s joining me on this excursion is on his way over here. We are leaving first thing tomorrow morning 4:00 a.m. See you there! We are two hours behind planned. Sun is rising, and we are heading out. Our friends at Toyota let us borrow thisbrand-new 4Runner, and there’s no better highway to set it through its speeds than drive a thousand miles south of the border We’ll be meeting our friends down southfor a week of adventuring, but hopefully you’ll learn a little aboutfilmmaking along the way.We are nine hours and six times intoour expedition. Mr. Fulks has taken over the drive The streets are getting a littlemore iffy and there’s less sidewalks as we move but that sees it more fun! Good Morning! Are you ready to get some beckons? Are there brandishes out there? Yeah there’s some great ones coming through! Sunrise is happening right now.Which conveys it’s time to get into the ocean! Wow. Hey Caleb! Good morning! How are you? Good! Do you like this rig? It’s pretty riggie! You concluded it! Oh hooo! The movements examine recreation! Super fun! Oh my gosh, I still need to wax my council, it’s brand new. Caleb, you ready to see this thing? Oh woowwwww! 7′ 0″? 7′ 6″! Oh woww. Ah this is fresh, still has the dust on it! I don’t know if I’m ready to wax this thing, it’s so beautiful! Well this surfboard is fun. What are your overall impressions of the 2020 TRD 4Runner Pro Model? I want one. Ha! Do you? Yeah! Everybody wants one. Ah, a 4Runner in it’s natural habitat. Only getting a little camera dialedright now for the back. So we got a little pole on the back And we’re going to throw a MAX on it, shoot some 360 and envision what it looks like! Toyota does this really cool thingwith their 4Runners where the back opening wheels down So that’s super convenient.The sand is really warm so it kind of quirks the cameras into filming a little cooler So we’re going to fastening the White Balance to 5500 K. That’ll give us the neat yellow-bellied sand. We should do a little sandwiching here. So now it’s locked in, so it’s not going to move. You don’t want poles moving and ricochetting around. and we’re on offroad so we’re going to be rebounding around.So let’s make love! Hey! coming some early sunrise shots rightnow Here comes the sunshine! Oh Matt’s putting his moto pants on! Are you guys ready? 4K-60! Rolling! I’ll jump in and go straight into a wheelie! Here’s my best wheelie ever Caleb, I did this for you! Time kidding , no adversity. Mmm. You gotta not be right behind me. Not be right behind you, ok let’s get it on again! We went Chris Caleb and Matt out on thepoint foiling and then Greg is on the longboard. Busy lineup this morning! Look at this board! Do you desire it? Wow! I had my maiden voyage yesterday and now Caleb’s taking her for a rend! What happens if I stop having fun, do I have to come in? Have fun! Don’t have too much fun! Ooh ooh oooh don’t put it on the rocks! Ahhh! Might be go for a midday siesta in the back of the age-old rig! Pretty much the best nap spot you’regonna find is right inside here this This thing been set up, this thing plucked out Update: we had a lot of friends justarrived here so it is a bit of a party today! I’ve been waiting for this all year.How was your first channel-surf It was so great, it’s my half birthday! Happy half birthday me! It is a beautiful morning! Any minute now – any second now, we’ll hear the sunbathe There “theres going” , now you can see it pop out. Would you time look at this. Sits like this you only unplug, take in a morning sunup, be by yourself. Good place to be. Mmmmmm … smells like coffee! I’m going to organize you guys up then we’re going on an adventure! okay good I can see the recording button meet you there It’s moments like these when Iappreciate not only what’s in front of me but that I’m able to captivate them Whether it’s for my retentions, to share with others, or to create something meaningfulin the future.And it’s not just sunrises, it’s the nuances – of the friendships I cherish, the escapades I go on, and the spirits Ifeel when I’m inspired. It’s been a good tour – this is our lastfull daytime today I can’t believe it’s already over but what an adventure. How about that sunup! That’s what I was going to say! if I left you with one section of opinion, it would be that innovative raise is the case when you take advantage of the timeyou’re given and by utilize your memory, your resource and the world aroundyou.isn’t this a peace end it’s the viewfrom the outhouse.

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Daydreams - A Cinematic Roadtrip Adventure [ How To Film With GoPro ] 4K