BEST SETTINGS for CINEMATIC Video (GoPro Hero 10, 9, 8)

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GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
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– These are the best settingsfor shooting cinematic footage on your GoPro, as well as some shortcuts that are gonna makeyour life so much easier when it comes to filming, You got to really press record. first things firstly, we wantto scroll down on the screen and mutate a few things in here. So, first off, this is going to be on, and this has your beeps on.I like to simply turn this off and then when you alsopower on your GoPro, you’re going to to see that this screen is alittle bit different.This is your front screen alternative. So, often it’s set to full screen, and we want to changethat to our actual screen. And this is gonna show us the entire shot so that we can frameup our shot perfectly. I’m going to go aheadand touch the check mark, and then we’re going to scrollup to get out of that sheet. And we are going to clickon this centered button on the bottom right here.These are presets for filming and, so, I am going to go under cinematic and punched this pencil rating, to revise this preset. From here, I’m going to go into resolution and frames / second. You do wanna be shooting inthe highest resolution possible when trying to get cinematicfootage out of your GoPro.So, if yours was in accordance with 4K, you’re gonna want to bump that up to 5K, as well as if you have a newerGoPro with higher solution, you can also select thehighest resolution possible. Now, when it comes to theframe rates down here, I like to shoot in 24 frames / second, because this is what movies are shot in and so it only appears the most cinematic. If you want it to looklike a show or a movie. Now, sometimes you dowanna shoot in slow motion. This can look unusually cinematic and so what you wanna do, is shoot in at least 60 frames per second per second. on this one, I’m gonna go to 4K, and change it to 60 frames per second, giving me some reallycinematic, slow motion. However, if you have the newer GoPro, you may be able to shootin higher resolutions at 60 frames / second, or 120 frames / second. Now, if you happen to beediting on your smartphone, I do recommend shooting at 24 frames / second and 1080, as well as 60 chassis for slow motion or even 120 – 240 framesper second for slow motion.For now, I’ll leave mineon 5K 24 frames / second. Up next, “were having” our lensand it is set to linear this is going to give us the most cinematic Lens shot possible. When we go up here to wide, it’s going to give us a muchmore wider field of view, and this is definitely handy sometimes, but I’ve just found that the linear shot does seem more cinematic so, I like to leave iton linear when I can. Now, if you are wanting to recreate kind of like a gimbal shot, you can made this on Linearand Horizon leveling.This is going to keep the horizon level as you move your camera so, if you do move itto the left or right, it’s gonna help kind ofstabilize that footage a little bit more. Most of the time, I like to just leaveit on the linear lens. For hyper smooth, I do like to turn this all the way up to Boost, because, this is going to give usthe most stable footage which is going to help ourfootage look more cinematic. From now, we can leave everything as is Scheduled Capture off, Duration No Limit, Hindsight off, Timer off, and we are gonna to go to Pro Tune. Now, these are somereally important deep-seateds that we wanna mess with now, First off, we have Bit Rate, and us to be able to articulated this on high. Again, this is going to give us, the best video quality from the GoPro. So, when we’re editing, it’s as sharp-worded as is practicable. If you are editing on a smartphone, I do recommend turningthis down really to standard and this is going to use alower bit rate to save space on your phone.Now, when itcomes to our shutter rate, we do want to doubled our chassis proportions. So, for shooting in 24 frames per second, we’re gonna want that at 1/48 , now for shooting in 60 frames / second, or 120 frames per second, you’re going to want tobring that amount up, to get it as close as possibleto doubled your chassis rate.However, if you are going to do this, this will give you themost cinematic footage, but you are going to need anND filter because if you have your shutter fasted down at 1/48, “theyre gonna” tell a great deal of light-footed in, and if you go out in daylight, you are going to need an NDfilter to darken the footage, because it’s just going to be too bright. So if you do not have an ND filter more, what you can do is just go ahead and leave this on auto for now. If your screen hurrying is at 1/48, your EV Comp is not going to allow you to get in there andmess with the locations, nonetheless, if your shutterspeed is on Auto like excavation, we’re gonna to go to EV Comp, and I like to turn this down to -0. 