BMW E46 325 DRIFT OnBoard / / Drift Pov #5

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Hello, I’m packing my ego and heading to Autodrom Pomorze I’ll show you how my schooling ogles alike In my new auto that I’m getting ready for float exercises It’s BMW E4 6 And that’s how it inspections Engine that we have inside is 2.5 At 17 ” alloys at the back it has Dzik’s rotates We went enclose built in and the barrel sets, so in generall car is prepared for amateur drift I haven’t really driven this vehicle much hitherto So it’s gonna be it’s first measure Also we’ll have a chance to find out, whether it’s pushing the claim superpower and if we need to adjust anything Right, they both the equal rights … Wipers … Working … that’s good I’ve got an additional supporter swith now I will turn it off for now, to let the engine warm up In general everytime that I start driving I’m not getting on track and burning out straight away…I’m just gonna have a few test laps to see if car is running well In this case you better of start reasonably Wow, they have cleared … wall, we’ll is well positioned to get close Brilliant It’s sort of dry-wet Track is all patchy and my sort of tyres .. that don’t grip on soggy at all but they not too bad when dry so it’s a bit of a battle … Nice! It start to rain a little bit more Can you move your gondola because it’s on our acces? Ye, ok Radio’s working, that’s cool Like you can see it started to rain a bit more, line is all wet and … I’ve had about half an hour driving this auto … I start to feel this car So it’s great time to have a no handbreak challenge with a new car Right, let’s do it 2nd gear We starting as wide as possible … knock the control in Cast the back change … and on this penetrating angle We seeing vehicle seek sidewise, so we could get a good angle for uncoming pan and now full accelerator on the full throttle…Now .. causing gas pedal go, slackening myself down and here the same No gas pedal involved, just controling slant a bit of throttle and transition all of them modulations here we going working accelerator and then good direction onto the pan pan … as wide as possible Ops … a little bit of a hump, but that’s fine here wide again because we’ve got a wide one here again because we got a long corner in front of us slowing myself a bit down with footbreak to make an angle and now we attack the wall that was ok transition … and we assaulting another wall and the 3rd wall Got it! So…let’s try another way round then .. right so for the end lets “re just trying” utter the same thing no handbreak challenge, but other way round In my opinion it’s a lot harder really because … This angle now gives me so much trouble to get … now make a transition on a full accelerator and here sluggish myself down on the right side without using a handbreak there is no chance to cut back end up so you have to turn back end of a auto genuinely sharply to make a good transition without exercising any assistance such as handbreak.

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BMW E46 325 DRIFT OnBoard / / Drift Pov #5