CS:GO – Noob to Pro – Best Network Settings

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Hey guys, salut mes amis och hall gubbar, Maxim here. Here’s another noob to pro tutorial, thistime I’m going to talk about network arranges It’s important to know what the network puts do and which ones are the best. Since some of these technical terms can behard to understand, I’m going to explain them as affectionate as is practicable so that hopefullyeveryone understands. Let’s begin with the bidding Rate. To simplify the meaning , pace decides howmuch information you’re downloading from the server you’re playing on. When “youre watching” a YouTube video, and you increasethe quality you might have issues watching the video.But if you lower the quality you can watchthe video without any problems BUT you won’t get the best quality. It’s pretty much the same with CS: GO. To find the most wonderful settings, you first needto know your internet rushed. I’m consuming speedtest.net which is a perfectly fine and labouring service. What you need to look at is how fast yourdownload speed is, your upload hurrying has nothing to do with this. Since I’m from the BEST nations of the world, I’m getting these smoke solutions. But I know that most of you are not from Sweden, which is why I made a list here to show you what adjusts I recommend depending on yourdownload fast. I’ve increased the requirement to give you the most stable solution for CS: GO. If your download rate is 8 megabits per secondor more then use this to get the best server experience. If your download hurryings is less than 2 megabitsper second I recommend using this importance anyway.Now I wanna go through updaterate and commandrate. These bids are connected to the serverstickrate. Maximuh, what’s a tickrate? The tickrate is a frequency which checks ifsomething has happened in the game. When you increase the tickrate you’re tellingthe server to work faster. This means that the players on the serverwill need to keep up with the brand-new quicken. If the players can’t keep up they will encounterperformance issues, that’s also why Matchmaking is using a tickrate appraise of 64. This is sort of like the safe-zone cause mostplayers will not have any issues running the game now and it will still play-act well. However, servers created by the communityare usually set to 128 because it’s obviously more precise, but it’s heavier for everyone. The best puts in my opinion is to setboth cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate to 128. If you look at your netgraph you cansee if you’re using the best trains for the server. Ah, considerably better. Now let’s say you’re standing still and you’regetting peeked by a person who is. In this situation you encounter something calledinterpolation.So what is interpolation? Let’s say the enemy moves like this, withoutinterpolation the movement of the actor can examine unusually choppy or uptight. Interpolation will go back in time to makethe movement smoother and more naughty. But that too means that interpolation willnot show you the players real place, which is bad if you wanna rek noobs. What I would recommend is to adjust the defines so you’re getting the lowest interpolation possible. Use cl_interp 0 and cl_interp_ratio 1. If you’re experiencing some container loss, youcan cause cl_interp_ratio to 2 or 3 instead. Next up, client-side prediction. In short, it means that if you’re moving aroundor shooting someone, you’re doing it before the server knows that you’re actually doingit.If you have a bad ping and you shoot a musician, you will see that the participate comes stumbled much much later, just like one of those old-time low-budgetfight panoramas. I recommend having cl_predict and cl_predictweaponson 1. Even if you don’t hit your shots the sametime the servers knows about it, it’s still better to be able to move and shoot from yourscreen without any delay. Another thing that really helps people withhigh ping is slowdown compensation.If you don’t have slowdown compensation and you’relagging because of your wireless attachment or your slow internet, it could look likeyou’re shooting a spirit. Lag compensation works in a really cool way. When you shoot a moving participate, the serverswants to be a bro. So the server goes back in time to compensatefor the fact that your lagging and then counts it in as a make. So mostly you should ALWAYS enable lagcompensation and prediction. Make sure cl_lagcompensation is set to 1. These are the most important network requires and now you’re ready to go! If I are you I would save these commands in a config so you can execute everything at once.I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas !.

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CS:GO - Noob To Pro - Best Network Settings