5, because, sometimes when it’s at zero, I’ve just noticed that to be a little bit too bright sometimes, and I’d rather increasethe brightness in positions and in editing, rather thantrying to recover clip likeness which is impossible todo.Don’t worry though, I’m gonna show you a veryeasy nature to change this, to get the correct exposurefor your shot in a few seconds. Now, when we come down to White Balance, we do want to change this for the shot. So for outside is going tobe somewhere up here around 5,000 to 6,000 Kelvin. And if we are indoors andthere’s warmer lamps, you know, we may see something like3, 200 Kelvin. However, for now, I’m just going toleave it at about 5,000 Kelvin. And then as I shot, I can change this, and keep aria becauseI’m gonna to show you, how to oblige white-hot balance a shortcut so that you can change it very quickly. ISO Minimum, is goingto be 100 and ISO Max, we are gonna leave at 100 as well, and this is something that we can change If it is dark out, we canincrease the ISO. However, we want to keep this at a hundred. So there’s not a great deal of sound in the likenes when we are shooting. And this is going to give us, the cleanest best videoquality from the GoPro. For sharpness, we’re gonna go ahead and leave this on low because, we can always computed sharpness on post And so, I like to leave that on low-grade and our emblazon is going to beFlat.This is really important, It’s gonna give you more dynamic range. If you kept it up now to GoPro, it’s going to add in contrastand saturation to your shot, which we don’t want to do, so, we wanna make surethat this is on Flat, then what we can do is go intoour editing program later, and we can add in as much contrast or saturation as we want. And this is going togive us as much detail in the highlights, inthe shadows of the shot.For RAW Audio, I like to leave this off If you turn it on, it’s gonna record a separate audio file. However, if you just leave it off, it’s gonna bake itright into your footage, which is the way I prefer touse the GoPro. Now for jazz, we’re going to leavethis on auto. However, I genuinely do recommendthat you get the Media Mod and you get a shotgun microphone. So, I’m gonna leave somelinks in the specific characteristics on what I recommend for audio. We’re gonna go over to shortcuts now, and these are the four that I recommend.We have White Balance, ISOMax, EV Comp, and Hyper Smooth. It doesn’t matter where these four are, as long as you have them allright here in your shortcuts. So, I actually resolved up changing out the Hyper Smooth shortcut, and I deepened it to Lens because, I ascertained myself varying the lenses more than I was changing thehyper smooth gives. And I miss you guys to remember, that this is all customizable, so, you can always change your situates to fit your own needs. Now we can see, we have allour shortcuts right here, in the top left-handcorner we have our EV Comp, so if the image is too bright, we can exactly draw this down If we wanna shape the idol darker to get the correct show. However, I’d like to leave mineat -0. 5 for my basi. On the bottom left hand corner, “were having” our White Balance, that lane it’s really easy to go into now and competition the white poise with whatever environmentwe’re shooting in. And that behavior you don’thave to run into the menu and remained unchanged there, you can just do it rightthere with the shortcut.In the top right corner we have our Lens so, if you need to get in and maybe get a wide shotfor a specific angle, we want to get them, wecan do that very quickly. And in the bottom right handcorner, we have our ISO, again, you wanna leave this at 100. However, if your image is toodark, you can increase this. I certainly wouldn’t recommend going over 800 because the image can get a bit more loud, but to get the bestquality out of the GoPro, you surely want to leave this at 100 and precisely be sure to shoot in environments that are really light. If you’re outside, that’sgonna be perfect for the GoPro.And that’s where this isgoing to excel the most. Click on the screen towatch another GoPro video, and I’ll see you guys in the next one ..

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BEST SETTINGS For CINEMATIC Video (GoPro Hero 10, 9, 8)