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Hey guys, whats up, and welcome to a new series of GarageTime today its all about the topic helmet mount I get asked all the time how i prepare my gopro on my helmet so i am gonna explain that to you today I’ve got my x-lite x 803 with me this is my second carbon helmet, my other one is right behind me this has already the mount on it and i am going to show you know what you need to mount that at the figurehead of your helmet( kuki-chin) past three years i filmed all of my substance with that organize there are plenty of differences how to prepare your gopro on the helmet everything there is started on top of the helmet ogled dumb as inferno and the angle was also not the best and you was like a teletubi if you remember this one the second generation was on the side of the helmet, which is still favourite chiefly the offroad guys cause its way harder to mount that anywhere else its not bad, but i think the best view for the gopro is the chin mount in the breast its time the liberty position to get this “real angle” view so i think we get started now and we try to mount this in front of the camera …. Mount it … .. ah what ever i chipped that in post .. What do you need? Just a plateau gopro mount and you will realize jolly fast that its nearly impossible to mount it with a regular gopro attach same with my xlite you dont have any chance to mount it thats why there is some special adhesive its called “sugru” Its a glue which is malleable so you are able to get in all these strange figures i am reall stisfied, applied this product on over 3 helmets with no problem at all i devised something ah what ever i just put it there you start by cleaning the surface you see here that its certainly “sh *** ” place to attach a gopro prepare but it will do with this glue surface is clean and we get started with sugru and start to shape it a little bit wash your hands and yeah situated everything out and chassis it you feel that its get warm so its getting better in shape you start pushing it onto the plain gopro mount if you got that really press it on its very tight and put pressure on it so i make the container as a tool as you can see some of the cement is propagandized out by the pressure just take it and applied it back on the side of the mount sounds uncoordinated at first but it will work! you precisely deter doing that to get a clean glue on the two sides so you get a cleaner look in the beginning you will think that this will never search good but it will work as long you work on that by the way, i set the cement in the description if you are interessted in buying it with the card you can easily fill in and smooth the glue out on the sides there are some glue left on my fingers and you try to gave it onto the the sides make sure to exert pressure on it after a while you got about 30 min to condition it take your time this takes a while its important to get the glue in every corner pressure again got a different tool to bring out some cement it is therefore a little bit easier there are still some treaties left its very important otherwise you cant put your gopo in it can you notice it on the camera its underneath the slant there are some serenities left so i try to push it out with this tool there is still some conciliations and here we go again pushing it into the sides make love until you have a clean glue surface on the sides there are of course some helmets with “better” surface to mount it and some with a worser face only try it out if “were trying” it you will get it somehow and its easy with a agreement of cardboard to elapse it its not 100% in the middle but its not that important the last parts so i think it gapes good still further last step is to clean the smothering neighborhood yeah i think you can overdo this, or maybe most of you do a better chore in this but this will do clean and simple you wont recognize that you have such a gopro attach on your helmet cleanse some other roles with silicone remover but watch out not at the cement check if your helmets air express are fully functional so i think im done looks great, if you have more meter you can do that even clean and smoother im gonna establish you* uuh* what gopro arm mount i use cause the glue have to harden 24 hours what we have here I’ll take that off its a standart 90 magnitude slant weapon mount and i gave some normal pins in it to get a very clean look and the outdoor speciman for my gopro hero 5 and thats it its a very clean and simple sound with just a simple gopro arm mine is broken but still works great position it right there and now you can choose your inclination its very important cause it depends on what you ride gokart, supermoto, superbike you have on every bike a slightly different head angle glances good its the same as my other helmet thats it for that video if you l ike the glue only look in the description below they have different pigments available if you liked the video give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my canal if you tried it out f or yourself let me know it by use the Hashtag # meddesgt see ya next time!

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GoPro - HERO7 Black Sleeve + Lanyard - Blue
6247602 rd
GoPro - HERO7 Black Sleeve + Lanyard - White
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GoPro - Floaty (HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Orange
GoPro - Rollcage for HERO8 - Black
Sleeve and Lanyard for GoPro HERO8 Black - Black

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