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yo guys i'm faster rides and welcome along today 
if you're new to the channel then welcome welcome   welcome and if you're a returning subscriber then 
it's nice to have you along for this tutorial   today so i'm going to show you how to get the 
music or the comms from the cardo pack talk   into the gopro hero9 this one is but you can 
do it with any gopro it doesn't really matter   um so yeah you're gonna get the 
audio and the comms should i say into   the gopro hero but i'm going to show you some 
little tricks on how you can edit this as well   because there is some little things that you need 
to know on separating the cardo audio and your   microphone audio into the uh gopro so first of all 
i'll show you the things that you definitely need   this item which is really important 
is the same sort of principle but it   is a breakout cable a stereo breakout 
3.5 millimeter trs to dual tr3 3.5 tsf   so that is what that looks like so it's a male 
and don't forget it's the two black ring version into a male and female now this 
cable goes directly into the uh   gopro hero 9 or gopro hero so what you need to do 
here is either have the black uh media mod or this   thing i've got well the media mod or the media box 
external one so this is the media mod that i use   and then that cable goes in the back like that so 
we'll just leave that there like that to show you   then on the packtalk you have two cables coming 
out of it like this that's the cable that goes   to your speakers your headphones or your speakers 
in your helmet and then that's to the microphone   so what we'll do is we'll just clip that 
on there so this is the first cable that   you need guys is the uh splitter so this 
is a 3.5 millimeter male to two female   this is a trs so all your connectors throughout 
this loop you need two rings on it two black   rings there no more than that see is one 
with three but you need the one with two   so this is an audio splitter now not to get 
the confusion with this one which is an audio   breakout cable again i will leave all the links 
in the description so you know what to buy   so basically you need your audio splitter 
you need to plug that into your cardo unit   so the next thing we need to do guys is test 
this unit out to see if we can get this to uh   to make sure that the sound from the 
cardo system is coming out of both   ears so how i'm gonna do this is i'm 
just gonna plug some headphones in   and then i'm gonna start the cardo app on my phone 
so then now if i hold this up to the microphone   you should be in one one ear to the 
microphone and i'm using the tascam so you can hear music there 
and that's the right hand yep there's the left hand so there's music coming 
out above them so we know that we've got the   cables the right way around so now what we need to 
do is we need to connect these up so one of these   needs to go to your headphones in your helmet and 
then the other one needs to go into the gopro here   so now you need a cable that's going to 
connect them to together so what i use is   just this simple cable here which is an extender 
but it's mail to mail and don't forget that it's   the two ring version not the three ring so then 
that is how we have that set up at the moment   so don't forget that this goes to your 
headphones or your speakers in your helmet   this one connects to the breakout cable it 
doesn't matter whether you do left or right   it doesn't matter at all it will still go on to a 
track of its own so the next thing that you need   is a microphone for your helmet so you can motor 
vlog at the same time as recording all the audio   from the cardo system i use the hammer microphone 
because it's the best quality one for the price   i think it was six pound this so it doesn't 
cost anything and it just seems to work the best so there you go and then that works by going in there and that is basically the setup 
guys for your helmet so what i'm going to do is   i'm going to get my uh hgc rafa 70 and i'm going 
to set all this up inside it and then i'm going to   take it for a ride and test it out i'll put some 
music on and make sure that it's working all fine   now the other thing that you do need to 
know is if you are using speakers in your   helmet and not your head and not headphones this 
is the jbl speakers that you get so the volume   on the cardo system will be pretty high 
especially if you're using earbuds or   ear defenders or something like that and 
the audio from the cardo system will peak   out quite a lot and it'll sound crackly so 
this is where i have one of these things   so this is an inline volume control now i put this 
in between i either put it between this connection and set it halfway down and the reason 
for that is is that i can have the cardo   system fully turned up to its maximum 
volume but turn down on here so that   i can still hear it at full volume but 
it's only half volume going into the gopro   so that is the setup guys so what we're going to 
do is we're going to throw this in the old helmet   and then we're going to go out for a spin and see 
if we can make this into a close this little vlog   out and see if we can make it any different but 
then what we will do is when we get some footage   we'll put it into davinci resolve so you can 
just see the audio tracks and how how easy it is   to separate the music or the the pack talk 
comes from your microphone because it will   be in two separate tracks that's the beauty of 
the breakout cable otherwise it will be it will   be mixed up into all the audio but you do have 
to have the raw audio selected on your gopro   so let's get that sorted and then 
we'll go out for a run on the bike right guys we're on the test ride now so i 
haven't put any music on or anything yet so   we're just gonna go up the road 
here my cardo is already turned on   and i've already got epidemic sounds loaded 
up on my phone so what we're gonna do is we're   gonna get that going just find a place 
to pull over epidemic sounds running there we go we have music now so let's go for a ride up the road   but hopefully you should be able to 
hear the music coming through now and it should sound nice and clear because it is 
a direct feed straight from uh the cardo system   and what you might notice as well guys 
is that the volume is up and down on it   and that's because uh cardo 
detects the outside noise and it like adjusts the volume to suit it   so there we go there we have that track 
what we'll do is we'll get up this road   and uh we'll put the sat nav on just to get 
home just to see you know to get some uh   comes through because i don't you know nobody's 
around that's got a cargo unit that i know of yeah so what we'll do now turn left is we'll get 
home and we'll get davinci and then i will take   some of this footage from the gopro and we'll drop 
it in there and i'll show you exactly miles turn   left onto rochdale road what it'll look like 
and everything because it'll uh calculating   right guys we are in davinci resolve right now and 
uh this is what you're gonna be looking at when   you obviously open it up but we're not looking at 
that we're looking at these two files that we uh   that will go off the gopro basically so you've got 
this one here at the top which is an mp4 format   that's going to be your video format so let's 
drag that in here drop it in there and then   you will have to wait for it to work out 
the audio uh the waveform should i say   then if we go to the next one here 
and we can drag the waveform in and then it actually works that one 
out already look that's the one there   so the top track here that i'm hovering over which 
is audio track one that is the gopros uh version   of events when it comes to sound throughout 
this video so it will increase the volume on say   the cardo decrease my volume and increase the 
outside volume so that's gopro's way where you   have no control over it whatsoever so let's 
just mute that well we'll actually listen to   it and see what it sounds like but it will be 
rather loud so let's just turn this down a bit now behind the wagon what a surprise we 
have a little bit of an echo there from this so let's just um let this whole guy out so we're gonna pass him anyway up here probably so you can actually see that it actually does a 
good job of it because what i've noticed just then   is that it is lowering the volume of the music 
but increa but keeping the same level of volume   in the microphone so let's just say 
that it didn't do that for some reason   and we want you can't control the single tracks 
within audio track one so we're gonna delete that   out because it's it's no good to us so these other 
tracks are the different microphones or different   inputs into the gopro so let's just unmute this 
one let this whole guy out we'll increase the   ball i'm gonna pass him anyway up here probably 
so that is just my microphone in the helmet   so let's go on this one replay that and now you 
can hear some guy out the music in the background   but let's just see up here probably that the 
microphone itself is actually too loud you can   actually drag it down really quick you know it's 
quiet and then increase the volume of the music so you can imagine that if you've got mates who've 
got cardo systems or you know you actually wire   up say a center or something like that in this 
instance you have all them audios coming in so   your friends are going to be on the track so it's 
going to be a full conversation it's not going to   be just your version of events throughout that 
conversation it's going to be their input into   your video as well it's just a massive thing and 
it makes such a big difference so i hope you liked   that video today guys and if you did then please 
hit that like button smash the subscribe button   and the notification bell if you want to see more 
content like this and until next time peace out

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