Best GoPro Floating Handle: 7 Float Poles to Sink-Proof Your GoPro

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GoPro HERO10 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization


If you are into watersports, you should consider a GoPro floating handle for your camera. When we snorkel or kayak, I always mount my GoPro on either a float pole or selfie stick. And put my hand through the wrist strap.

Here are our picks for the best GoPro float poles (extending up to 24″) and floating handles. Each has unique features, like a transparent shaft (that becomes almost invisible underwater), storage compartments, or use the convenient GoPro mounting buckle.

gopro floating handle

gopro floating handle

While all GoPro cameras are waterproof, that wont stop your expensive camera from sinking. Unfortunately, your GoPro camera doesnt float.

If youve ever dropped a GoPro in the lake (or river or ocean) you know that gut-wrenching feeling. The easy fix is to use a GoPro float pole or handle to make it sink-proof.

Lets dive in and take a look!

best floating gopro handle

best floating gopro handle

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GoPro Floating Poles

These telescopic poles prevent your GoPro from sinking and they give you an extra hand when filming.

They make capturing self-facing or hard-to-reach footage a breeze.

1. CamKix Waterproof Telescopic Pole (15.7″)

This GoPro float pole functions as either a telescopic pole or bobber hand grip. It extends from between 6.7 inches to 15.7 inches. The poles use of transparent material makes it nearly invisible in pictures.

For the feature set, this is one of the best floating GoPro handles.

The hollow handle functions as a storage compartment, with space for money, keys, or other small valuable items. It also allows the pole to float in water when emptyand the bright accents make it more visible than other poles on this list.

See current price on Amazon.

You can fill the empty handle with water to create a hand bobber. The weighted handle will sink below the water, flipping the pole upside down and keeping the camera above the waters surface. Perfect for shooting water sports where you need a hands-free solution.

It can take a little practice to get this just right. Make sure to experiment in shallow water before going out deep.

The CamKix pole is compatible with all GoPro cameras, from the GoPro Hero10 Black back to the GoPro Hero3 series. And even the DJI Osmo Action.

This pole is an excellent option if youre looking for something that doubles as a selfie stick and a floating handle. If you prefer something more compact, opt for either the MicroJib or one of the GoPro float handle options on this list.

2. MicroJib Extendable Floating Hand Grip (23″)

This is another GoPro float pole that extends your reach to allow for easy selfie-filming and photos. It has a rubberized, ergonomic grip handle that extends up to 23 inches, and collapses to just 6.5 inches.

This product floats higher in the water when fully extended. When fully collapsed, it is buoyant but sits lower in the water.

See current price on Amazon.

The handle with its aluminum construction makes it a bit heavier than other poles. It also makes it sturdier.

The MicroJib is a compact solution when compared to the other float poles on this list. Its compatible with GoPro Hero 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, Session, and MAX.

floating gopro pole

floating gopro pole

3. GoPole GPE-10 EVO Floating Extension Pole (24″)

The GoPole GPE-10 pole is similar to the CamKix GoPro float pole. Its designed specifically for the water, so it doesnt collapse to as compact a length as the MicroJib. The GPE-10 extends to 24 inches and collapses to 14 inches.

With the use of transparent material, it almost disappears in pictures. Of course, this can also make it hard to see when you drop it underwater.

This unit is popular and frequently goes out of stock. Check availability and current price on Amazon.

GoPole also specializes in floating extension poles. They make a few other models, including the Reach, which extends to an impressive 40 inches.

Amazon Basics Option: There is also a 38″ pole by Amazon Basics that has mixed reviews. It is long and many users are using it for snorkeling and surfing. But be careful if youre using the remote control housing. Some users lost their remotes when the housing failed and the remote sunk to the bottom.

floating gopro stick

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floating gopro stick

GoPro Floating Handles

If youre looking for something more compact than a selfie stick, then a simple floating handle might be more appropriate than a pole.

These handles dont extend, so they dont offer any extra leverage for filming, but their compact size makes them much easier to carry. 

4. The Handler (Official GoPro Accessory)

This is the official GoPro float handle, and they designed it to be compatible with all current GoPro models.

This handle is very lightweight at just 6 ounces, and compact at just 7 inches long. It is robust and waterproof to a depth of at least 80ft, according to one user who took it on a recent dive.

See current price on Amazon.

One thing to know: it doesnt ship with a mounting buckle. Without the quick-connect mounting buckle, you cant mount your GoPro to it. Of course, this ships with every new GoPro. If you dont know where it is, you can get more in this GoPro grab bag.

5. Sametop Floating Handgrip Waterproof Handle

This floating hand grip features stainless steel screws that wont rust in the water.

It also has a high-quality rubber handle that is less prone to corrosion from saltwater. It is compact at 7 inches long and weighs less than 2 ounces.

See current price on Amazon.

This handle is similar to the GoPro Handler, but with one crucial difference. It has a waterproof storage compartment for a few valuables.

This handle also features bright yellow color accents so if you do drop it, you can easily spot it. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and many of the other action cameras, including DJI Osmo.

gopro handle

gopro handle

6. MiPremium Waterproof Floating Handgrip

This GoPro float handle is the best on the list for deepwater filming (i.e. when scuba diving.) The handle is hollow and waterproof, meaning that it floats to the surface when empty. 

However, the bottom of the handle easily unscrews, meaning you can fill it partially with water. The water allows the handle to submerge more fully when diving very deep. Other float handles without this feature, will remain very buoyant and try to pop back up to the surface as you descend.

See current price on Amazon.

The bright orange accents make it easy to spot if dropped. The non-slip rubber construction means this handle wont quickly disintegrate in either the sun or saltwater.

This handle is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

7. SHOOT Floating Hand Grip

This vintage GoPro float handle is the least expensive on the list, and the most colorful. It is easy to spot if dropped, unlike most of the other handles and poles on this list.

This is the first float grip that I purchasedand I still have a couple in my supply rack.

See current price on Amazon.

Despite being inexpensive, this handle floats well and is completely waterproof. The SHOOT is a good option for those on a budget. It is compact at just 5 inches long, and lightweight at just 80 grams.

The handle comes with anti-fog inserts that you can put into your cameras waterproof case at depths below 40ft when condensation becomes a problem.

gopro float pole

gopro float pole

More reading: Best GoPro Dive Masks and Mounts. Plus the best GoPro cases and kayak mounts.

Your Turn

What water adventures are you planning with your GoPro? How do you plan on using your GoPro floating handle?

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Best GoPro Floating Handle: 7 Float Poles To Sink-Proof Your GoPro