Best Road Trip Car Vlog Setup – How To Set Up GoPros and Use the GoPro App

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I’ve been getting expected a lot how I shootmyself when i’m going on superhighway expeditions solo and also with Candy when we go on road tripstogether and the solution to all this is GoPros. I use three GoPros now but before whenI first started this, it was just two GoPros and you can totally get away with it with twoGoPros. So you have one GoPro facing towards you so it could be like me and it can also be yourpassenger as well and then you need a dash cam and that’s the one that’s facing the road and thenI have a third GoPro now where I lay in the back so that I can shoot Kuma in the back sometimestoo because Kuma always like me to come with me now. This is the GoPro HERO 9 and this iswhat I use to shoot myself.This is the newest GoPro that I got and I really like it because nowthey have this figurehead expose so you can see yourself in make. It doesn’t give you like thewhole picture, but it’ll at least show you that you are in the middle of the make. It’ll likewise giveyou informed of your battery life, how much storage you have left on your SD card, what modeyou’re on like camera, experience interval, etc.And too what resolving and enclose proportion you’re shooting at. This camera is prepared on a GoPro windshield mount and these make great. It never comes off. I’venever had problems with it. Once you lock it in, it’s really locked in there so I most recommendgetting one of those for your GoPro. I generally shoot at 2.7 k because I don’t want to shoot 4kbecause it is taking up too much space on my hard drive. If you want to shoot 4k, go for it but2. 7k working out enormous for me. And then if I just wanted to make stills of myself, I up the quality to5k because the GoPro HERO 9 shoots 5k now so then you can just impel some poses andjust grab stills from that because it’s 5k so it’s like excellent quality. And then sometimes, I’ll shoot a time warp of myself as I’m driving. I’ll only get a quick 10 hours worthof me exactly driving, boozing, or doing whatever and then kind of use that in my editing timeline. I likewise have this metal case that i use with the GoPro HERO 9 so I can easily slide out the GoProwhen I need to because the GoPro is notorious for running out of artilleries fast so with this metalcage, it’s easier to pop out the GoPro if I it is necessary and then I is able to slip this over topbecause it’s magnetized extremely, so it snaps right in.And then I’m ready to gowith the GoPro again. This is the GoPro HERO 8 and this is my dash cam and this I shoot usuallyat 4k time warp and time warp actually shoots really great footage. I was actually surprisedwhen I interpreted the footage when I “re coming back” from my recent road trip because the sky appeared absolutelygorgeous when I was driving in some parts of the country. This is also in a plastic bag. The other one was a metal case, but this one is a plastic subject but again, I can easily pop thisout, substitution the artillery, and then pop it back in. These enclosures are actually reallynice and good for driving on the road so youcan easily change out the artilleries. I just wantedto note that the GoPro HERO 9 and the GoPro HERO 8 are two different sizes.GoPro HERO 9 is thenewest one that’s come out and it’s definitely bigger than the GoPro HERO 8. It’s bigger — size-wise, you can just tell that it’s bigger, it’s thicker, it’s heavier, and the screen in theback, the GoPro HERO 9 is bigger as well. Another thing that they’re bigger in is thebattery size. The GoPro HERO 9 battery is bigger than the GoPro HERO 8 battery. This actuallyresults in a longer battery life for GoPro HERO 9, so that’s great but the downside is thatif you have these two cameras, you have to get two different battery chargers or you are eligible to chargethrough the camera as well, but I usually have a different charger so that I can charge a wholebunch of batteries at once and unfortunately, I had to get another battery charger, but that’s what youget with GoPros I guess. And then last-place, this is the GoPro HERO 6. This is my oldest GoPro and I use itto shoot Kuma in the back because I want to shoot her sometimes when she’s kind of moving around orlooking out the window or sleeping.She’s mostly sleeping. So this excerpt is by GoPro and itactually came with the the GoPro HERO 9 packet that I came this year but it works out so well byjust clipping it on to the back of my tush here and then capturing footage of Kuma. And I can like adjust it up or down readily or like freedom to left readily as well. I frequently shoota 4k time lapsing or 4k video on this camera as well because I are happy to get high quality footage ofKuma sleeping. The trickiest role about recording yourself on a superhighway excursion in the car is the audio. GoPros don’t really record great audio. They’re kind of notorious for that. There is anothersolution with GoPro audio. You could get these Media Mods which I have and these part enormou. This is the GoPro HERO 8 Media Mod and this is the GoPro HERO 9 Media Mod and it enhances youraudio recording um much better and it’s great when you’re recording outdoors. It does do a great jobrecording audio but when you’re driving, there’s so much breeze interference in the car that it still doesn’tdo that much of a great job so these are great for when you shoot outdoors but when you’re shootingin the car, it’s still not that immense because you’re fighting against all that wind noise in thecar.Just to show you how one of them attaches to these Media Mods … so this is why I don’thave the cover right now is because I typically attach these Media Mods to the GoPros becausethere’s a plug in now and you push it into that. And that’s how it pushes it in and then it becomeslike a whole new thing. So the best solution I acquired was to use this uh Zoom H1n DigitalRecorder and in the initial stages, I would articulate it in the middle now on the bottom and kind of justsupport it with certain kinds of cushioning that I have like whatever i had like this orsomething like that. Just to keep it still. And then I would simply record at the same time I’mrecording myself when I’m talking to the camera. So the method used, you have to sync the audio becausethere are two separate audio documents but it’s not that hard. Once you get be applicable to it, it becomeslike natural to you.But to go a step further, I actually wanted to enhance my audio again soI get this windshield prepare where I can position thedigital record-keeper up on the windshield so thatthe mic is directly facing towards me so thatit picks up my audio nature better. Thismethod of going up top in the corner will only work if you’re going — if you’rerecording yourself. So if “youve had” two beings, like me and Candy, then you would articulate it in themiddle but if you’re on your own, then you can employed it to the surface here and record yourself. Sothat was my solution to find the best way to record audio.I’m sure there’s tons of other waysto do it but for me, this is what worked out best. I have insured other beings use like lavaliers toget the best audio excellence, but I just don’t see myself appending a lavalier to myself like all thetime and then recording. It would just be like too much work for me. Maybe if you’re with two beings, it’ll work out better but if you’re driving solo and trying to record yourself, it’s just not going to be that easy so the easiest solution with the best audio quality was this zoomH1n mic.Another reason why I love expending GoPros when I’m moving solo on a superhighway trip isbecause they have a great GoPro app where I can restrain all my GoPros through this oneapp. All I do is I going to see that camera sign up there and then I once have all my GoPros registeredon now so all I have to do is swipe to swap GoPros and if I want to control the GoPro HERO 6, who come in the back, I really smacked’ Control Your GoPro’ and it takes a little bitof time but construe, there’s Kuma! Kuma’s back there. She’s been waiting patientlywhile I record all this. That’s how I can see what Kuma’s doing while I’m driving, soit’s kind of like a newborn cam. Here, you can switch to video, camera … and you can also lookat your prepares so that’s time relapse video and then if I want to go to camera I could switch the adjusts here…Oh , not there. This is the names right there. Okay, sothen you can change the resolution, frames / second, all that good substance here. And then if I want to switch the GoPro and look atwhat else I’m viewing … so let’s control the GoPro HERO 9 and this is the one that is facingme … merely click on’ Enable Preview’ and then join Okay, so there I am andthere’s Candy right next to me. Hi! That’s the way I verify all my GoPros andI kindnes this GoPro app.I use it all the time. So that is my solution on how to shoot myselfand with Candy when I’m going on road outings. I hope this video helped you out. 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