beats powerbeats pro deal save 75 on premium wireless earphones at very

Beats Powerbeats Pro deal: Save £75 on premium wireless earphones at Very

For more deals on the Beats Powerbeats Pro, Very is running separate discounts on different colours, including the spring yellow and ivory All of the Beats Powerbeats Pro colours are subtle yet powerful and the branding is fairly low…

samsung phones best photo fixing tool just got upgraded and is coming to more devices

Samsung phones’ best photo-fixing tool just got upgraded, and is coming to more devices

If you’re not already familiar with Object Eraser, it uses very clever processing to erase people and/or things from photographs – bad news for photobombers but brilliant for those times when you’ve taken a photo and there’s one annoying thing spoiling…

playstations rival to xbox game pass sounds half baked in this report

PlayStation’s rival to Xbox Game Pass sounds half-baked in this report

One of the things I really like about Game Pass, other than the games, is the simplicity of There are two versions, both of which give you access to the same games library and the same day-one exclusives, and…

gopro warranty guide 4 ways to claim return replace damaged cameras

GoPro Warranty Guide: 4 Ways to Claim, Return, Replace Damaged Cameras

/**/ Table of Contents Money-Back Guarantee (30 Days) GoPro Warranty (1 Year) GoPro Warranty Cost to Get Product Repaired or Replaced GoPro Warranty Information Does GoPro Warranty Cover Leakage? GoPro Warranty Information GoPro Lifetime Warranty (Lifetime)…

gopro screw size length thread bolts thumb mount replacements

GoPro Screw Size (Length, Thread) Bolts, Thumb, Mount, Replacements

/**/ Table of Contents GoPro Screw Size GoPro Users Share Bolt Size M5 (with standard thread pitch This size and thread pitch according to Reddit After some testing, GoPro users in this thread tried 10-24 but was too…

cheap true wireless headphones deal cuts the cost of the jabra elite 75t to just 79

Cheap true wireless headphones deal cuts the cost of the Jabra Elite 75t to just £79

Why you should buy the Jabra Elite 75t

gopro spot meter exposure control all model guide how to use

GoPro Spot Meter & Exposure Control: All Model Guide (How to Use)

/**/ Table of Contents What is GoPro Spot Meter? Which GoPros Have Spot Meter Feature? Hero5 Session Hero4 Black Hero4 Silver  Hero4 Session Hero3+ Black  Hero3+ Silver Hero3 Black Hero3 Silver Hero3 White Hero+  Hero+ LCD Hero  Hero10 Black Hero9…

find my gopro 7 ways to locate your lost gopro 6 things

Find My GoPro: 7 Ways to Locate Your Lost GoPro (6 Things)

/**/ Table of Contents How to Find a Lost GoPro: 7 Ways Use Locate Camera GoPro app successfully paired with lost GoPro Ask Around Use LightBlue App to Scan for Bluetooth Devices Track by Serial Number…

gopro max battery guide 9 things life charger specs

GoPro Max Battery Guide (9 Things) Life, Charger, Specs

/**/ Table of Contents GoPro Max Battery: 9 Things to Know What battery does the GoPro Max use? Weight: oz (73 grams) Size: 2 x x x x cm) How long does GoPro Max…

gopro hdmi guide to all models output cables 7 things to know

GoPro HDMI: Guide to All Models, Output, Cables (7 Things to Know)

/**/ Table of Contents Which GoPro Cameras Have HDMI Out? Hero10 Black: Please note that the Hero10 Black does not come with a micro HDMI For this function, you’ll need to purchase the Media Hero9 Black: Please note that the Hero9 Black does…